Koo Stark – a tumultuous life


Koo Stark, actress and photographer, former girlfriend of Prince Andrew, has lost her court battle to claim substantial sums from the father of her daughter born in 1997. The judge called her ‘evasive and combative’ and her former partner banker Warren Walker insisted that she was a “gold-digger”.

She always seemed a sensible sort though her reputation was sullied early on by her appearance in the film Emily, which was avant-garde but written off by the tabloids as pornographic. She was widely deemed to be the serious affair of Andrew’s life, and after they split she went on to have a one year marriage to a gallery owner, before getting together with Walker. Her life has been fairly drama-filled – she was knocked down by a taxi and injured; in later years suffered breast cancer; and has sued various media outlets for slurs.

Born 26 April 1956 in New York, she’s a Sun Taurus square an argumentative Mars in Aquarius with her Sun also opposition to filmic Neptune. Her Mercury in stalwart Taurus is square a super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo and maybe opposition a Scorpio Moon, so she’s not short of get-up-and-go.

Her Sun falls in Andrew’s 10th with her Jupiter Pluto in his 1st so she would inspire him to greater heights of ambition and confidence. Both have a Scorpio Moon. But her Uranus square Neptune collides with his Mars Venus in social respectable Capricorn, so what worked as an affair might not have translated well into a walk up the Royal aisle.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction and a reasonably well-aspected Jupiter so had a good deal going for it. Though there’s also a composite Mars opposition Uranus square Neptune which suggests two divergent paths. But for all that it’s a better relationship chart than he had with Sarah, whom he picked up with two years after the split with Koo. With Sarah, the relationship chart has an impulsive composite Mars Jupiter, a needs-space Venus square Uranus; and a power-struggling Mars square Pluto.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. It’s interesting to see that her Saturn squares his Sun, and her Chiron and Mars are so close to Andrew’s descendant. Andrew’s Chiron opposes her Pluto, his Moon’s nodes squaring her Venus. It all seems to suggest something quite fateful. From what I’ve read, it was a proper love affair and perhaps it might have led to marriage if Andrew hadn’t been a prince. But possibly as you say, it would not have lasted as a relationship in that particular form. Wryly amused by the judge’s reported comments – they are describing practically every politician who ever took part in a debate!

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