UK Cabinet carousel – Hunt & Hancock



The new Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, shares with Theresa May a non-stickability talent allowing him to skate through disasters, failures and misjudgements and survive. Jupiter rides to his undeserving rescue as it squares his Scorpio Sun Venus from Leo natally. He’s also got Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo, with Mars also in Virgo with a Gemini Moon so fairly scattered. 1 November 1966.

He’ll be in off the deep end through August with a major panic to oversee, which may be domestic politics or overseas as tr Neptune opposes his Mars/Pluto midpoint; and that influence repeats from February 2019 to be rapidly followed in April by two other catastrophic transits – tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn and Mars/Uranus – both running into 2020. He will have some bounce from a couple of Jupiters but will be hard put to keep his happy-face tacked on.

Matt Hancock, 2 October 1978, gets the poisoned chalice of the NHS as Health Secretary. He’s a Sun Libra like Theresa May with Mercury, Moon, Pluto also in Libra; like Hunt he has Jupiter in flash Leo; and a determined (and vengeful) Mars, Uranus, Venus in Scorpio. His relationship with the PM looks chilly this year and pressured. He’s got some ups but will face a gruelling obstacle course in 2019/2020.


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