UK chiefs facing the raging storm ++ NHS

Boris Johnson has been hospitalised with coronavirus symptoms continuing into the second week. He does have tr Saturn square his Scorpio Moon until April 4th; and his Secondary Progressed Moon exactly conjunct his Neptune at the moment; as well as tr Neptune now well into his 6th house of health. That last doesn’t necessarily indicate major issues but does suggest that health may be less robust than in the past. Since the 6th house also rules work, tr Neptune there for many years ahead does point to ego-driven ambitions not bringing success. Neptune demands selfless service and the necessity to put aside hopes of personal glory.  He also has tr Uranus exactly now square his Sun/Pluto midpoint late March until early April which usually coincides with a sudden change of circumstance, including arrest (confinement).

His Solar Return located to his birth place New York has his Sun in the 6th widely square Neptune and Jupiter. Though whether NY or London, the Solar Return has a completely blocked Mars Mercury opposition Saturn Pluto. And his Lunar Return for the four weeks from March 12 located to London is severely curtailed and locked in with Saturn Pluto Jupiter Mars in the 8th; and a directionless Neptune in the 10th.

Although his aides insist he’ll continue running the country from his hospital bed, his deputy may have to take over. Dominic Raab, 25 February 1974, raises derision amongst commentators. He’s a Sun Mercury in Pisces square Neptune, so not exactly a dynamo; though he does have a more stalwart Mars in Taurus trine Venus in Capricorn. He has an ideologue’s Air Grand Trine of Jupiter in Aquarius trine Saturn trine Uranus, as befits a true believer Brexiteer. His Progressed Mars is exactly conjunct his South Node at the moment which will pull him back into a disorganised, scattered frame of mind. There’s not much showing on his chart minus a birth time until 2021 when he’s into a downhill slide.

Ditto Dominic Cummings, who shares with Jeremy Corbyn, a mystifyingly blank chart where major events are concerned. He looks upbeat in May and seriously rattled in June. 2021 is his disaster year.

Matt Hancock, Minister for Health, 2 October 1978, a New Moon Pluto in Libra with Mars, Uranus, Venus in Scorpio, is panicky and frustrated this year with tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars midpoint until late year; tr Neptune in a panicky-failure square to his Solar Arc Mars – with upheavals, disruptions and road-blocks from 2021 onwards for a few years.

Of the health chiefs with birth dates.

Simon Stevens, chief executive of the NHS, 4 August 1966 (net sources), has been roundly criticised for his control-freakery slowing the widespread availability of testing. He’s a Sun Leo with an excitable Mars, Venus, Jupiter in Cancer trine Neptune, sextile Pluto Uranus – so although in mild aspects that Pluto will make him insist on holding the reins. His Chiron is conjunct his Saturn in Pisces; and at the moment his Solar Arc Saturn is exactly conjunct his stubborn Taurus North Node. He’s not having a good year from heavy transits to several midpoints. Most notable exactly now, tr Saturn opposition his Sun/Jupiter midpoint denting his confidence; and tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn/Neptune (epidemic and illness associated) midpoint through until late 2021.

Patrick Vallance, 17 March 1960, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government, is a Sun Pisces with Venus Mercury also in Pisces trine Neptune; with Mars in obstinate, contrary Aquarius in a brooks-no-interference opposition to Uranus. That Mars opposition Uranus has moved by Solar Arc to exactly square his Saturn in Capricorn bringing a hard reality check and a mammoth setback.

Thank heavens for the Queen. She at least exudes calm, common sense and competence.  Methinks the fall out from the virus won’t just be economic.  These political charts above hint that by the time it settles (cross fingers) several careers will disappear into the dust.

ADD On: The National Health Service (NHS) was founded on 5 July 1948. The Cancer Sun has been rattled by the Eclipses of late, including the Lunar Eclipse of this July; with even more challenges from the December 2020 Sagittarius Eclipse and the June 2021 Gemini Solar Eclipse which will be shaking up its T Square of Venus Uranus Mercury (Moon) opposition Jupiter square Mars in Virgo. 2021 looks its most testing year with panics from an undermining tr Neptune opposition the Mars and square Jupiter; and a forced-upheaval and disruption from tr Uranus square the Pluto. The pressures will stay in place till mid decade; and it looks as if it will struggle mightily to cope with the workload.

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  1. Boris Chiron. Has Neptune over it until almost next February. For him I would say the virus is talking to him personally, because its square to Gemini and Sagittarius. I’ve thought the virus came into being last June on the Jupiter /Neptune square at 18 degrees. Poison released. His Chiron on my Mars by the way. Chiron is about healing hands, Neptune takes away.. Its a very very slippery virus. Neptune in Pisces is opposing health Virgo service. There is, I feel no relief from the invisible Neptune virus until Jupiter goes over 3 degrees Aquarius next year. The midpoint of the square from Jupiter/Neptune square. June 2019. But what do I know??… Strange that Boris is getting healing hands though. Neptune wants selfless humility service from humanity. Their is more ocean than terra firma on this planet.!

  2. boeing employees and strategic companies should be treated by military personell on military bases and not sent into the public health system.
    hospital admissions should be restricted /sent home ventilator cases /isolated on military reservations and given stem cell therapy.

  3. Tonight’s full Moon trines Boris’ Mercury in Gemini, ruling the lungs and breath. Neptune is quincunx the Moon, square Mercury. He’s about to have a nodal return as well, so a new phase? He’s unlikely to be bounding around any time soon, and is clearly very unwell. Further chaos will ensue. I hope he recovers, but as Solaia says, nobody is ever quite the same after emergency treatment. I had it as quite a young child, and still remember vividly how long it took to feel like myself afterwards. A few years, anyway.

    • Apparently, Boris Johnson isn’t yet on respirator, but I just read that in Nordic Countries where I think guidelines are relatively similar to Britain about 80 per cent of ICU patients require “invasive” respiratory aid 24-48 after being admitted to care.

  4. doctors to kill your pm?
    as speculated last week:
    ‘A Brooklyn doctor is warning that critically ill coronavirus patients are being inadvertently harmed by the very same breathing machines being used to keep them alive.

    In a video posted on YouTube, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, an emergency-medicine physician at Maimonides Medical Center, said that “we are putting breathing tubes in people and putting them on ventilators and dialing up the pressure to open up their lungs.”

    “I’ve talked to doctors all around the country and it is becoming increasingly clear that the pressure we’re providing may be hurting their lungs, that it is highly likely that the high pressures we’re using are damaging the lungs of the patients we are putting the breathing tubes in,” he said.

    • When people are put into ventilators, the choice is, literally, to let them drown while fluids fill their lunghs or put them to a ventilator and a suction unit (as a former medical supplies sales person, it baffles me how these never get mentioned, but maybe it’s because they cost about a 6th of what a ventilator does) to keep them from drowning. Emergency Medicine isn’t called Emergency Medicine for nothing. It’s brutal, and patients subject to it will never be quite the same.

    • It seems a typical ICU case, I’m afraid. Very akin to Italian “Patient 1”. He had fever for 11 straight days, and didn’t see a doctor. It was clear he’d have all the complications. He is still likely to recover, but this will take weeks, possibly a month.

  5. What about the NHS itself Marjorie? Recent events have shown how the structure is quite unfit for modern situations, split as it is between the NHS proper and Public Health England who control logistics, strategy, etc. unlike the integrated health service of Germany, for example. During the Covid19 outbreak we have seen more embracing of IT than we have for the last 20 years, and even GPs are being forced to change for the better in the way they communicate and advise patients, taking now to Skype at last. Is there anything on the cards suggesting these changes for the better will continue, and there will be a better relationship between public and private sectors, so essential for national emergencies?

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