United Nations – facing an existential crisis

Whither the United Nations is becoming a pressing question with not only China and Russia acting like the world’s bully boys against the west but Saudi Arabia for several years now pitching in its muscle as well with bribes and browbeating to block criticism of its barbaric war in Yemen.

  It may be that the USA’s Pluto Return and the quantum changes up and coming with Pluto moving into Aquarius, Neptune in Aries and Uranus into Gemini between 2023 and 2026 herald a rupture from the past and the need for a radical rethink ahead.

  There has been massive pressure on the UN chart in the recent past with tr Pluto opposition the Mars Saturn and the 5th house Pluto getting battered at the moment by the tr Uranus square and tr Saturn in opposition. Tr Neptune is also in an undermining square to the Moon in 2022/23. And the October 2022 Solar Eclipse will be conjunct the UN Sun for months of crisis thereafter.

  But the real challenges come from 2024 to 2027 with first tr Pluto in the 10th square the 7th house Scorpio Sun putting unbearable stress on cooperation; as well as a blocked Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Sun. And then the Solar Arc Sun will oppose the UN Mars and Saturn.

  Without the robust support of a superpower USA it’s difficult to see how it can survive in its present form.

4 thoughts on “United Nations – facing an existential crisis

  1. Having worked for a UN organisation I would say that an overhaul is long overdue. The finances, the sinecures, the logjammed internal bureaucracy, it all needs to be dragged into the modern era. The amount of waste is staggering and the procedures put in place to prevent corruption actually encourage it. As an institution it is a dinosaur, its principles are still worth fighting for so I hope it won’t die but be reborn in a form which is flexible enough to respond to emerging crises in the world but resilient enough to cope with external pressures. It is too pre-occupied with itself and the past now. It is definitely in need of reform.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I agree “it’s difficult to see how it can survive in its present form”. It’s already lasted much longer than The League of Nations, 10 January, 1920, which preceded it. Curiously, when the League ended on 20th April, 1946, Mars was still in Cancer – as it is here in the UN chart. Mars was at 24 Cancer in April 1946 – so is conjunct the UN Saturn/Mars. Mars had been retrograding before turning direct in February 1946.
    It’s conjunction with Saturn in Cancer in the UN chart may have meant longevity, but does suggest limited actions as well I think. And Mars isn’t too happy in Cancer either. Although is that a good symbol for the UN peace-keeping forces?

    The League of Nations ended when transiting Saturn opposed it’s Capricorn Sun, and squared it’s Mars in Libra. The UN solar arc Sun is now conjunct the League’s Sun, an astrological “coincidence” perhaps? Maybe transiting Pluto will now break down the historical links between the League of Nations and the United Nations, and help a new organisation be reborn or reinvented for modern times? I hope so.

  3. It feels like much more than 1962. It feels like WWII when the outer planets changed signs in sextile to each other as will happen in this decade. It will be a complete overhaul of the international system. The League of Nations was the world’s response to WWI, the UN to WWII and something else will soon emerge from WWIII.

  4. Thanks Marjorie,
    Quite troubling to read. Historically speaking, it feels like a another Cuban missile crisis with the Ukraine situation. While 1962 was no picnic, it seems that now the US is in a more precarious state domestically and tearing itself apart figuratively and maybe literarily. Maybe the dictatorial streak of Pluto on the midheaven of the Biden inauguration chart and Biden’s Mars in Scorpio square Pluto is exactly what’s needed during these times.

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