Galloway v Watson – old goats locking horns


George Galloway, a headline-grabbing politician of various hues and dubious associations has pledged to fight Tom Watson, Deputy Labour leader in the general election. GG’s CV is littered with controversies, largely centred around his Middle Eastern alliances and charity. Although tossed out of the Labour Party for bringing the party into disrepute he’s a staunch supporter of Corbyn. Watson, elected on a separate ticket, belongs to a more centrist Labour Party than his Comrade leader.

Galloway, 16 August 1954 6 am Dundee, Scotland, is an upfront and controlling Sun Pluto in Leo on his Ascendant in a ruthless trine to Mars in outspoken Sagittarius. He’s also got a lucky, adventurous Jupiter Uranus in a can-be-fanatical square to Neptune in his 3rd, making him a slippery communicator.

He’s got Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Mars at the moment and over coming months which isn’t usually successful. As well as a droopy tr Neptune conjunct his Moon mid November to mid December as well as a high-tension tr Uranus opposition his Saturn. And across 2019/2020 he has tr Pluto in a confusing square to his Neptune.

Tom Watson, 8 January 1967 Liverpool, has been fighting a rearguard action against the Labour hard-left battalion who have been taking over the party since Corbyn took over. And he has recently as well egregiously blotted his copybook with his tragically miscalculated support for the fantasist Nick who made wild allegations about a VIP political paedophile ring.

Watson is a Sun Capricorn square Mars in Libra which has been ground down in 2016/17 by tr Pluto in hard aspect. He’s got a very mixed set of influences – looking discouraged in the run up to the election with tr Saturn conjunct his Sun and square Mars late November and a droopy tr Neptune conjunct his Sun/Node. With an even more confused and undermining Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Sun and square his Mars right through till 2020. But he’s also got the upbeat tr Pluto square his Mercury/Jupiter across December. And his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct his Uranus which is usually a good omen. He’s difficult to decipher in terms of what he actually wants from this election – apart from keeping his seat, of course. But in his heart of hearts he won’t be angling for a Corbyn win.

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  1. It’s interesting that if Corbyn loses the election as many believe he will resign and the Blairite wing of which Watson was cheerleading may be in the ascendancy or at least strong. Odd he would go now when his goal maybe within reach. Private polling also showed Galloway 20 points ahead…something not right

  2. Tom Watson is standing down as an MP – combination of Saturn and Neptune influences affecting his chart. SA Neptune conjunct his natal Sun with transiting Saturn hovering over it. He was a thorn in the side of Corbyn. Hence the desperate attempt by Jon Lansman to get rid of the Deputy Leader post (Tom Watson’s job) during the recent Labour conference.

  3. *Sorry, 68% voted ‘leave’ in TW constituency.

    Yvette Cooper has been discussed here fairly recently. The astrology for her was not great in the upcoming year from what I recall? I think she also will be under threat from the Brexit Party.

  4. I think Tom Watson could lose his seat to a Brexit Party candidate. This must be a prime target seat for them. Over 70% of Watson’s constituency voted ‘leave’. Can’t quite imagine Galloway winning – although it would be interesting. The astrology for Watson is pretty bad in November/ December with those transiting Saturn Neptune influences mentioned above. Saturn has moved back and forth over his Sun and usually the final ‘hit’ is the worst. Is there a chart for the Brexit Party?

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