Dominic Grieve & Bojo – fight for transparency


There are yowls of protest as Boris Johnson has blocked the publication of a report on alleged illicit Russian activities in Britain before the election. The inquiry by the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee is believed to have looked at claims of Moscow’s attempts to influence the Brexit campaign and Russian money going into UK institutions including sizeable donations made to the Conservative Party. Dominic Grieve, the committee’s chairman said the decision to delay publication was “jaw-dropping”. His outrage has been echoed by other high-level former public officials.

Grieve, 24 May 1956, is a barrister, former Attorney General, fervent Remainer and now an independent having been de-whipped in the recent political massacre by Johnson. He’s a Sun Gemini opposition Saturn in late Scorpio which in turn is in a formidably stubborn T Square of Jupiter Pluto in Leo opposition Mars. He’s no fan of Boris’s with his Gemini Sun conjunct BJ’s Mars and square BJ’s Saturn and Uranus Pluto and his Saturn square BJ’s Mars.

Boris is known to have been cosy with at least one wealthy Russian oligarch, ditto Cameron and Osborne – and questions have been raised about Dominic Cummings who spent three years in Russia in the 1990s.

Relocating Boris’s chart to Moscow does put his sociable Sun Venus on the Descendant, with a comfortable Jupiter in the 4th opposition an evasive Neptune in the 10th, and a party-going Mars in the 5th. Nothing definitive but Russia will hold some charms for him.

Boris has as much decency and respect for rules and protocols as Trump.

11 thoughts on “Dominic Grieve & Bojo – fight for transparency

  1. George Osborne actually edits a mass circulation propaganda sheet – The London Evening Standard – for a rather dodgy Russian Oligarch.

    • Osborne’s previous Russian connection was a cause celebre scandal back some years as he holidayed on Oleg Deripaska’s yacht in Corfu – Peter Mandelson was also mentioned in the same breath as being present. Deripaska is a Putin crony.
      Politicians and the obscenely wealthy – like wasps to a jam jar.

    • Very clear that BJ is the Chosen One by the right wing scumbag press. He is Untouchable.

      Had anyone in Labour or any other party been flashed at by a drunken “model” at the dinner table of an enigmatically connected Russian, in such circumstances , we would never have heard the end of it and that person would have been hounded from office. I wonder if BJ was a friend of Epstein? That’s about his level.

      • Well, Labour has Sagittarian Keith Vaz MP, currently suspended (again). A dismal history of scandals there, going back many years. I don’t think any party is immune to dubious characters really. And we could also wonder about Jeremy Corbyn’s former little gig at Russia Today. As far as Russian money goes, it is simply everywhere – witness all the empty property in numerous countries, owned by wealthy Russians (and other foreign investors too). Russian donations to Oxford University, the arts, etc etc. Some of those donors will certainly be anti the current regime, others for. It is a spider’s web of global reach. And that’s before you factor in China.

        • Johnson seems Untouchable is my point. Hang Vaz and all the other creepy weirdos of whatever party out to dry by all means. The City of London does not discriminate as the source of the vast sums it launders, Russian, Chinese, Saudi, drugs, people traffickers, arms, …..the list goes on.

          • Perhaps its his Gemini shape-shifting?! Apparently he is a favourite of the Tory grass roots membership, but not with many Tory MPs. There are similarities with Donald Trump there, another slippery Gemini out to wreck the status quo. Also, we are told, popular with voters and unpopular with many of his fellow Republicans. General spinelessness and inertia or love of power on the part of the party members provides the rest…..My only faint hope is that all this chaos will ultimately be creative, and produce genuine change for the better. But it is a very faint hope.

  2. General question, what’s with all these Gemini Suns in British and American politics? They seem to be disproportianally represented, especially given May/June seem to see average amount of births in both countries. I guess it may have something to do with the debate culture, and Geminis generally speaking doing well on that front. Still, it can’t be good for decision making.

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