The Queen – forged in the fire of World War 11

Queen Elizabeth’s inspirational talk to the nation, watched by 22 million, produced a flood of thanks and compliments. She acknowledged the dedication of front-line staff, counselled co-operation and evoked the wartime spirit. Her first ever public address was on radio during World War 11 when she was fourteen during the blitz with the Royal Family staying in London and Windsor.

During the London blitz which ran from the autumn of 1940 to mid-1941, following the Battle of Britain, when the Luftwaffe bombed the capital and subsequently other major cities, there was considerable loss of life and millions of homes and buildings were destroyed. It started as the triple conjunction of Jupiter Saturn Uranus in Taurus was drawing closer. At that point tr Uranus was conjunct the young Princess Elizabeth’s IC, the lowest part of her chart, so it must have felt that her foundations were being severely shaken.

She has an extraordinarily Fixed chart with not just a Taurus Sun, but also Mars Jupiter in Aquarius opposition Moon Neptune in Leo square Saturn in obsessively conscientious Scorpio conjunct her Midheaven. It gives her incredible endurance and staying power, can be stubborn, not overly adaptable. She prefers to plough the same furrow and not deviate. So tr Uranus rattling her Fixed planets must have been a severe test of her ability to stick to the same course. When WW11 broke out in 1939 tr Saturn was exactly conjunct her Sun with tr Pluto just past the square to her Sun – challenging times indeed.

At the moment she does have the discouraging and serious tr Saturn exactly square her Sun until early April along with tr Saturn conjunct her Mercury/Midheaven midpoint, returning mid-June to early July; with some insecurity from tr Uranus square her Mars/Node exactly now for a few days; and more worries from early April to mid-June with tr Saturn square her Mars/Pluto midpoint. A fair number of her friends, including family, Princess Anne etc – were at Cheltenham Races which will have been a CV hotpot, with Camilla’s ex-husband already down with it.

The UK chart had Uranus Jupiter and Saturn in the 8th through these darkest days of WW11 in 1940/41; with tr Uranus opposing the Solar Arc Midheaven. The UK’s financial planets in the speculative 5th, financial 2nd and 8th were also being seriously jolted; as was the legislative Saturn in Leo in the 11th. The Solar Arc Sun had just passed the conjunction to the UK Sun and the Solar Arc Pluto to the 10th house ‘ruling’ Moon; with Solar Arc Mars approaching the conjunction to the UK Mars. So it was immensely stressful.

What’s around at the moment isn’t as stark. Tr Uranus is moving through the UK financial 8th, from exactly now, for several years ahead which will be changeable, unpredictable and jolting in terms of economics – worse from 2021 to 2023 as tr Uranus rattles the UK Mars, Venus and Neptune. With a major blockage come 2023 as Solar Arc Pluto squares the UK Sun.

More immediately there’ll be a discouraging blip from early April to mid-June when tr Saturn opposes the UK Jupiter, dampening enthusiasm and confidence.

But still the legend of the stiff upper lip Blitz spirit, while undoubtedly over-embellished from the reality of the time, does stiffen peoples’ spine and provides a helpful dose of grit from a tougher generation.

4 thoughts on “The Queen – forged in the fire of World War 11

  1. Sorry to be switching topics here though the Queen sounded so mature that it was quite comforting despite the fact that she’s not a leader of the U.S.
    In the meantime, apparently the White House is quite literally helping private companies profiteer off of this pandemic, which is absolutely unconscionable. How in the world is this happening? Is there any astrological indication that the people of US will see better times and the current administration will go the way of the dodo?

  2. Some charts are a puzzle but I doubt I have ever seen a more eloquent one than the Battle of Britain one above! On London so from the defenders POV; it’s perfect. Pluto and mars rising, ascendant on the Pluto Chiron midpoint; it’s a deathly battle for sure. Existential. Sun in the cellar, dark times, but also, literally and figuratively the people had to burrow down to survive. Nodes straddle the MC/IC, a fated moment that forges a new reality for the city and country?

    Interesting Uranus/Neptune+moon trine, focused on Chiron/ASC/sun via sextiles showing salvation through technology (radar etc) and spirit of the people. And that Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in solid Taurus in the 10th suggesting practical organisation and dogged perseverance are the ways to win the day?

    Any other observations, and I wonder this moment looks like from Berlin?

  3. Thank you Marjorie, And to think the Queen never once mentioned her ratings. Like our leader at every chance he gets.

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