UK v EU – will Biden bury the hatchet? ++ 1999 Eclipse

Faint hopes exist that Joe Biden may manage to exert enough pressure on Boris Johnson at the G7 summit to move the intractable Northern Ireland Protocol dispute towards a compromise. Biden has an Irish background and is alarmed at anything that would upset the Good Friday Agreement. Northern Irish businesses have called on UK and EU leaders to stop the Brexit “blame game” and end growing tensions over the checks on food and goods crossing the Irish Sea into the region. Though its difficult to see where the solutions will come from.

 ‘Nightclub bouncer’ David Frost, the UK negotiator, has weaselled out excuses about the government underestimating the problem though their own internal documents spelt out the consequences clearly in 2019 and he has been attempting to bully the EU, who have responded by threatening a trade war, including banning sausages going into Northern Ireland, if the UK acts unilaterally as it has done once in breach of its international legal obligations. Brussels has said they were prepared to make compromises but warned that “patience is wearing thin” and the EU wouldn’t be made a fool of.

  To say that Joe Biden and Boris Johnson are not natural buddies would be understating the hostility, suspicion, doubt and aggravation that exists in the chemistry between them.  Boris’s tinderbox Mars in Gemini is conjunct Biden’s Uranus with his Uranus Pluto square Biden’s Saturn; plus Boris’s slippery Neptune is conjunct Biden’s Mars Mercury. Their relationship chart has a bitter, power-struggle-to-the-death composite Mars Pluto and a differing agenda, undermining composite Saturn opposition Neptune square Uranus. There is admittedly a faint sheen of icing sugar from Sun Venus square Jupiter but it won’t make much inroads against the heavier negativities.

  Tr Neptune will be tugging away at their connection through 2021/22.  

  This has all been said before but just to reiterate. Frost’s relationship with the EU will be ratchety this year and worse in 2022/23. It really is 2022/23 to which everything points for a major escalation – maybe over Northern Ireland or maybe other toxic differences. Though the Good Friday Agreement chart does indicate the problem being unresolved as it is under heavy strain from early 2022 to late 2023.

   Frost is facing outright failure from April 2022 onwards with tr Neptune opposition his Mars. His relationship with Boris is under strain from this August onwards till late November with tr Pluto square the composite Mercury Venus but it is March 2022 onwards where it really backs into a very dark corner with tr Pluto opposition their composite Mars.

  The Johnson Government chart, 13 December 2019, is slipping and sliding this year and next with tr Neptune square the Sun and Solar Arc Sun – more so than the polls would indicate. And it is moving into logjam territory from May 2022 onwards with high insecurity, rash decisions and less wiggle room than has been on offer before with the pandemic obscuring the economic problems to come.  

And so it goes on. There are limits to how far Boris’s blustering obfuscations can get him. On the evidence pretty far, unbelievably, so far. But reality has to kick in somewhere down the line. The Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses are making a valiant effort to get him to face up to his missteps and moving into 2022 and 2023 the shift to Taurus/Scorpio will highlight his slither-round-the-truth, Teflon-coated Neptune and Jupiter.

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11 thoughts on “UK v EU – will Biden bury the hatchet? ++ 1999 Eclipse

  1. I haven’t seen the USA treat Canada and Mexico with any respect in regard to trade treaties. And I don’t expect America will treat us any better. In fact they treat the UK with great contempt. If we cannot get what we want, we should just walk away. Better to do trade deals with small and medium size nations than to be ground underfoot by these big bullies.

    • Linda, None of which will help resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol problem.
      I’d be grateful if you’d remember this is an astrology website not a political/opinion forum. I don’t mind non-astro comments within limits but too many becomes an irritant for those who come for the astrology. Thanks.

  2. Treaties can be torn up you know. Just because it hasn’t been generally done within the last several years doesn’t mean that there isn’t precedence for this sort of thing. Tearing up a treaty and starting afresh is done all over the world and has been the case for many centuries. Just because the leaders of 7 countries have decided how they want to run the world, doesn’t actually make it legally enforcible. It is only legally envforcible if those countries parliaments or equivalents actually vote it into law.

    And by the way, what the G7 do would be illegal if they were 7 different companies in the same industry and say fixing prices. That is a cartel, and I think the G7 behave much the same way.

  3. Given Biden’s age, he will not be in Office for long. Although, it will be interesting to see if Boris puts his foot in it on Thursday. The eclipse on his Mercury, in his 7th. One slip of the tongue may kill an American trade deal dead. Isn’t America ruled by Gemini, there are so many different USA charts I get mixed up. What is also interesting is the Full Moon on the 24th is on Boris’s south/north node – with Jupiter in Retrograde trining it. Things don’t look in the trade deal camp this month.

      • Intuition I am afraid. Although America is undergoing a Pluto transitionary period. Americas 4th July 1776 Chart has Pluto in Capricorn at 28 degrees. Pluto is in Capricorn at 26 degrees at the moment. This would mean a profound change in rulership (Saturn/Capricorn) style and the entire dynamics of the States in the next couple of years, especially with the run up to a Pluto return. It will be fascinating to watch as an amateur Astrology. Mountain Astrologer states a Split could happen in the country. What ever happens, it is going to be a humdinger. Joe Biden’s Natal Sun is 27 degrees in Scorpio, which sextiles America’s Pluto and transiting Pluto through Capricorn will be exact next February 2022 to Joe’s Sun. I think he will go this very late Autumn, for the changing of the Guard next Spring. Pluto is an atonic planet, it destroys to rebuild – another American Civil War is not far fetched at the moment. The Democrats are splitting into two camps old Democrats and the new multi-ethnic camp. America is about to enter what Europe is grappling with, an Identity Crisis. Biden’s place in History is set, as his is the catalyst to America’s new identity struggle, as his Vice President would become President without an election. She would be the first Women and a Asian/Black women, if Biden stood down on health grounds.

        I am English and this is how a see it.

        • No offense taken, Nel.

          I’ve heard for years about the Muslem/Christian war in the US which was supposed to erupt and tear the nation apart. “A real bloodbath” Nothing has come of it. THe silliness of Trump being re-instated this summer is also nonsensical. Same as a civil war.

          Don;t disagree with the concept of an internal identity crisis. Is it to be solved thru draconian and intrusive new laws? Doubt it. Certainly the tearing down of old establishments to build new ones is long overdue. Isn’t that what Pluto returns are about? Still, the populace and economy must be sustained in a meaningful manner.

  4. This week’s “ring of fire” solar eclipse, plus Mercury retrograde in Gemini, does suggest a very messy situation. Perhaps not the ideal time for sweet reason and truth telling to prevail. But maybe going back over the misty details might be a good use of the time?

  5. Thanks Marjorie, I wonder if the 1999 total solar eclipse may be linked with the G7 meetings this weekend as both venues are on the line of totality. It would be good if the Boris bubble can be pierced by Joe?

    • The 1999 Eclipse chart is interesting as Saturn at 16 Taurus was Square Uranus at 14 Aquarius as part of a fixed Grand Cross with the eclipsed Sun and Moon at 18 Leo and Mars at 16 Scorpio . At the June 2021 Eclipse Saturn is retrograde at 13 Aquarius and Uranus at 12 Taurus. The Pluto Mars opposition in the upcoming eclipse will be conjunct the Mercury in the 1999 Eclipse chart. Jupiter at 2 Pisces in the 2021 Eclipse chart is conjunct the Pluto in the U.K. 1801 chart and the Pluto in the England 1066 chart.

    • 1999 was a very potent Eclipse which had remarkably little instant effect but could be linked to the Foot and Mouth Outbreak 18 months later. Have added charts.

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