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The cataclysmic failure of the Darien scheme which bankrupted Scotland and led directly to the loss of its independence to England was sealed the day the first settlers, intent on establishing the colony of Caledonia, set foot on the inhospitable terrain between Panama and Colombia in early November 1698. Far from the land of milk and honey they had been promised, it was a mosquito-ridden strip of marshland and rainforest which to this day remains an impenetrable wilderness.

In theory creating a gateway between the Atlantic and the Pacific – more than 200 years before the construction of the Panama Canal – made sense, and would have given Scotland a chance of empire-building. In practice it wiped out a fifth of the country’s wealth and the savings of many Scottish families. It exacerbated an already perilous economic situation in Scotland leading to the decision that union with England in 1707 was the only remedy.

The Darien scheme date plotted against the various Scotland charts indicates the 16th March 842 JC 4.21pm Edinburgh works best (no idea where the time comes from, presumably rectified). When the Darien scheme launched in 1698 tr Neptune in Aries was in a debilitating conjunction to the Scotland Aries Sun; with the restrictive tr Saturn in Aquarius opposition tr Pluto hitting on the Solar Arc Uranus for a major upset.

When the Act of Union with England came into effect on 1 May 1707 tr Uranus was conjunct the Scotland Solar Arc Sun (and Pluto) for a major shift; with a powerfully confident Jupiter Pluto conjunct the Solar Arc Uranus and square Mars – equal parts of triumphant elation at changed circumstances and major aggravation.

When the Scotland Independence Referendum was held in 2014 the rebellious and disruptive tr Uranus in Aries square tr Pluto in Capricorn was bouncing off the Scotland Mars opposition Saturn Neptune square Uranus in Aries. But that has come and gone with the Union still holding.

What’s coming up in the next two years is Neptunian confusion and indecision with the Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the Scotland Sun; and tr Neptune square the Solar Arc Sun Pluto. There’s nothing much suggesting significant movement on the chart until four years ahead. At that point the Act of Union chart and the Scotland/UK relationship chart do indicate changes but nothing like as major as would suggest an outright split and separation. There’s also disappointment between Scotland and the EU and an undermining of confidence.

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  1. Disappointing to read that article, Marjory, but I take heart that even you can get it wrong at times.

    Mary, Nicola Sturgeon wasn’t First Minister of Scotland in 2014. It was Alex Salmond. Additionally, Nicola Sturgeon does have an “economic plan” and that’s to rid the Scots of Westminster’s 85% control over Scotland. 93% up until 2016. Scotland is, by far, richer than England and has in fact been subsidising it for decades now. All countries also have to forfeit some sovereignty, such as through trade deals, as will be the case for Brexiting England. There’s also no comparison between Scotland being part of the UK Union and the EU Union, for one the EU wouldn’t force the Scots to “house” abhorrent nuclear weapons on their soil.

    • I’m aware that Nicola wasn’t the leader but she was the person front and centre on the tv. You say that scotland is very wealthy so why didn’t the electorate go for independence? Two of your economic big wigs Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown both promoted the union. It’s often difficult for me here in the midlands to find a balanced view as we don’t get Scottish news or hear about your challenges

  2. I suspected that Scottish independance would be related to economic success….that seemed to be Nicola’s problem last time. I think folk are keen for soveriegnty (yet they castigated english voters for wanting the same thing away from the EU) but it won’t happen until to paraphrase Gideon Osbourne there’s a strong economic plan!

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