UK – politicians thoughtlessly sold out to China

The UK is facing a “nightmare scenario” of China controlling sensitive national infrastructure, including nuclear power stations, universities and the technology sector. The regime is using money and spies to penetrate every sector of economy, according to an MPs report.

  Lurching from the Russia threat and before that Middle Eastern autocrats buying up the country, the Orwellian prospect of facing yet another foreign menace whom successive governments have done nothing to repel – quite the contrary they sold out to them – is all too worrisome.

  The relationship chart between China 1 January 1912 and the UK is inherently stressed and has always been with a composite yod of Uranus sextile Jupiter inconjunct Pluto – a constant power struggle which is being exacerbated at the moment by tr Pluto square the Pluto and sextile the Uranus, moving soon to trine the Jupiter – the next three years will be critical. There is also a Sun Venus opposition Saturn square Jupiter which is a blow hot, blow cold influence. And an evasive, vague, smoke-screening Mercury opposition Moon square Neptune.

 The China 1912 chart has its Neptune conjunct the UK 10th house (ruling classes) Moon for a deceptively persuasive approach. Though what is more to the point is the China’s financial Saturn in Taurus conjunct the UK’s 8th house Mars for a fractious and potentially destructive clash; with China’s determined Moon Mars in Taurus also in the UK 8th and colliding with the UK’s 11th house Saturn (the legislature).

 Xi Jinping,  15 June 1953, has his Uranus conjunct the UK’s 10th house Moon, his Venus conjunct the UK Mars and his Pluto conjunct the UK Saturn – so he’s intent on changing UK’s direction and getting control politically.

  2024/25 look to be times of turbulence with the Xi/UK relationship chart having its Uranus square Pluto being upended – with 2025 and even before being undermining with tr Neptune and then tr Saturn being conjunct the Venus Sun. With major confusion and uncertainty in 2026/27. So it may all come to a head which is too exhausting to contemplate.

  Complete wastes-of-space of UK politicians – if there is money being offered, they will sell not only their soul but the country’s as well without a thought for the consequences.

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  1. This and your previous post about the sale of UK water make me shake my head, given the nationalist reasoning behind Brexit ( with the Russians and Chinese exerting much influence, and likely encouraging the push away from Europe…), but then again I shouldn’t be surprised. The Chinese have always used opponents’ weaknesses (which includes aggression, as practiced in martial arts) against them. In the case of the West, it’s greed.

    The one salvation of sorts is that the Chinese aren’t free of the same vice themselves, and thus have their own economic, social & environmental problems as a result.

  2. This situation does seem to, slowly, be coming to a head as Marjorie writes:

    “2024/25 look to be times of turbulence with the Xi/UK relationship chart having its Uranus square Pluto being upended – with 2025 and even before being undermining with tr Neptune and then tr Saturn being conjunct the Venus Sun. With major confusion and uncertainty in 2026/27. So it may all come to a head which is too exhausting to contemplate.”

    And this looks to be a widespread challenge for many nations:

    “investment from rising China in to Europe has been growing exponentially over the past decade. It ranges from manufacturing, energy, utilities and transport, to financial services, real estate and sports and has been expanding from acquisitions of European firms to greenfield and portfolio investment.The perceived challenges posed by these investments has led to increasing political and media attention, including calls for EU vetting and regulation of acquisitions.” China in Europe Research Network, 8/11/19 – end of project 7/5/2024. (

    • @Jane and Marjorie, China also owns a number of ports in Mexico, including the Port of Ensenada, 60 miles south of the US border at San Diego, California, where I live. Chinese-owned Hutchinson Ports, which operates the Port of Ensenada (a growing port serving the US Southwest), also owns/operates ports at both the Atlantic and Pacific ends of the Panama Canal. Chinese companies control much of the infrastructure and utilities essential to operation of the Panama Canal. About 60 percent of the goods transiting the Panama Canal end up in the US. Thus, the US is definitely impacted directly by Chinese expansionism.

      Interesting article the canal’s operations, if a little old:

  3. I am not the brightest spark of electricity with midpoints, as I get my quick calculations often wrong. However, a quick 4th house / 10th house calculation of UK’s Natal Chart Sun/Moon midpoint, makes the midpoint sitting on the UK’s North Node/South Node axis and in conjunction with China’s Natal Chart’s Ascendent in Aries. Which makes me wonder if this has something to do with New Empires and loss ones. As all Political Parties were cosying up to China from the 1990’s onwards. Perhaps our Civil Servants and Politicians were aware of the Rise of the Dragon becoming the next Commercial Empire? Furthermore, the loss of Honk Kong was looming, which in some ways would mean the loss of Commercial links in that part of Asia. Investments by Chinese firms , would at least continue a form commerce. I suspect our politicians may have become too engrossed in retaining some power – to see the word for the trees!

  4. The UK and China both changed course under M Thatcher and Deng Xao Ping.
    M Thatcher confirmed PM on 4th May 1979
    Brief chart: Sun in Taurus, moon in Leo, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in R Virgo.
    Her terms lasted until 28 Nov 1990.
    Deng elected by Communist Central committee in Dec 1978 until Nov 1989.
    It is intriguing whether there are karmic threads relating to previous history, opium wars, Boxer rebellion, the development of Honk Kong

  5. Not to mention Chinese ‘ police stations ‘ operating in the UK. How that came to happen beggars belief.

    This is the logical consequence of selling off the family silver and relying on the financial sector which might have proved lucrative for a few and their politicians but is no basis for running a country.

  6. Just look at Thames Water PLC.

    Who actually ultimately owns it?

    The vital, essential life necessity of 15 million Britons is owned and controlled by the most mysterious and unknown parcel of overseas rent seekers.

  7. The one maxim which basically explains all of Westminster politics is “Follow the money”, as ‘Deep Throat’ said to Bernstein and Woodward.
    This maxim not only explains the personal amongst MPs and their ilk, but also the political. In brute terms the UK is a massive debtor nation both in terms of government expenditure and in foreign trade. Basically, to keep going the UK relies upon massive infusions of foreign cash purchasing UK infrastructure – it is a matter of pure accounting debit/credit entries, things must balance up at the end of the day. The ‘price’ of perpetual UK indebtedness is foreign ownership of British means of production, capital, land and property.
    Indeed, British politicians must go a-wooing the people who happen to hold large mountains of cash, ie the Chinese, in order for the UK to function and big infrastructure projects to be funded.

  8. That word ‘sneaky’ covers so much, and has been creeping into so much, for so very long that it will take as long to unravel. The odious smell of corruption, in politics (and so very much that purports to be based on truth) is undeniable. What Marjorie has written (and what so many of us have kept silent about) has an urgency in its message. Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

  9. It’s happening in the U.S. as well. On the West Coast predominantly. We have these huge “cities” springing up all over (meaning massive apartment buildings concentrated) that are basically empty. The Chinese buy the real estate, build multiple massive apartment buildings, & destroy the surrounding culture in the process. Like in China, the buildings & these “cities” are empty. It’s really bizarre. It happened in my small town over the past 3 years. It’s unrecognizable. No one knew what happened until it was over. The Chinese do this to stimulate their economy by building. They did it/are doing it all over Africa and the infrastructure lays dormant.
    Look up China’s “ghost cities”.

    We have a family friend who has 40 years experience as a professional property manager and quit after two weeks after working for one of these Chinese owned communities because of the lack of ethics. Ron DeSantis recently blocked the Chinese from being able to buy land or property in Florida. He’s on it. No one else seems to be.

    • Thanks for mentioning the ‘ghost towns’ Brigitte. I’d forgotten about them. And now I learn about a ‘ghost’ business district here in London, at Royal Albert Dock. The Chinese company involved in creating it has since gone into liquidation I think. It’s being used at the moment sometimes as a “dystopian city” film location. Boris Johnson was London Mayor at the time, which comes as no surprise.

      “billed by Boris Johnson as a dazzling “beacon for Asian investors”: a £1.7bn complex of waterside offices that would become “London’s third great business area” after the City and Canary Wharf. As mayor of London in 2013, he promised it would be a dynamic “city within a city”, humming 24 hours a day, with Asian companies lured here by tax breaks working on Beijing time and breathing new life into a long-derelict stretch of east London’s Royal Docks” Guardian, 20 July, 2022.

      What’s interesting astrologically is that Neptune, planet of illusions and perhaps of ghosts too, was just settling into Pisces, 1 degree in January 2013. It activated the UK Yod of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in Pisces in the fifth house of gambling and speculation. This was a riverside development, more Neptune, more Pisces. Tr Pluto was 10 Capricorn in January that year, on the UK Sun, and the China Sun/MC. The Pluto Saturn in Leo link between China and the UK was squared by the transiting Nodes in financial Scorpio/Taurus that January. Lots of power, secrecy, and overblown Jupiter Uranus hopes? While I don’t have an exact date for the start of building, I think these January planet positions establish the general atmosphere of the time.

      Uranus is now approaching that UK Saturn, in the house of groups and government. There are many dubious details in the article I quoted, involving some very cosy-sounding alliances and political donations in the past. As Neptune and Pluto reach the end of their journeys in Pisces and Capricorn it’ll be interesting to see what else emerges about that time, and the deals that were done. I haven’t checked, but I imagine this may not be the only example of ghost developments here.

      • Well, just to say I had no idea about the extent of property development funded by Chinese investors and property companies here in the UK. Another Boris-era development in London is Nine Elms and area, where luxury flats are on the market, reduced in price, for 11 million pounds! There’s more in Manchester and elsewhere in the North. I’m horrified.

        • That’s exactly what has happened here in the Pacific Northwest. In Washington state, mostly Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond area. Endless luxury apartments that are essentially empty because they are too expensive but they take up the entire town! They were anticipating another tech boom but I suspect it won’t happen they way they anticipated.

      • I watched a few documentaries again last night about those ghost cities. China used more concrete in ten years to build those cities than the United States used in a century!

  10. Brilliant article . We’re told all the time that Russia is our enemy but China is far worse and sneaky
    and the politicians are getting backhanders from them

  11. Thanks very much Marjorie for looking at this. It is amazing how this has been creeping along for many years, as Angela implies. Having one or two friends from both China and Hong Kong, I was aware of some of it. But once you look at the extent of what mainland China owns in the UK (never mind all those major shares in European ports like Piraeus etc and the port of Felixstowe here), it is worrisome indeed. Interesting about aspects to UK Taurus Mars, since many purchases have been property and land. Qatar possibly owns more, I am not sure about that.
    I noticed that 21 Cardinal crops up in these charts, and will be aspected by the autumn 21 Libra eclipse. Also the Mars opposition Neptune aspects China’s buried Pluto, which may bring ‘interesting’ news in August. Yes, as the old Chinese curse is reputed to say, “May you live in interesting times”……personally, I’d quite like some rather dull and uneventful times for while!

  12. This is because of Hong Kong, of course, and the special UK visas granted to Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigners and others who don’t accept Xi’s dictatorship and the iron rule of the Communist Party that seeks to crush any form of dissent. No matter where in the world.

  13. “Complete wastes-of-space of UK politicians – if there is money being offered, they will sell not only their soul but the country’s as well without a thought for the consequences”.Couldn’t agree more Marjorie.

    UK politics is dead-cant trust any of them as they all seem morally corrupt which ever party.

    Its should destroying what’s happening in the UK

  14. Have been aware of this ‘take-over’ for many years now – the Chinese proverb ‘Slowly, slowly chatchee monkey’ applies here. The Astro is looking dire – with all the ramifications too playing out sooner rather than later, are we inexorably trapped with no way out?

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