Naomi Wolf & Melanie Phillips – the furies shriek

Naomi Wolf is in a full-on anti-vaxxer rant round the US at the moment. Although she garnered a respectable reputation initially as leader of the third wave of feminism, her scaremongering in recent years about government-led plots to establish a dictatorship and other conspiracy theories, has been described as “unhinged, damaging, and dangerous.”

  Born 12 November 1962 4.10 am San Francisco, California with an anthropologist mother and a gothic-horror scholar father, she is an intense Sun Venus Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio square a flamboyant Mars in Leo. She will come on strong to attract attention and be vague about facts. She’s also got a super-confident, over-pushy Jupiter opposition Pluto Uranus; and an intense and secretive Taurus Moon in the 8th.

  Her Scorpio Mercury square Mars opposition Saturn is not dissimilar to UK actor and anti-woke activist Laurence Fox’s Mercury in Taurus opposition Uranus square Mars Saturn in Leo. She’s certainly bubbling with anger about authority figures and life in general; and likes to cause a stir if it puts her in the spotlight.

  Her next several years will be bumpy with tr Uranus opposition her Mercury and Neptune now and square her Mars from this July onwards and then opposing her Sun, Venus for a couple of years. 2023 will be devasting and confused.

The other communicator/influencer forever rattling out opinions that grate is Melanie Phillips of the UK Times. She used to support Andrew Wakefield, the disgraced promoter of the MMR vaccine scare story; but appears to be firmly on the side of the Covid vaccine. Over the years she has come out with – and been allowed to print – hair-raisingly extreme views against the Irish peace process, against Obama and pro-Trump, against civil partnerships for gay couples. Her inflammatory opinions have on several occasions managed to irritate both sides of an argument.   

   Her latest provocation is to suggest the ludicrously low convictions for rape in the UK may reflect false claimants and any attempts to amend the legal system would be a travesty of justice.  Born 4 June 1951, she’s a mouthy and argumentative New Moon and Mars in Gemini sextile Pluto; with a Jupiter in Aries opposition Neptune square Uranus. A focal point Uranus can be a trailblazer, or a creator of chaos and an obsessive contrarian. Jupiter Neptune has blind spots galore.

   Into 2022 tr Neptune will oppose her Saturn for an uncertain and panicky two years thereafter; with a high-risk, deeply frustrating Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Pluto late 2022 as well.

8 thoughts on “Naomi Wolf & Melanie Phillips – the furies shriek

  1. It is easy to condemn. But what do you do if vaccinations cause horrendous allergic reactions? Are you supposed to sacrifice yourself to the pc movement? There is no such thing as one size fits all medicine!

    • Allergic reactions are a tiny number: more than 99.998 percent of those vaccinated did not experience anaphylaxis. Of those few who did, they recovered without shock or endotracheal intubation. The risk from Covid itself is much greater.

        • Wrong? I didn’t take the info from the Sun or the Daily Mail but from multiple scientific studies on the net.
          Why do you have to turn everything into a huge conspiracy? Medical interventions all carry some risk but in this instance they only affect very few and are manageable. And compared to the risks of the disease are worth it for the vast majority of the population.

  2. Sigh. It’s really disappointing when women err on the side of misogyny, isn’t it? That’s shocking about Michelle Phillips in particular. I suppose we are seeing this glut of sewage creep up into the mainstream because their beloved patriachy is under threat of collapsing in on itself? That’s the only way I can make sense of people like this and they have been in overdrive for the past 3-5 years now. Oh, what will we do when the patriachy loses it’s mighty grip on the global system? Breathe a sigh of relief, me thinks. Answers on a postcard, please, lol.

    Marjorie, when I watched The Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy documentary on Channel 4 the other night it attacked Andrew Wakefield and exposed his connections to those funded him; those behind the Johnson and Johnson fortune (ironic considering that organization knew for decades that it had asbestos in their baby products!) and some hedge fund wall street types, surprise surprise. He was initially funded by a wealthy lawyer who wanted to bring down the vaccine companies while at the same time patenting a vaccine themselves. You couldn’t make this up.

    What surprised me the most since Wakefield tootled off to the States where they consume his dangerous BS, is he’s living his best life. Completely wealthy, looked on as some kind of demi-god, and even more surprising, he was/is apparently living with supermodel, Elle McPherson in Florida! Is it possible to look at her chart? I thought she was known to be the smart sort of woman. Though didn’t she have a relationship with Arpad Busson and have two sons with him? I’m sure he is known to be a slippery sort of character. So maybe Andrew Wakefield is her type? Also, is it possible Andrew Wakefield will ultimately end up in prison or get away with this for the rest of his life?

  3. Thanks Marjorie. I’d been wondering about both these women’s astrology.
    I notice that Naomi Wolf’s Moon aligns with Algol. It’s interesting to me that she wrote ‘The Beauty Myth’ (1990) which looks at the sometimes oppressive nature of female beauty and what it means to our society. The mythic Medusa was a beautiful woman before she was cursed, and transformed into the vengeful, snaky haired Gorgon. The Beauty Myth was published when Pluto in Scorpio was transiting her Sun. There seems to be plenty of righteous anger in her chart, which is now being channeled in a mystifying direction. Pluto is trining her Moon, and the Saturn and Uranus transits you write about must be shaking things up as well. Understatement.

    As for Melanie Phillips, words fail. I read her rant about rape convictions, and she is welcome to her opinions but seems unwilling to back them up with facts about both the police and the legal system in this context. False allegations exist, obviously, but represent a tiny percentage of the whole. Furthermore, at least 50% of these crimes are not reported to the police. Her views seems especially jarring in a week when Wayne Couzens admitted in court that he kidnapped and raped Sarah Everard, I am not sure where things stand on his confessing to strangling her.

    Transiting Pluto currently opposes M Phillips’ Venus in Cancer, and trines her Saturn. Pluto with Venus seems intense, and could symbolise the Pluto myth of the abduction and rape of Persephone.

  4. what can we do about this shower of attention seeking loons? they just keep coming
    apparently rewarded by money and attention

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