Anthony Hopkins & Jonathan Pryce – blessings all round


Anthony Hopkins looks set for another triumph with Netflix’s The Two Popes receiving rave reviews. He plays Pope Benedict, wracked with doubt on the edge of retirement with Jonathan Pryce as the other lead playing his greatest critic and future successor Pope Francis. It launches later this month and is based on a play by New Zealander Anthony McCarten who wrote the screenplays for Bohemian Rhapsody and Darkest Hour. Rotten Tomatoes have given it 90%.

Anthony Hopkins, 31 December 1937 9.15 am Port Talbot, Wales, has had an astonishingly long and illustrious career, starting on the stage and thence onto film and television with highly praised performances in Silence of the Lambs, Remains of the Day, more recently Thor and Westworld.

He has a hidden and creative collection of Sun, Mercury, Venus in Capricorn in his 12th trine an innovative Uranus in the 3rd and sextile Mars in Pisces. Plus a superstar Neptune in the 8th in an artistic opposition to Saturn squaring onto a Sagittarius Moon. Plus an intense Pluto in the 7th trine Saturn.

He had a tough childhood and was deemed stupid at school and has recently been diagnosed as a high functioning Aspergers. He’s been married three times with a daughter from whom he is estranged. Emotionally he doesn’t have an easy temperament with a focal point Moon onto Saturn and Neptune and an overly controlling Pluto in the 7th. His daughter whom he abandoned as a toddler with her mother was born in 1968 so has the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo colliding with his Neptune, Moon and Saturn; and her Saturn in Aries squares his Pluto. A difficult crossover.

He’s now 82 and with tr Saturn aiming to move across his Ascendant from January 2020 he will want to start winding down his workload. He does have an enthusiastic and lucky tr Uranus square his Jupiter over the New Year and through January, so despite the tr Saturn conjunct Pluto on his Ascendant he’ll be feeling good for a while anyway.

Jonathan Pryce 1 June 1947, is a Sun Gemini trine Neptune sextile Saturn Pluto in Leo so an interesting mix of complications – flexible and dreamy as well as tough-minded and ambitious. He’s also got a charming Moon Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Venus Mars in Taurus, which will anchor him down. He’s got an upbeat tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter as of now; and his Progressed Sun is square his Jupiter either now or next year, so in a buoyant phase.

7 thoughts on “Anthony Hopkins & Jonathan Pryce – blessings all round

  1. Marjorie, Does Uranus trining his Sun for the past month explain his BAFTA and now 2nd Oscar win for Best Actor? A fabulous performance in the Father, fully deserved regardless! Thank you if you comment Marjorie.

  2. Thank you, it’s already getting some advance word of mouth.
    2 Audience awards and won best screenplay at Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday night.

  3. I’ve seen it and it’s wonderful!
    Do not be surprised if this pips the Irishman and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on Oscars night
    on 9 February next.

    • Given the Hollywood politics and the buzz, I doubt it will beat “The Irishman”, because that film is supposed to be “Goodfellas” good. I consider this the best movie ever, and know it’s a favorite among Hollywood crowd voting. “Once Upon a Time” is entertaining, but it isn’t even in Tarantino’s Top 5. I also think Brad Pitt is way better than Leonardo Di Caprio in this movie, so if Leo gets a nomination and he doesn’t I’ll riot.

      • I just loved Once Upon a Time on Hollywood – it still makes me chuckle as scenes come back to mind. Agree Brad Pitt was the star.

        • It’s an incredibly enjoyable for movie and pop culture buffs (my husband saw it three times) and has an incredible nostalgia factor for people who lived in the era. But just not quite there for “The Best Film” or “Original Screenplay” cathegories. I expect it to take some technical Oscars, though, or be a strong contender.

          “The Irishman”, on the other hand, could be the last big effort from Scorsese, and he is incredibly respected in community. Emma Stone gave interviews, during her “Once Upon” tour, where she told that when shooting “Wolf of Wall Street” “Marty” would discuss classic movies he thought Leo Di Caprio and she should watch. And she did, Leo didn’t. I also think that since “The Best Actor” cathegory will be a massacre this year, some will want to give it to De Niro to hear the acceptance speach, which will definite include profanities towards Trump snd Republican Senators enabling him. Because if Democrats get their way (and they can, by keeping this on House), this should be around the time Impeachment Hearings hit The Senate.

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