Brett Kavanaugh, SCOTUS pick – not a dead cert



After a Reality Show roll of drums, pause with bated breath, Brett Kavanaugh, was announced as the pick for the Supreme Court. Born 12 February 1965 in DC, he has impeccable legal credentials but is a staunch conservative and Roman Catholic, so will swing SCOTUS firmly to the right and raise fears about Roe v Wade as well as Affordable Care. He’ll face a gruelling grilling, likely to be after the recess because of the amount of documentation to be sifted through in the discovery process. And he will face tough questions over his part in Kenneth Starr’s attempt to prosecute Bill Clinton and his later comment that presidents should be exempt from such, amongst other things.

He’s not looking remotely upbeat this month with tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn midpoint, perhaps because of the level of hostility he’s facing from Democrats. Tr Neptune then opposes his Pluto in August/early September, then opposes his Uranus/Pluto in September/October and opposes his Uranus thereafter. Plus he has his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Neptune this year which is generally not favourable for ambitions.

His relationship with Trump is an odd mix of enthusiastic and evasive, or based on an illusion leading to disappointment; and will be under strain in 2019/2020.

He’s a Sun Aquarius on the point of a T Square to Jupiter opposition Neptune – high-flying ambitions, not always realistic. Though his Jupiter trine Pluto Uranus will give him luck.

11 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh, SCOTUS pick – not a dead cert

  1. Ironic title given that “cert” is the standard shorthand for “certiorari,” the process by which the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether to hear a particular case.

  2. I think what will derail him is the big lie he told during his senate confirmation hearings to the Fed appeals court under GWB. He lied and said that he had nothing to do with the torture program and knew nothing about it. It came out after he was confirmed that he did. Do you think all the Neptune stuff he has going on may be about that lie?

  3. Marjorie,
    Appreciate this post, and that you don’t shy away from the subject matter, despite the influx of cult 45, (as some here have named them).

    It seems anywhere there’s a “challenging word” about “he who must not be named,” cult 45 (…and some Russians) show up with something to say.

    Oh and sincere apologies in advance re: all he will probably do, when he visits, this week.

  4. I think he was a moderate choice by Trump, he knew the people were watching for an arch Conservative. Wonder how long Judge Kavanaugh will stick around?

  5. Larry/c
    How do you think the husbands and boyfriends felt/feel about their ladies having the abortions…they usually pay for them. I’m 79 years old and I have seen a lot through the 60’s etc. Knew of many men who paid for their girls abortion. Why is it the men are those most likely to put down Roe?

    • I can only respond to my own feelings, not to those of other men and boys. My fiance became pregnant before we were married. I wanted the baby – whereas she truly felt “everything is ruined because YOU made me PREGNANT”. She aborted the pregnancy because “a family is started only on their wedding night.” What bullshit, all that 1950’s programming. I felt that a family is started from love, not according to some suburbia myth. I never forgave her for it; 38 years later, I still don’t forgive her.

      And no – I didn’t pay for it – she did.

  6. I’ve seen Liberal lawyer advancing a theory that a President under a legal investigation should not be able to nominate a SCOTUS. Most Democrats seem not to be willing to pick this fight right now – possibly because they need Republican leaning voters to stay home for Midterm Election, and a pending SCOTUS nomination might make people likely skipping vote otherwise participate.

    What might, however, proof to be the real issue seen on Kavanaugh chart could be his stance on 2nd Amendment. He seems to be very anti-gun control, while most Republicans too are for better background checks.

    Also, being Catholic may not be a desirable feature to immigration hawks and Trump in particular. Kavanaugh might have opinions on keeping mostly Catholic kids in cages Trump won’t appreciate.

    • Depends on the generation and how they were raised – catholic kids in cages. I’m raised RC (latin rites), and was quite rebellious growing up in the 1950’s. Yet many remained tea-totallers and followed the golden rule: go to church, marry your high school sweetie, then make babies, dinner, and a home. Vote a stright ticket, too. I’m too far removed from the last two American generations to offer something more substantial than my own mental programming.

  7. Marjorie,

    I don’t like Brett Kavanaugh at all…he’s very conservative and he’s supported by Donald Trump…so that’s certainly enough to make me not like him.

    However, compared to some of the other people who were being considered, Brett Kavanaugh is probably the most “moderate” of the bunch. Also, they said Kavanaugh isn’t necessarily in favor of overturning Roe vs. Wade (we’ll see) and it’s also been said he isn’t in favor of striking down the Affordable Care Act (again, we’ll see what happens).

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  8. Thanks Marjorie. Some of the local evangelical radio stations are already announcing the roll-back of that evil baby-killing decision, Roe vs Wade. “A woman’s place is always behind her husband, to honor and to Obey.” Quite fascinating to listen to, if one has the stomach and sense of humor for it.

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