Nancy Pelosi – indefatigable but not undefeated


Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker in Congress, is juggling an astonishing portfolio as she heads for her eightieth birthday next March. Spearheading the impeachment inquiry against Trump she’s also casting an anxious eye over the left-wing Democratic candidates, pointing out their liberal policies won’t win over swing voters in the Midwest states needed to defeat Trump.

Born 26 March 1940 she’s an upfront and pro-active Sun and Jupiter in Aries with a formidably stubborn and enduring collection of Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Mars spread out through Taurus; plus an intense Scorpio Moon.

She has more downers than uppers ahead with tr Saturn opposition her Progressed Mars and square Jupiter late November; and conjunct her Jupiter/Node midpoint in early November; plus a sinker of tr Neptune square her Saturn/Pluto midpoint mid this November till mid December. She will have some wins late November to late December and again in late April. But 2020/21 look disheartening with career losses and plans not working out from late March through till July 2020 and on till late 2021.

Her Speaker’s term chart, 3 January 2019 2.50pm, is a really tough push with the Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto; and an over hopeful Jupiter square Neptune in the 10th.

But she is doing sterling work and with her Mars (conjunct Algol) sitting on Trump’s midheaven along with her Uranus Venus, she does have the wherewithal to do him damage.


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  1. Thank you Marjorie. I wonder what you think about the 26th December eclipse’s potential in this situation? Nancy has Sun 5 Aries, the USA (4th July) has Jupiter (politics, law?) at 5 Cancer, and Donald Trump has his Neptune at 5 Libra. With the eclipse at 4 Capricorn and Jupiter at 5 degrees this would seem to create some dynamic energy. Mars will be at 24 Scorpio for the eclipse – opposing Nancy’s Mars and Trump’s (probable) MC, and Algol. Depending on which time you favour for USA 4th July chart, this squares its Moon in Aquarius – the public. The angry public?

  2. Many Thanks Marjorie, your Astrology gives us a wonderful break from our U.S. Political Craziness.
    And if we didn’t have Jimmy Kimmel to make us laugh here in the USA, we would all be crying our eyes out.
    Here is “Last Night From our favorite Jimmy Kimmel…”We’ve got to laugh along the way”.
    “Election Day Didn’t Go Trump’s Way”

  3. Well well. Amy McGrath’s prospects for overthrowing the self proclaimed “Grim Reaper” just got a significant boost. Non Evangelical white women(The Avengers) are pissed! Like 2018, they’re gonna be the saviours of America in 2020.

        • “Amy McGrath’s prospects for overthrowing the self proclaimed “Grim Reaper” just got a significant boost. Non Evangelical white women(The Avengers) are pissed! Like 2018, they’re gonna be the saviours of America in 2020.”

          • All of it?! Ok then. Karen’s reply to you summed up the first part. Additionally, Governors in a State have significant influence in local elections. For example, Mr. Beshear just announced he’ll be reinstating over 100,000 voters that were purged from the voters list by Republicans. That will facilitate Ms. McGrath’s chances of beating Mitch for his seat. Higher voter turnout statistically benefits Democrats(not guaranteed in a red State of course).
            The rest of my comment alluded to white women being the most powerful block of voters in the U.S. They have the most influence and those that don’t identify as Evangelicals make up the majority of them. In other words, they are the true “swing voters”.

      • Larry, I believe Troy is referring to the Kentucky election yesterday. Democrat Andy Beshear won over Republican incumbent Matt Bevin. Right now, though, Bevin is refusing to concede. Dem McGrath is running against McConnell, the Grim Reaper himself.

  4. Am trying to read between the lines to see what ramifications there are for impeachment prospects in the house; most think Senate trial is dead in the water…

    • Impeachment may not be the greatest danger for him given the craven GOP but given the public nature of what’s coming up his already low polling ratings are likely to plummet further which will have a real knock on effect leading either to a replacement GOP candidate or an electoral kicking.

      • Marjorie,

        There was just a huge upset last night (Tuesday, November 5th) in Kentucky (a heavily Republican voting state). Democrat Andy Beshear actually defeated Republican “Tea Party” incumbent Matt Biven in their gubernatorial race. Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and Rand Paul had been in Kentucky campaigning and stumping for Matt Biven….but their efforts failed. It was a very close (nail biter) race, but Democrat Andy Beshear managed to win by about 5,000 votes. Beshear was able to win some of the rural counties in Eastern Kentucky – a region full of “ancestral Democrats” who tend to vote Republican in most elections. Beshear also carried many of the traditionally Republican voting suburbs.

        Also, in Virginia, Democrats took control of the Virginia State Senate AND the Virginia House of Delegates. Data wonks are now saying Virginia should no longer be considered a “swing state” because they’ve been voting Democrat in Presidential and state elections since 2008. Obama won Virginia twice and so did Hillary Clinton. Virginia is now the only state in the South where Democrats control every state and federal govt. office.

        All in all, last night was a marvelous night for Democrats – as a Democrat myself, I know I was ecstatic. It’s also a sign that many people in this country really have had enough of Trump and the Republican Party and they want change.

        Chris Romero
        Optimistic Democrat
        Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

      • Did you sew what just happened in Kentucky? The Incumbent Republican Senator lost, even if Trump wan Kentucky by 30 points and flew to boost the campaign on Monday. He even told that voting Bevin would be

        This is significant for Impeachment proceedings, because Mitch McConnell is elected from Kentucky, very unpopular, and up for re-election in 2020. One of the main reasons he has been rope walking here is that he must have felt Trump can help him in 2020, this is also main reason his wife is still in Cabinet. He now knows this is not happening now.

        I suspect McConnell might even be announcing retirement soon.

        • I like the notion that Moscow Mitch (and perhaps others) will take the easy path out of the GOP. Losing to one’s electorate is humiliating.

  5. Morris,

    That is quite a rectification for Pelosi’s birth chart – many hours off from a Gemini Ascendant. I wonder where Starkman got his birth data on her. An Aries sun, Scorpio moon and Scorpio Ascendant – that’s not someone to mess with.

  6. She is by far the best and smartest politician in the USA, and she probably learned much from her father who was mayor of Baltimore. As the youngest child in a family of seven children and the only girl, she knows how to handle men.

  7. Nancy Pelosi’s birth time was rectified by ISAAC STARKMAN, officiall rectifier for ASTRODATABANK.
    His rectification gives Pelosi a birth time of 8:59:25 PM, Ascendant 8SCORPIO01.

  8. I’m guessing the loses for Nancy may be more on civil upheaval than Political loses. Maybe even a Dem pol’s tragic expiration(hopefully not but mentally prepared)! Those “far right” psychos may be galvanized to rebel given what’s happening to their dear leader. As far as they’re concerned, White power is under imminent threat.
    Seems really rough seas ahead before a so-called blue Tsunami.

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