UK Parliament – new speaker battered by storms ahead



Lindsay Hoyle is reckoned a safe pair of hands as the new Speaker of the House of Commons as it enters one of the most decisive times in its long history. After the pyrotechnics of John Bercow everyone is sighing with relief. Hoyle, 10 June 1957, is a known quantity having been a deputy speaker since 2010 and having a long background in politics.

He’s an amiable Sun Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo with a steady and practical Mercury in Taurus in an intense square to Pluto and sextile Mars – so he’s capable of delivering his opinions with force when necessary.

He looks jubilant at the moment with his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Jupiter and tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Node mid this November to mid December. But from early 2020 onwards he looks exceptionally fraught with a trapped, frustrating tr Pluto opposition his Mars from late January, off and on till late 2021; and an undermining tr Neptune square his Sun from late March, again repeating into 2021 when tr Neptune opposes his Jupiter – so a slipping, sliding and aggravating two or three years ahead. There’ll also be additional catastrophes from July 2020 onwards into 2021 as tr Uranus squares his Mars/Pluto midpoint.

He was elected at 8.22pm on 4th November which puts an indecisive Neptune on the Midheaven in an over hopeful square to Jupiter. But what is more worrisome is an argumentative and blocked 4th house Mars square Saturn Pluto on the Descendant – suggesting a scary mood and extreme difficulty getting agreement in the House.

All of which is mirrored in the original Simon de Montfort Parliament chart of 20 January 1265 JC. Tr Neptune is in an undermining square to the Pluto in 2020/21 as well as in a debilitating square to the Solar Arc Saturn Mars from this year through next. With major upsets and high tension this year from Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Saturn and moving on in 18 months’ time to make an even more explosive conjunction to the Mars. By 2022 the Solar Arc Mars Saturn will start to oppose the Pluto for three years of deadlock thereafter. None of which look like business-as-it-used-to-be for some considerable time ahead.

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