Jennifer Aniston – an unfriendly return to TV



Jennifer Aniston has returned to television in the new streaming Apple TV+ drama series of The Morning Show. Reviews have been mixed to put it politely and in some cases damning:- ‘The opening episode is as bad as anything I’ve seen” where a “terrible script, laboured directing, and wooden acting are cruelly exposed.” “The dialogue is clunkier than a misfiring moped.” Oops.

Rotten Tomatoes has it under 60% but the tale of a morning family television show with a #metoo-ed male presenter cast into outer darkness leaving Aniston to carry the can on air with Reese Witherspoon has already been OKed for a second season.

Not that critics are always in step with viewers. On occasion five star reviews coincide with terrible ratings (Succession for example); and vice versa.

Jennifer Aniston 11 February 1969 10.22 pm Los Angeles is at a critical juncture in her life and wading through some heavy seas. She has a fairly stressed chart with two Yods – one an especially tricky Pluto sextile Mars inconjunct Saturn in Aries, and the other Saturn sextile Sun inconjunct Pluto. She’s definitely marked out for a very different lifestyle and is tough. But tr Pluto is square her apex planet Saturn through till late this year and tr Pluto is sextile her Mars and trine her Pluto in 2020/2021, on separate legs of Yods as well as apex Pluto. So there’s a major amount of pressure prompting her to change direction in her life between really 2018 and 2022. Plus at the moment till early next year she has a lacklustre tr Neptune opposition her Solar Arc midheaven. And the tr Saturn conjunct tr Pluto next year in January will be sitting on her Sun/Moon midpoint which will produce a fair amount of inner conflict.

Reese Witherspoon, a formidable Sun Aries opposition Pluto square Mars, isn’t the easiest fit with Aniston. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun opposition Mars square Saturn opposition Neptune – argumentative, one-sided, teeth-gritting.


3 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston – an unfriendly return to TV

  1. I am digging back into gossip ancient times here, but when Friends finished there was talk of the main actors cold shouldering the cameo actors of which Reece was one, on set. I guess money talks, the production costs for each episode is similar to Game of Thrones, a fair amount of which is for the two main actors.

  2. Re: Aniston and Witherspoon, these Hollywood types are real good at putting a face on things. The composite sounds brutal. Maybe they channel it by playing roles in which they’re at odds with other, like on Friends + to a lesser extent, this new show.

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