Indian capital – choking in a gas chamber


Dangerous levels of smog have closed schools, brought car rationing and respiratory problems to the many millions who live in Delhi, capital of India. It has always been considered one of the worst polluted cities on the globe, much worse even than Beijing, but is particularly bad this year with readings so high they can’t be recorded. The causes are said to be farmers in neighbouring states burning crop stubble to clear their fields, construction and industrial emissions – all worsened by fireworks set off during the Hindu festival Diwali a week ago. All of which create a lethal cocktail of particulate matter – carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide which has turned the city into “gas chamber”.

The India chart does have Progressed Mars conjunct the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo exact as of now and waning gradually into next year. That is very stuck and scary, which won’t all be the smog but that may be symbolic of a general sense of malaise and fear across the country with economic growth forecasts being cut back and border problems with Pakistan, Kashmir and China.

The tr Saturn Pluto will square the India Solar Arc Saturn Pluto through 2020/21 which will be a slog. Though there should be some uplift from tr Jupiter moving into the India business-finances 8th house from now for a year ahead.

Narendra Modi’s Second Term chart, 30 May 2019 7.04 pm Delhi, always looked very tough going with the deprived/hardship Saturn Pluto in the financial 2nd house and a stuck Mars in the 8th house of international finance. Mars in the 8th can also point to natural/man made disasters. This term chart also has an overly-optimistic, bubble-bursting Jupiter square a ‘foggy’ Neptune in the 4th which makes sense of present domestic woes.

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  1. I wonder if the chart for the inauguration of “New Dehli” might be of interest? Dehli is ancient, but New Dehli was formally “opened” on 13th February, 1931. Its interesting that this city chart is having a Saturn return. Saturn is at 18 Capricorn, opposite Pluto at 19 Cancer, with the Moon’s Nodes at 17 Aries/Libra. All under current Saturn-Pluto pressure. The air pollution issue has been very serious for many years, but is now reaching insane levels and receiving more publicity than usual. This may prompt some proper action on the part of the government, I very much hope so. Pollution, rubbish, and so on are big issues for India – a very beautiful country that’s struggling with the side effects of its own rapid development.

    • I’m left feeling that there is callous indifference to the issues from the populace; there’s so many people in such a small region! Maybe the thinking is ‘oh, the wind will blow it away” or “it’ll flow down the rivers into the oceans”.

      Monstrous hi-tech towers emulating air filters just won;t work. THe root problems are being ignored.

  2. The ‘gas chamber’ description is very apt with Neptune associated with gas. You’re right, Larry, you’d think India would use astrology as it is more accepted as a tool over there. But when did any government do anything wise in this sceptical day and age? They are all puppets on strings!

  3. I had imagined that astrology would be a wonderful tool to help governments anticipate and mitigate problems like this. Does Modi’s govt follow any of it or is the govt running on auto-loop? Thanks.

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