Gay Byrne – the voice of modern Ireland


The legendary TV and radio presenter Gay Byrne has died, described as Ireland’s ‘conscience and confessor, sounding board and steering hand.’ Despite an unassuming personality and a life devoid of showbiz pzazz he had an extraordinary impact on his native country for the nearly four decades where the content of his shows was the main talking point. He defied the Catholic church’s rulings on birth control, shone a light on women’s rights, lesbian nuns, alcoholism, domestic violence and HIV/Aids; and mixed light entertainment with steely interrogation of political figures.

Born 5 August 1934, no time sadly, he was an entertaining Sun Leo sextile Jupiter in fair-minded Libra with a Gemini Moon. His Jupiter was also square a passionately enthusiastic and emotional Venus Mars in Cancer.

His Sun falls in the Ireland 3rd house of communication; with his Jupiter conjunct the Ireland Saturn so he’d help to loosen up the downbeat and repressive streak in the country. His Venus Mars were conjunct the Ireland Moon Pluto so from another angle he’d challenge old Ireland’s iron grip on women’s lives. And his Saturn was conjunct the Ireland Midheaven and Mars so while he wouldn’t always make himself popular with his controversial items he would hold the country to a standard of decency.

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  1. I rectified his chart to 12:16:58 PM. This gave him an Asc of 18Libra05. Using this chart the Lunar Eclipse of July 16 hit his 4th house cusp exactly at 24Cp04. Natally he has Uranus, tV, in his 7th of public presentation of tv programs.
    At his death, Solar Arc Mercury, news, SA MC and SA Pluto, death, conjuncted his natal Asc at 18Libra05. Trans Saturn ,death, exactly opposed his natal Venus, ruler of his 8th House of death. Also at death, Solar Arc Uranus conjuncted his MC exactly. Trans Pluto, death, conjuncted his 4th House cusp, end of life, and squared trans Mars on his natal Ascendant.
    Natally he has Poseidon, TV, in his 6th House of WORK, exactly trine his natal Sun in Leo, showmanship.

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