Theresa May – two off the gangplank, will she follow?



Theresa May gave a robust speech today in Westminster as David Davis, her Brexit negotiator (in name anyway), and Boris Johnson, her hapless Foreign Secretary, (he might have been pushed) exit stage left. The media are shrieking headlines about shattering blows to a beleaguered PM and an imminent no-confidence vote. But there’s nothing much showing up on her Government chart, barring a setback in the final days of this month into early August and again in the first half of October as tr Saturn opposes the 10th house Mars. That apart there are a couple of Jupiters running till September to provide buoyancy.

Her own chart looks mighty confused this Sept/Oct and panicky in November/December but most of the horror won’t occur till 2019 on either chart.

Boris Johnson, 19 June 1964 2pm New York, is wading through a minefield in thick fog this year, perhaps facing up to the consequences of his miscalculations. Much of that continues through 2019, though he’ll recover some of his mojo from April 2019 onwards with tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter midpoint. His ambitions always were firmly focused on getting the keys to No 10, but his lamentable performance in the Foreign Office and Brexit gaffes have shot his popularity within the party way down the list. He’ll certainly be at daggers’ drawn with Theresa May from early 2019 onwards so he may be back into the fray then.

Dominic Raab,25 February 1974, has stepped in to take Davis’s place but since most of the negotiations are handled by the civil servant Olly Robbins, who works directly to No 10, it’s not clear how much input he’ll have. He’s a Brexiteer and generally well thought of, with a legal background, worked for one of the Palestinian negotiators of the Oslo peace accords, assessed World Bank projects on the West Bank, been involved for the Foreign Office at The Hague bringing war criminals to justice, advised on the Arab–Israeli conflict, the European Union, and Gibraltar. So his background is wide-ranging.

He’s a Sun Pisces square Neptune; with an intellectually talented Air Grand Trine of Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus trine Jupiter in Aquarius, with Saturn opposition North Node in Sagittarius; and a heavyweight Mars in Taurus square Jupiter trine Venus in Capricorn. He’ll be one to watch for the future. Though not for the next two years which look jolting, confused, panicky and not progressive. He’ll bounce up in 2021/22.

His relationship with Olly Robbins, looks business-like though slightly teeth-gritting; and is under a black cloud around the time that is also afflicted on the T May Government chart – late this month into early August, and again early October two weeks. Perhaps when Brussels says a resounding NON to everything.

So who knows? It could be brick wall time for her but she has some of Merkel’s Houdini qualities and has been written off umpteen times in the past year.

6 thoughts on “Theresa May – two off the gangplank, will she follow?

  1. The people will decide and bide their time if need be, but she will go. The people will not tolerate such betrayal and self serving. And by hook or by crook, they will destroy her.

  2. As expected, BoJo leaving is most likely not because of Chequers meeting and Soft Brexit plan on Friday.

    “Financial Time” has in advance story on The UK investigation to Facebook’s role in Brexit. Apparently, they’ll fine FB over their role. The fine is mostly symbolic. However, both Leave and Remain campaigns are under investigation. I’m positive they’ll find more to say with Leave Campaign and their toes to Robert Mercer. There is no way BoJo would have left, otherwise, right before Trump visit (he probably could have dragged this for a couple of weeks).

  3. “So who knows? It could be brick wall time for her but she has some of Merkel’s Houdini qualities and has been written off umpteen times in the past year.”

    I don’t think it’s that much about them having some magical powers, just all their “competitors” somehow disappearing when things get rough. Nobody, least of all BoJo, wanted The Tory leadership after Brexit vote, and Merkel went unchallenged for years when German banks risked to fall due to Financial Crisis. Merkel has overwhelming Cancer, and May some Scorpio, and I actually think these two signs are most stubborn of all, rather than Taurus, because they won’t give in an inch on issues they are invested in emotionally (most issues). But, something I’ve noticed before, I think they were also raised in a very similar way, both daughters of clergymen.

  4. Thanks Marjorie, I think the ancient astrologers felt that solar eclipses were inimical to the interests of the kings/rulers. They usually portended downfall or harm if in significant degrees..

  5. Hi Marjorie, is the impending solar eclipse at 20 Cancer, directly opposite Pluto, significant to the astrology of government just now? Do those degrees resonate with any of the grim numpties “governing” us in the UK just now? How does it sit with the Orange Amin? Is his trip to the UK likely to be purgative, in the Plutonic sense, to the vast majority of people who loathe here him in the UK?

    • Yes in short. I’ll do an Eclipse write up tomorrow. It’s a fairly close conjunction to the UK 10th house Moon so will affect the country’s public image and that of its leaders.

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