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  1. Any view/s on Gay Byrne? He was Ireland’s eminent broadcaster, had the Late Late Show from 6 July 1962 to 21 May 1999
    before he retired, the LLS still runs.
    GB was born 5 August 1934 in Dublin.
    Thank you if you look into him Marjorie.

  2. Found the post I had been searching for: USA – the rifts widening for years ahead 29th October 2018.

    The anticipated events don;t look at all hopeful for the US. Is it too early to re-assess or is it best to sit it out on the sidelines?

    “The 2021 Inauguration chart certainly looks extremely volatile and combustible with a Mars Uranus square Sun, Saturn, Jupiter…There will also be major panic and concern from tr Neptune hovering around the conjunction to Solar Arc Uranus and the natal Saturn. With more upheavals as tr Pluto opposes the Uranus in 2023/204 and a serious setback in 2024 with Solar Arc Saturn opposing the Sun”

    “The fanatical Mercury opposition Pluto in this chart which spawned Mcarthyism and Watergate amongst other eruptions when it was triggered, is directly in the line of fire of the tr Saturn Pluto Jupiter over the 2020 election. And has tr Neptune square the USA Mars from March 2021 onwards into 2022 which is panicky failure. With indications of a destructive setback in 2024 when the Solar Arc Saturn in conjunct Mars. And the Pluto Return running in 2022/23.”

    Another (limited) civil war…or a limited international war that has dragged the US back into using boots-on-the-ground?

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    The advance word re The Two Popes directed by Fernando Mierelles born 9 November 1955 in Sao Paolo, Brazil
    is simply quite wonderful! It’s another Netflix production starring Anthony Hopkins born 31 December 1937 at 9.15a.m.,
    in Port Talbot, Wales as Pope Benedict XVI and Jonathan Pryce born 1 June 1947 as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio in Carmel, Wales.
    It is released on 27 November in the U.S., and 29 November in the U.K.
    Would you have any comments? Thank you if you do.

  4. Hi Marjorie

    I wondered if you could look into the prospects of Dominic Grieve, ex Tory now standing as an independent in Beaconsfield. He is also chair of the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee and is currently trying to get their report on Russia released – something being blocked by Boris Johnson.

    Many thanks

  5. New Delhi is turning away flights into its airport due to severe air pollution. Had you touched on this in a previous post – severe climate changes in India? Pollution triggered by widespread slash burning of farmlands, prior to planting crops.

    In 1999, I flew into Shanghai on a business flight – the weather was described as “misty”. The air pollution was so severe, the morning sunrise was blotted out, as was most of the city landscape. That pollution was due to stagnant air and coal-burning power plants.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Marjorie
    If you have time please can you look at George Galloway and his chances standing as an Independent against Tom Watson? He’s a marmite kind of guy George I realise, but I would love to see the end of Watson and an articulate and passionate left wing voice in HoC. Born 16/8/54 at 06:00 in Dundee.
    All the best

  7. Care to take another look at Nancy Pelosi? She has been very smart in managing the disparate factions of her party in the House and is masterful in dealing with Trump – holding off to give him enough rope to hang himself with. I think Neptune has been transiting her Mercury yet she doesn’t seem any less sharp for it. I’m curious what you think the effect of Pluto and Saturn transiting square her nodes might mean. She has said when she took up the speakership that she would limit her term to 4 years, which should take her through 2022.

      • “”

        But only if Trump is removed and follow-on investigations reveal Pense had his hands in the cookie jar.

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