Paula White – Christianity with a cash register


Words fail me – almost. Trump has brought a ‘prosperity televangelist’ into the White House as his personal spiritual adviser. Paula White-Cain has alarmed even WH aides with her materialistic ‘if you’re rich it means God loves you’ creed. His Scottish Presbyterian mother must be revolving in her grave. Some theologians see her views as heresy and idolatry. White gave the invocation at Trump’s inauguration, split the scene temporarily while undergoing her second divorce, and came back for his 2020 re-election launch event at which she claimed his opponents were a ‘demonic network’. She recently said in an interview: “He’s in total control. He’s not at all impulsive — he’s so far ahead of everyone, very much a strategic thinker.”

She was born 20 April 1966 in Tupelo, Mississippi, with a tough, poor childhood with her parents divorcing when she was young, her father suiciding, her mother turning alcoholic and being looked after by caregivers who abused her. Her adult history is chequered with three marriages, the most recent to a rock musician; and despite making mega-millions from one church with her second husband, filed for bankruptcy along the way. She writes books and has TV shows.

She is, not surprisingly, an acquisitive Sun and Mars in Taurus with an Aries/Taurus Moon. Her Venus in Pisces opposes the chaotic, unpredictable Uranus Pluto in Virgo for a constantly changing emotional life. Her Saturn in Pisces is in a wobbly up-and-down square to Jupiter in Pisces.

Her Sun Mars Moon fall in Trump’s ‘religious?’ 9th, and her Neptune is on his IC with her North Node in Taurus on his Midheaven so it is an important connection for him. Her blow-hot-blow-cold Saturn square Jupiter hits his Sun and Moon, so she’ll be morale-boosting at times and dampening at others.

Their relationship chart, however, is an eye-opener with a composite Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus (in Taurus) square Jupiter Pluto in Leo perhaps tied into the Moon which suggests a business-like and friendly connection with turbo-charged confidence as a power-couple. There’s also a publicity-attracting Mars square Neptune, though that can go adrift if one gets more attention than the other appreciates.

They are locked together to eternity. Nothing short of an explosion will separate them.

However she does have a jangled and insecure tr Uranus conjunct her Mars late this December to late January 2020; with a major-setback from Solar Arc Mars square Saturn in 2020; as well as a discouraging slog from tr Pluto sextile her Saturn in 2020/21.


3 thoughts on “Paula White – Christianity with a cash register

  1. I had to do some online research…(I was divinely inspired to do so):

    “Although she doesn’t have a seminary degree, her Pentecostal-style preaching and substantial online ministry have turned her into a millionaire, the Guardian reports. She now lives in a nearly 6,000 square foot home, in a gated community of million-dollar houses near her Apopka church.

    White is a popular proponent of prosperity gospel, a teaching that suggests God wants all Christians to be prosperous and that material wealth is a sign of God’s favor. She’s been a close friend and spiritual adviser to Trump since the early 2000s and is credited as the person who “personally led him to Christ.” She can often be spotted with Trump at meetings he has with his evangelical advisers. Like some of Trump’s other allies in the American evangelical community, White has used her influence to try to bolster Trump’s image and drum up support for his policies. ”

    Poor outlook for those who are’t gifted with divine hearing aids. But this platform is really no different from similar so-called leaders and events in history.


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