UK politics – Tory turmoil, Labour brief winning streak ++ BJ political obituaries ++Hague

Boris Johnson flouncing off in a narcissistic rage, spewing bile and blame in all directions, appears to have shot his bolt with only a few die-hards still bleating his cause. There will be three byelections when Tories’ polling numbers are down but the party on present evidence looks unlikely to tear itself apart.

   Though Rishi Sunak’s Prime Ministerial term, 25 October 2022 is generally in a sinking, panicky year with the failure-ridden tr Neptune square Mars back this October and in early 2024. The Tory Party 1912 chart similarly has power-ebbing-away with tr Neptune square the Pluto exactly now and running on and off till January 2025. Sunak’s own personal chart has a disastrous run from this August through the autumn, repeating into early 2024.

  What is interesting astrologically-speaking is Sunak’s personal Sun Mercury in Taurus at 20/21 degrees is catching the tr Uranus conjunction exactly now – and rattling up the Conservative Party 9 May 1912 chart with its 18 degree Taurus Sun and 22 degree Saturn in Taurus in July – and for both that will rattle and shake right through into early 2024.

  Uranus usually says – change or stagnate. And it is not a prospect that Taurus regards with any enthusiasm since Taurean strength is perseverance along the same track. Where the Tories are concerned this is only the beginning since tr Pluto will move to exert pressure on their Venus square Uranus through 2024 to 2026. Like it or not, they will have to shake off the old and get onto a new track.

  The Labour Party 12 February 1906 is also on alert for change from this July onwards with tr Uranus square its Sun Venus and since that links into its Jupiter in Taurus they should be on a lucky run through 2024 into 2025, the beneficiary of Tory woes.  But their winning streak may well end up running into the buffers in later 2025/2026.  The Labour 1900 chart and Keir Starmer’s also indicate calamities come 2026.

  The LibDems, 3 March 1988, will be upbeat this year but move into disaster territory in polling terms once tr Neptune Saturn move into Aries in 2025 for several years onwards. The Greens look to be limping as well.

  Into confusing times – more of them. Except for Boris who once he recovers from his tantrum will sail off into the sunset to earn gzillions from speaking, publishing and the like with Jupiter moving through his 8th house from this July and thence onto his successful 10th. Regrettably since life is unfair he will continue to be a vengeful presence somewhere in the spotlight. Wife Carrie does have tr Neptune conjunct her Pisces Sun this year and next which with a new baby may just mean a drifting and daydreaming spell in a backwater, but not contented.

 For previous Boris Johnson posts: 30 May 2023; 15 January 2023; 23 July 2022.    

Add On: Criticism of Johnson has been excoriating from several well known commentators. Max Hastings who once gave him a job as a journalist and then fired him. “Selfish, ruthless and a stranger to truth, this scoundrel destroyed respect for Britain. He is perhaps the most selfish human being I have ever met, indifferent to the welfare of anyone save himself. It is striking that he has few, if any, personal friends. He demands loyalty, but is incapable of giving it to others. —–Tony Soprano would find him a tad ruthless.

Biographer Anthony Seldon: “The damage Boris Johnson has done is beyond measure. Britain has been left weaker by a prime minister who demeaned its institutions and sullied all those who came into his orbit. He ran the government as if he were the wayward manager of an amateur theatre company, full of histrionics, changes of mind and cliques. Politicians, aides and officials whom we spoke to for the book attest to the fact that he was quite incapable of telling truth from falsehood: that “he lied morning, noon and night” was a regular lament. ‘

Times journalist: Jenni Russell. “Forget partygate for the moment. Think back to 2016. Johnson backed Brexit not because he believed in it but because he calculated that by doing so he’d get the backing of the Tory right and outflank George Osborne as next Tory leader. If Johnson had stuck to his europhile views Brexit would have lost, he’d have succeeded Cameron in 2018 or so, and could be heading for his second term as Tory PM in a far more prosperous Britain than today — not the divided, anxious, disillusioned, poorer country that’s the Johnson legacy.”

William Hague: No one in modern British political history has so quickly squandered immense goodwill — with sadly irredeemable flaws.

The most serious of those has been a tendency to damage the institutions around him – the Supreme Court was dragged into politics to strike down an unreasonable prorogation of parliament. The Conservative Party was driven to a mass resignation of ministers to terminate an untenable leadership. Now, fair-minded MPs are attacked as a kangaroo court engaged in a witch-hunt. Even as he bolts out of the door, Boris pulls out a few bricks from the wall of another vital institution, parliament, and leaves a stain on the carpet of one that is less vital but a part of British life, the honours system.

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  1. “William Hague: No one in modern British political history has so quickly squandered immense goodwill — with sadly irredeemable flaws.”

    Thanks Marjorie. The squandering highlighted by William Hague is such a salient point. So much trashed, with little thought for the consequences. However, Johnson behaved like this in his personal life as well – betraying intimate partners, friends, colleagues and allies long before he became Mayor of London. The same could be said of Donald Trump.

    I noticed an astro curiosity and wonder what others think. Donald Trump’s Solar Return, 14th June, set for Palm Beach has 18 Pisces ascendant, Neptune rises in the first house. The 22 Sagittarius MC is conjunct his Moon and ‘fateful’ South Node, with his Gemini Sun and North Node of life lessons sitting exactly at the IC. The SR Sun there could symbolise home and family concerns of course. But in horary astrology that house is also ‘the end of the matter’.

    Boris Johnson (19 June 1964) also has a fishy Pisces ascendant this year. His is 26 Pisces, conjunct Neptune. His natal Sun at 28 Gemini is exactly conjunct the IC – just like Trump! The mutable angles for both Solar Returns suggest a restless year ahead, and foggy, deceptive Neptune seems to be prominent for both men. Their Sun at the IC does seem to say it won’t be a year of exceptional career progress exactly, unless one reverses the angles in interpretation. But Neptune can sometimes waste or squander things, plus a Pisces SR ascendant could say ‘sacrifice’ at some level.

    I have always had ambivalent feelings about Solar Returns, but studying my own for important years I realise there’s often a very simple, accurate message staring me in the face. And angular planets in the SR do seem meaningful too. The coincidence of Trump and Johnson both having Pisces rising and Sun bang on the IC looks like an interesting astrological theme to explore.

  2. I think there is some historical rewriting going on in this thread. Boris Johnson most definitely was NOT the architect of Brexit. That occurred because of the Pluto Uranus square which led to rise in popular discontent with the political status quo. This started initially with the emergence of the SNP as a rival to Labour in Scotland. It was followed the rise of UKIP and the threat of the Conservatives being ousted as the party of the right in England. This panicked Cameron into unwisely calling an EU Referendum. Johnson was just an opportunist who saw a populist trend and thrust himself to the front with the cry of “I will lead you”. This is something he has done repeatedly in his career. The truth is a lot of those who supported Brexit rightly or wrongly never liked or trusted him. Politics since that date has largely been an attempt to halt and roll back the result of the EU Referendum in England and to neutralise the SNP in Scotland. In many ways Johnson and Sturgeon by their behaviour have greatly aided that process which is in effect an attempt to return to the status quo ante of the period 2000-2014. In the U.K. the next General Election will be a choice of Blue, Orange or Red cake but essentially the colour will be the only real distinguishing feature as the texture, content and flavour will essentially be the same no matter what the result. Some people clearly think this is a good thing for democracy but personally I have my doubts that any of the existing parties as configured have any real solutions to Britain’s many problems.

    • Hugh I don’t think anyone is suggesting Boris conjured Brexit out of nowhere but it almost certainly would not have happened had he not decided it was in his own self-interest to punt it – and lie about its sunny uplands etc.

      • I agree about Hugh’s cakes!

        I looked at 1 January 1973 when Britain’s membership of the then EEC came into effect. It was then quite small, having I think 9 member states at the time. The Tory PM, Ted Heath, felt strongly about this – you might even say it was his dream.

        What’s interesting is tr Uranus at 22 Libra for 1st January 1973 aligns with the Tory S Node, and opposes their Mercury at 23 Aries. Mercury squares Neptune/Mars in Cancer for the Tories – transiting Uranus shook it all up. Along comes the 2016 Brexit Referendum, and Uranus at 23 Aries opposes its position in 1973. For both times, Uranus aspected the UK Saturn in Leo too – asking for changes to traditional or entrenched views. 1973 Nodes were 16 Capricorn/Cancer, conjunct Jupiter 17 Capricorn. By 2016, Pluto was 16 Capricorn highlighting the connections made in 1973, but also stirring up powerful feelings in groups of people I suspect and possibly indicating machinations behind the scenes. We’ve just had Jupiter and the Nodes squaring Pluto in Aquarius this month, so although different signs and degrees there’s maybe a chord being struck?

        • It is not really just about Johnson, Brexit and the Tories is it. All the time the Boris saga is going on Labour under Starmer and Rachel Reeve are back peddling on a lot of the party’s political commitments such as taking the utilities like water and energy into public ownership, cutting tuition fees, increasing taxes on the wealthy and investing in the green spending plan. The departure of Johnson, Sturgeon and Corbyn from their respective leadership roles and the subsequent moves to essentially exclude them from political life looks very much like an attempt to close down potential policy voting avenues for the public. It looks particularly harsh with regard to Corbyn who has served his Islington seat since 1983 and I know from personal experience has been a fairly popular constituency MP. This desire to take revenge on political opponents even after they are out of office is particularly ugly and it is going to lead to trouble down the road.

          • Yes, Hugh, and the back peddling is incredibly depressing. I listened to Keir Starmer wriggling out of proposing anything radical regarding the water companies, and felt very disappointed and angry. If there is one scandal that’s captured public attention (outside the usual lengthy litany), it is our polluted rivers and seas. And the idea of the public paying for improvements while the companies rake in huge profits is beyond disgraceful.

            As for the vengeance theme – it is a symbol of our times, from Twitter mobs onwards. There’s been a long run of it, causing much distress to individuals and organisations. I sometimes wonder if it is partly Neptune in Pisces, the melting of boundaries or lack of old fashioned good manners? The passion for scandal exacerbated by Neptune being strong in its own home sign? The need for victims and sacrifices? Neptune has been transiting the UK 6th house of everyday life/work/routines. Possibly this connects to the water companies scandals and neglect of their responsibilities too? And it is now aspecting Johnson’s natal Sun, for a focus emanating from one chaotic individual. Of course there are many other influences to consider, but this could be one of them.

          • Totally agree Hugh regarding Starmer. And though I was never a Corbyn fan myself, Starmer’s treatment of him was shabby to say the very least. He garnered the nickname ‘Starmtrooper’ on SM as a result. Plus I’m adding my support for your cake theory too.

        • @Jane, replying to your comment further down below, where you talk of tr Neptune being in the 6th house of the UK chart.
          But the issue is really with the water companies in England, with the water companies in the rest of the UK being either publicly owned already or not-for-profit (Welsh Water).
          Perhaps it may be better/more instructive to look tr Neptune (quite appropriate with its association with water) in the England chart, rather than that of the UK.

          And I agree with both Jane and Virgoflake about Hugh’s cakes analogy, though may I suggest that, in the current cost of living crisis, we can only afford plain sliced bread. So the analogy is more like getting the same bread in different wrapping paper of Blue, Orange and Red.

          Re the wider point about Brexit, I think that Brexit was inevitable, whether in 2016 or five or ten years down the line. What could and should have been managed better was the type of Brexit that we got.

          And I suggest that the person who got the Brexit ball rolling was that revered anti-Brexiteer John Bercow, who in 2013, gave a ruling contrary to precedent, to empower the ERG within the Conservative Party (he probably did it for laughs), which weakened Cameron within his own party, forcing him to promise the referendum and here we are.
          So I think it is wrong to blame Boris for Brexit, though he is to blame for the type of Brexit that we got.

          I am sure that some of you may have seen an image on Twitter that every party (including the Greens, Plaid Cymru, etc) leader who campaigned in the 2019 elections has either resigned from their post or been expelled or been arrested. That election must have been jinxed.

          • Interesting what you say about the water companies, UM. I’m curious about the whole thing and the astrology of it, which might take some unpicking. The Edgar chart of 973 often seems to work well, and has Saturn 27 Gemini in the 10th. Tr Neptune has been travelling through the 7th and 8th houses of this chart – partnerships and other people’s money.

            The 1066 Coronation chart has a Pisces Moon at 29 degrees in the hidden 12th house. It squares 28 degrees Uranus in the 9th house of Sagittarius. Tory Party Pluto is 27 Gemini, Edgar Saturn 27 Gemini. Seems like some sensitive degrees there, with Neptune transiting them all at the moment.

            The 1066 Nodes are 19 Virgo/Pisces. Tr Neptune was transiting those Nodes (all of us) in the strange pandemic summer of 2020, and that summer the tr Nodes themselves were transiting conjunct the 1066 28 Sagittarius Uranus, with the potentially karmic Sagittarian South Node crossing it in July and August.

            What’s curious is that Feargal Sharkey’s nascent water campaign began to really gain momentum then:
            “On 30 August 2020, Sharkey appeared in episode 3 of the second series of Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing to discuss the environmental pressures faced by Britain’s chalk rivers, during a conversation by the River Lea.” Wiki

            The privitisation of those water companies was on 6th July, 1989 (Hansard), with a Tory government of course. That day Pluto in Scorpio (UK 1801 2nd) was square Mars in Leo at 12 degrees, just grazing the UK’s 11 Taurus Mars in the 8th of ‘other people’s money’.

            I haven’t had time to look further, but it looks as if one manifestation of Neptune in Pisces may be this rumbling water pollution scandal – affecting various English/UK charts, and the Tory Gemini Pluto. Labour’s Solar Arc Saturn at 29 Gemini is also involved.
            ‘Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink’!

          • @UM: “…every party (including the Greens, Plaid Cymru, etc) leader who campaigned in the 2019 elections has either resigned from their post or been expelled or been arrested. That election must have been jinxed.”
            The 2019 GE took place on 12 December 2019 a day on which the full moon was for the most part void-of-course. I had hoped that this meant the govt wouldn’t last long but came to the realisation that it simply meant “more of the same”. But your observation that all the party leaders have gone in the meantime might be another facet of this. Clearly little has been achieved, the Brexit deadlock that it was supposed to break still remains.

          • I agree. The astrology of the time indicated Brexit or something equally radical would happen anyway.
            I remember too discussions of an ambiguous aftermath, ie that we’d do some sort of detour eventually winding up pretty much where we started.
            And while I’d like to blame Boris for everything, Theresa May is the one who truly messed up. The fact that she is now earning millions, turning up only to pontificate is galling beyond belief.
            The lack of competence and focus of all the political parties, together with not fit for purpose civil service and institutions is truly distressing.
            Nearly every country in the world who privatised water has reversed it. We need to do it too. Very soon. I don’t understand why there isn’t an uproar against it being it sidelined. It has popular cross generational support.

          • @Zita, I am going to disagree with you on Theresa May’s role in Brexit.

            Of all the people involved in it, I think she is the one who can be said to come out of the matter unscathed, not wholly, not smelling of roses, but relative to the others unscathed.

            When her Brexit deal was announced, I was thrilled, as it seemed to me to be a moderate compromise that would be the best compromise in a very polarised climate.

            And unlike Boris, she did not have (or does not appear to have) an ulterior motive. She did her best to deliver a moderate Brexit, that was thrown out by extremists on both sides.

            I do not doubt her sincerity to do good by her country, unlike her successor, who does not appear to be able to do good even by his wives, never mind his country.

            Like her, I am the child of a pastor in my own faith, and while I am not very religious (teenage rebellion and all that), I know just how much that role in a parent can seep through to a child in their childhood and shape their worldview.

    • The real catalyst for Brexit was the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, which many Tories found totally unacceptable. In particular the abolishing of the national veto.
      Those with long memories can recall the so called ‘Maastricht Wars’ which raged on and on and on in the Conservative Party of the early 1990s.
      Tory MP Bill Cash was, perhaps, the most vociferous euro sceptic in the party. I was surprised to read recently that Bill Cash voted in favour of the EU in the 1975 referendum, as did another prominent euro sceptic, Christopher Booker.
      Both have stated that they did not fully understand the EU’s ultimate aim of eliminating national sovereignty at that time.

      • As far as I am aware Jonathan, the national veto is still alive and kicking (e.g. Hungary). And the aim was never to abolish national sovereignty but rather achieve greater harmonisation of legislation, particularly in the area of taxation to reign in criminality and tax avoidance. Little of that has been achieved because of the overall lack of cooperation (national veto) and each country insisting on retaining its own system. So no lack of sovereignty there either. The British press will never fairly present the EU’s case. The UK was a leader within the EU but now standing outside has no influence anymore. What kind of sovereignty is that, I wonder? Far less and at far greater cost. Constantly bashing the EU which was essentially conceived by Churchill at the Congress of Europe in 1948 as an instrument for peace will not make it go away. I am with Heseltine on this: “Brexit, the biggest historic mistake this country has made in peacetime.” Enabled by BJ and the ERG for purely self-serving reasons.

  3. BJ really does seem to be taking a pasting. All but his closest allies now turning on him. I always thought it would be the case. The Tories had to invest a lot of energy in showing support for him through his time as PM and now he’s gone, they’re expressing how they really feel. Probably another reflection of how his personal relationships and marriages played out.

  4. Thanks for the add-on Marjorie. Here’s a little of what Lord Heseltine wrote in the Observer yesterday:

    “Even before the Brexit referendum and Johnson’s ascent to the cabinet and Downing St, Matthew Parris, a former Conservative MP, warned: “There’s a pattern to Boris’s life … It’s the casual dishonesty, the cruelty, the betrayal; and, beneath the betrayal, the emptiness of real ambition: the ambition to do anything useful with office once it is attained.” The party did not listen.

    Of course, it is possible to see all this in the light of one person’s career. But there is an infinitely more important aspect. These same characteristics, clear within this latest episode, are the same as those that led to Britain’s historic decision to leave the European Union. I have worked for the Conservative party for the last 70 years. I have followed the inspiration of Churchill, Macmillan, Heath and Thatcher, who gave Britain a leading position in one of the power blocks of the 21st century. I have seen that overturned on a cynical exploitative combination of promises led by Boris Johnson.”

    I thought the phrase Heseltine quotes from Matthew Parris was illuminating – the ’emptiness of real ambition’. Where that might lie in his natal chart I’m not sure, but he is certainly a damaged individual from childhood onwards. If only he’d stuck with journalism, there might be less damage for everyone else to deal with.

    • What is so infuriating is that all of this was well known – at least to anyone who had half kept up with what was going on – and he still managed to get adored and fawned over. The blind stupidity of some people never fails to astonish me.

      • As long as Johnson delivered Brexit, for the dark money and forces at the back of that catastrophe, he was given a free ride. The owners of the right wing papers were among the keenest Brexiteers, and the Munchausen levels of betrayal, dishonesty and immorality were shrugged off in order to achieve that goal. Put a plausible conman at the helm and cheerlead his nonsense to gull the public.

      • As you say Marjorie, it was all known. As I recall Johnson was put forward as the Tory candidate for London Mayor to get him out of the Commons where he was considered a loose cannon. Political memories do seem short while they all lie and change their allegiances to suit. Johnson is no different in that except he doesn’t seem able to discern when it’s not in his best interests to do so. A sad clown really. I always wondered if the Tory faithful loved him for his entertainment value.

      • Rory Stewart, former Tory MP who resigned in October 2019 said in his podcast that having worked with Johnson, he found him to be lazy, careless with important confidential documents which were left scattered about for anyone to see, self serving and chaotic. He ultimately described Johnson as a malignant narcissist. H G Tudor on Johnson is also an interesting listen – he describes Johnson as a man who is aware of his own narcissism, who hides behind a deliberately constructed mask/persona designed to appeal to the UK’s bizarre tendency to vote for Upper class comic ‘characters’ and who simply enjoys destruction for its own sake.

        Stewart wrote of Johnson: “He was manifestly unsuited to be prime minister from the beginning, so it’s very, very disturbing that a great country like Britain should have chosen somebody so unsuitable for the role.”

        • Stewart and others could also be describing Trump and the US’s descent into madness in embracing his malignant narcissism.

          Are their astrological markers for both our countries falling for lying narcissistic grifters in parallel?

          I’m fascinated by the synchronicity or commonalties of the falls of Trump and Johnson and the deaths of Kaczynski, Hanssen and, yes, let’s add Pat Robertson about the same time.

          • I notice that Trump’s I think it’s because there’s a marked pattern of classic behaviours in narcissistic individuals. They cannot for example take responsibility for their own behaviour/actions and when faced with the consequences will play victim and deflect. Deny, attack and reverse victim and offender is the classic narcissistic dynamic of defence. Astrologically, Trump’s Gemini Sun/Uranus/North Node is conjunct Johnson’s Mercury. I sense that Johnson is far more aware of his narcissism than Trump is – mind you, that’s a pretty low bar.

    • Dear Jane,

      Lord Heseltine’s final paragraph of Boris’ tenure as PM is utterly brutal: “His real legacy is Brexit, the biggest historic
      mistake this country has made in peacetime.”

      This is a mordant summary of a self-obsessed, nihilistic grifter whose ruinous behaviour has been to the detriment of
      everybody in general, and the country in particular.

      • Thanks Robert. Indeed! We’ve been living in an era of nihilistic grifters it seems. Quite amazing how they have managed to carry so many people along with them in various locations here on Earth. Possibly, once Pluto finally leaves Capricorn in 2024 we may see more positive changes. We can only hope.

        • It feels to me like something meaningful has begun to play out over the last week or so. Maybe it’s Jupiter/Node in Taurus asking what is meaningful or maybe Pluto’s dip back into Capricorn. Not the last one, think there’s another next summer.

      • If I were going to attribute Brexit to anyone, it would be Cameron. But ultimately it is a long chain of events stretching back through Farage, austerity, the banks, Blair/Brown, the EU morphing from the EEC which Brits elected to join in the 70s.

        • Yes, I agree it is a long chain of events and decisions. I seem to recall Tony Blair talking about a referendum at some point, but it went away. They probably realised it wasn’t such a great idea.

          At the end of June Mars in Leo squares Uranus 21 Taurus, and then squares the 2016 retrograde Mars at 23 Scorpio. Plus it is conjunct UK Saturn 23 Leo. There’s a New Moon in August on that point as well. It is worth noting that Mars in June 2016 turned direct on 29th June at 23 degrees Scorpio. In the progressed chart, that would mean in 2022. I think that’s possibly significant. It stayed at 23 degrees until 11th July that summer.

          What’s a bit spooky here, is the horrible chart for Maastricht in 1993. It has Mars conjunct Pluto at 24 Scorpio, Saturn 23 Aquarius, Moon 24 Taurus. 1957 Treaty of Rome is a very different chart, but it does have Nodes 22 Scorpio/Taurus and Black Moon Lilith 23 Aquarius. Uranus now transiting Taurus, plus the other Martian moments in Leo and Scorpio, may well begin the shake up I feel could come, creating the possibility of change here (UK Saturn).

          Meanwhile, Boris has his Taurus Jupiter Return opposing Neptune this summer (the new baby?) which mirrors the Brexit Referendum Jupiter at 16 Scorpio. So things are stirring, and I also agree something is changing in the zeitgeist – perhaps coinciding with Pluto’s return to Capricorn for a while, plus tr Uranus having much work to do.

          • I’m definitely sensing a shift and despite the welcome downfall of some rotten apples, have been feeling quite unsettled recently.

            Does anyone know when the 3 by-elections take place this Summer? Last night I heard a pundit mention 20th July. If so, BML will be conjunct Moon in Leo squaring Uranus at opening of polls.

          • No definite dates seem set yet. But later in July sounds right. Sun trines Neptune and opposes Pluto then. An awkward time, with people away on holiday. And wonder if they’ll require photo ID as well – that appeared to put people off at the local elections recently.

  5. What am I reading wrong? I see Sunak’s Sun Venus Moon in SCORPIO, not Taurus, making it a possible opposition to Uranus, not a conjunction? I’m a beginner, but the chart looks straightforward on that count.

  6. As GD and Lynne have noted, the Jupiter/Uranus at 21 Taurus looks dynamic. That degree area in Fixed signs seems to already be striking a chord through a series of UK charts. There’s also the 21 degrees Mars in Leo square Uranus towards the end of June, and August’s New Moon at 23 Leo which is conjunct the UK 1801 Saturn in Leo. Saturn symbolising government or Parliament protocols perhaps, rather than politics in general? At the moment, Saturn in Leo could also symbolise King Charles, as a senior Royal figure. I’d also watch the Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus, 21 degrees again, boosted by the November’s New Moon at 20 Scorpio. That does look quite angry, with potentially lots of angry people (Moon).

    Anyway, something’s up – here’s my list of suspects to consider:

    Withdrawal of the Romans 410 (obviously a debatable point): Uranus 23 Aquarius square Neptune 17 Taurus, Pluto 20 Taurus
    The Edgar chart, 973: Sun conjunct Mars 25 Taurus, Moon 18 Leo
    1066: Neptune 22 Taurus
    House of Commons 1265: Saturn 21 Taurus, Mars 23 Taurus
    May 12, 1707: Pluto 20 Leo conjunct Jupiter 21 Leo; Sun 20 Taurus
    UK 1801: Saturn 23 Leo

    As Marjorie says “into confusing times”, with both Tory and Labour charts resonating with this pattern as well. Certainly change is needed, and it seems obvious resistance to change is also strong. Very Fixed sign traits, and very Taurus too. Just how does Uranus create change when travelling through Taurus? Earthquakes?!

    • If you look at Uranus’s last ride through Taurus at similar degrees (the last decan of Taurus) you’ll find yourself in May of 1940 and a wealth of planetary conjunctions in Taurus during this period, coinciding with the Battle of Britain (July 10 – October 31 1940) which was fought under the auspices of a close Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the sign at 11/12 degrees. By the end of the Luftwaffe’s attempts to dominate the air space of Britain, 31 October that year, the RAF had succeeded in holdng that air space and thus Hitler’s plans for the invasion of Britain (Operation Sea Lion) were called off. By that time the beneficent (for the UK) Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was exact at 11 degrees.

      By the beginning of May the following year Jupiter had moved forward to join Uranus in the sign of the Bull at 25 degrees. As we move forward to late June, Saturn has caught up with Uranus and forms a conjunction at 23 and 28 degrees respectively. The fateful date of June 22 1941 sees the launching of Hitler’s ill-fated Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union which as we know shifted the outcome of the war in the UK’s and Allies’ ultimate favour. In the second week of August that year, Uranus had ingressed into Gemini and September saw the Japanese military attack Pearl Harbor – the following day the US congress declared war on Japan.

      Let’s hope that this time round, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in April which Lynne highlighted is as favourable to the UK. We need it.

      • Thanks VF – yes, I very much hope for something favourable too. So much of what’s happened may have been driven by the capricious Fates, yet it seems so much damage has been done. Perhaps that would be the case without Brexit – Pluto’s transit through the UK 4th house bringing a shaking of the foundations? I strive to be even-handed, but feel so bewildered.
        Interesting what you say about the Jupiter/Saturn at 11 degrees timing the cancellation of Hitler’s plans to invade Britain. That’s conjunct the UK 11 Taurus Mars in the 8th house.

        Regarding the Brexit Referendum of June 2016, I notice that it had Mars in Scorpio, Rx at 23 degrees. Mars was inconjunct Uranus 23 Aries – both aspected the UK 23 Leo Saturn, and some of those other planets I listed.
        Possibly the Uranus trine was saying change was needed in Saturn’s 11th house domain of shared business, with Uranus in the house of partners suggesting fresh alliances. But also disruptive enemies? The Mars Rx in the 2nd house could be the secretive assassin, squaring Saturn for a nasty fight. Mars Rx is traditionally a bad time to begin a war. Jupiter was at 16 Scorpio, close to UK Neptune. It will almost oppose that position this summer, but is exact at 16 Taurus next Spring. This is also Boris Johnson’s natal 15 Taurus Jupiter return, opposing his Neptune in Scorpio.

        I still believe that something fresh will eventually emerge, and that how the EU is now will also change. Amidst those changes, there will be opportunities for the UK to realign itself with the EU or within some new kind of EU. However, I don’t have a timeline for this and it may be a fantasy!

        • I think the Brexit chart shows a rebellious, even revolutionary public, sick of stagnation and desirous of some kind of reform.

    • The bloodletting in the Wars of the Roses started in earnest in late 1460 to 1461 when Pluto was lurking between 22-23 Leo. Richard Duke of York declared his claim to the throne on 11 October 1460jul under a Mars Pluto conjunction square Venus in Scorpio. He was executed on 30 December 1460 under a Pluto Moon Conjunction square Jupiter in Scorpio. His son Edward of York took up the Yorkist claim and won the Battle of Mortimers Cross on 2 February 1461jul at the Battle of Mortimers Cross as the Sun in Aquarius opposed Pluto in Leo( appropriately the battle was heralded by a Sun Dog showing three Suns in the sky). It was followed by the Battle of Towton on 29 March 1461jul possibly the bloodiest ever fought in English history. It commenced just as the Moon in Scorpio squared Pluto. These degrees of fixed signs are definitely sensitive points in British charts

      • Another example is Charles 1 crowned King of England on 2 February 1626jul with Sun at 23 Aquarius conjunct retrograde Mercury at 21 Aquarius opposing Uranus at 24 Leo sextile Neptune at 24 Libra. Charles was crowned King of Scotland on 18 June 1633jul with Pluto at 25 Taurus. His attempt to oppose Anglican rites on the Presbyterian Scots ultimately led to the Scots expelling Charles bishops in December 1638 when Neptune conjoined Jupiter at 22 Scorpio. This event led to the First and Second Bishops wars of 1639-40 and ultimately was to the recalling of the English Long Parliament on 3rd November 1640jul with Neptune at 24 Scorpio conjunct Sun at 21 Scorpio and Mercury/Moon at approx 20 Scorpio square Saturn at 24 Aquarius. Relations between the Parliament and the King rapidly broke down which eventually led to Civil War in England which ultimately ended in the Royalist defeat at the Battle of Naesby in 13 June 1645jul which saw the North Node at 21 Leo conjunct Mars at 23 Leo square Uranus at 22 Scorpio.

        • Thank you Hugh, I just saw these posts. Very interesting that these degrees in the Fixed signs seem so sensitive in British history. The Civil War is such a thought provoking example. They also connect with the French Revolution era. I noticed that there was a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 3 Leo in 1789, just before it all kicked off. Made me think of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction next year, and the Jupiter/Nodes square Pluto we have just experienced. But do people have the energy for a revolution of any kind at this point?
          Well, there’ll be some moments triggering those degrees this summer, perhaps some hints can be found then. There’s certainly a lot of free-floating anger around everywhere.

          • I know that when Charles was being held in captivity at Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight in 1647 and plotting his escape, he would smuggle out letters to among others, the astrologer William Lilly who at the time was famous for his accurate predictions. Lilly was known as ‘The English Merlin’ at the time. Of course, Lilly passed on all this information to Parliament. Charles wasn’t the brightest of kings.

  7. Snail curry. Love it. The Uranus, Jupiter on April 21st 2024 will almost exactly trine the 2020 Sun, Mercury, Ceres and the might of Saturn Pluto at 22 degrees. Any ideas on that anyone.

  8. I have my doubts about Boris Johnson leaving politics for good. Perhaps his Jupiter going through his 8th then 10th could indicate a successful comeback. He does’nt strike me as the kind of man to given in that easily, I would’nt be surprised if he has’nt got a plan.
    Personally, I would prefer a quietly competent person but when did we last get one of those ?

    • Wow. Mind boggling. When I think of all the snash that was thrown around at anyone who dared suggest the saintly leaderene was less than perfect it takes my breath away. Schadenfreude for once delivered on a plate.
      It is a criminal investigation so comment will have to wait until further developments. I don’t understand the system since her husband was arrested and then released pending further investigation so no doubt the same will happen. But presumably an arrest does mean they have some actionable evidence.

  9. I’m noting we have a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21Tau next year on April 21st as the sun enters Taurus.

    That conjunction is landing on Sunak’s Sun-Mercury, trine his Saturn, and he’ll be having his Uranus opp Uranus in the weeks after, as well as it squaring his nodes. Some kind of surprise/big change coming up.

    Marjorie – if you were advising him, would you say to go for a General Election then? He’s got to have called one by end of year anyway. Might as well gamble with Jupiter-Uranus on your sun?

    • Even without looking at the astrology one would put money on a May 2024 General Election not least because it would coincide with local elections due in that date.

      • Whereas I would expect that they will wait until the results of the local elections are out and then call the elections.

        • I think that leaving General Election until after the Local Elections would be a very poor tactical choice for the Conservatives. Their supporters are disgruntled but are far more likely to come out to vote for a General Election which might help save some of their candidates in the Local Elections. In logistical terms it helps all the parties as local government candidates do a lot of leg work in General Election campaigns and can double up as canvassers for MPs. If Sunak waits until after the local elections he could find there are far fewer bodies available in local government to do any work on the door step for the Conservatives come the end of 2024 and a lot more available for the Labour and Liberal Party. My guess is an early budget with some token income tax or NI cuts followed immediately by a General Election. This would at least force Labour to set out it’s tax plans once in government.

    • I read in Bloomberg a month ago that Sunak is planning for tax cuts in this autumn budget and then minimum wage rise and more spending in Spring 2024 budget.

      Looks like they might go for GE in May when heating bills are low as compared to autumn

    • This would chime with the chart at the start of the Parliament which had jupiter trine uranus. Jupiter will have caught up with uranus by next year.

  10. LauraK did a (surprisingly) interesting article on Boris. Towards its end, she discussed the possibility that Boris might be involved in a bid for the up-for-sale Daily Telegraph with his old editor Will Lewis – who happens to have been knighted by Boris. If it happens, it could be interesting to the Conservative party given Boris’s Scorpio moon vitriol and the Telegraph traditionally been one of their media supporters.

    • I look at the above Charts and shudder. Courtesy of Johnson’s ego trip and bullishness the country is in a mess. Both our main Political parties are about as enticing as a snail curry. It is depressing.

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