UK budget – to those that hath shall be given ++ reactions

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A shock-and-awe, tax-cutting budget from new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng may have favoured the wealthy but it has seriously spooked the markets and sent the pound plummeting. Even the Financial Times describes it as a ‘gamble with economic stability’ with tax cuts amounting to 2% of GDP and no concern for the impact on public finance debt.  “This government may be indifferent to painful reality. But reality usually wins in the end.”

  Inside Westminster there is equally obvious alarm. One supporter of the previous chancellor Rishi Sunak said “she has just taken one of the biggest political gambles since the Second World War – and she is doing it without the support of a lot of MPs who backed others for leader, and even without the support of some of her own people. The fact is that if this plan fails it will burn the Conservatives’ reputation for economic competence for an entire generation. It feels existential.”

 Parallels are being drawn with the early 1970s when Anthony Barber, then Chancellor, promoted  “dash for growth” policies with significant tax cuts and did did it mostly on borrowed money: government borrowing rose from £1 billion in 1970-71 to £4.5 billion in 1972-73. There was a temporary upward blip in the economy then sterling slumped by 15 per cent, inflation shot up to more than 20 per cent, unemployment rose and the Heath Tory government was voted out in 1974. By 1976 Jim Callaghan, the next PM had to go cap in hand to the IMF begging for a loan.

 [ See previous posts on astrological parallels with the 1970s – 24 September 2021 and May 14 2020.]

Kwasi Kwarteng, 26 May 1975, London, is a super-ambitious Sun Gemini opposition Neptune and trine Pluto which in turn forms a ruthlessly determined opposition to Mars in impulsive Aries. The two stark oppositions in his chart will find him struggling to find balance. He’s certainly resourceful and overflowing with initiative with Saturn Venus in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries and Uranus in Libra to add to his two other Cardinal planets. What he lacks are practical, grounded Earth planets and Fixed enduring ones to give him staying power.

 His relationship chart with Liz Truss is odd for a chosen partner with a composite Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus – volatile, bad-tempered, unstable and liable to blow a fuse, which it may do from January 2023 onwards when tr Pluto upends the composite Uranus. There’s also a controlling composite Sun square Pluto – not a match made in heaven.

  His popularity with the UK in general will sag from November onwards. His own chart is slipping and slithering through tricky Neptune transits to midpoints and Uranian jolts as well over coming months; with a wake-up-call disruption from tr Pluto square his Uranus from February 2023 onwards.

  The Bank of England chart, 27 July 1694 JC, is under stress in 2023/2024 with tr Pluto trine the Mars = trapped, fearful, frustrated, no choices. By 2024 problems will escalate with the Solar Arc Pluto in a ‘blocked’ opposition to the BoE Saturn; and tr Neptune square the BoE Saturn into 2025 for high uncertainty and lack of will-power/choices.

 That fits with the general astrological trends:

UK economy in summary. Tr Uranus is opposition the UK 2nd house Neptune now till mid October and repeating in the spring of 2023 = high anxiety about personal finances. Tr Uranus is also square the 5th house Venus ruling stock markets, speculation and new projects for jolts and jangles. It’ll be early 2025 before tr Uranus is clear of hard aspects to the UK’s Fixed planets which is making this such a turbulent, uncertain period of rapid change. And 2025 also when there is an economic super-whammy of the wrong variety as the Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the 8th house Mars. Once that clears, from 2026 onward tr Uranus is out of the UK 8th house.

Liz Truss may yet live up to Dominic Cummings’ ‘human hand grenade’ jibe. Her Term chart with a loaded Mars in the 8th house of finance and debt; and a divisive Uranus in the 7th is making sense. See post September 6 2022.

Add On; While there is a thought that the markets may have over-reacted to the ‘kamikaze’ mini-budget there have been acerbic comments from prominent economists, never mind an unprecedented slap down from the IMF.

  Larry Summers, former US Treasury secretary, said it made the UK appear “a bit like an emerging market turning itself into a submerging market”. Olivier Blanchard, former chief economist at the IMF, said the statement had been a “textbook example of how not to design and not to sell a fiscal expansion”.

  The FT says “Truss learns the hard way that Britain isn’t America. Reaganism is a good idea, but Reaganism without the dollar isn’t.”  And suggests – in different words – that arrogance is behind the Tory right’s policies in recent years, Brexit included. Not an out-of-date imperial arrogance, but a delusional superpower arrogance nonetheless.

 What is downright astonishing astrologically speaking is her relationship chart with Kwasi Kwarteng – rumours are of disagreements now but if it holds together December is when it will blow a real fuse.

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  1. They both have natal Pluto conjunct the UK 1801 chart Ascendant. Today’s transiting Sun in Libra is close by. Kwarteng’s Venus Saturn in Cancer is conjunct the UK’s 1801 Moon – possibly he has no qualms about burdening the people with debt and financial misery? In this instance, the square from Jupiter seems to be exaggerating his Venus Saturn conjunction. Sometimes Jupiter simply expands or amplifies other factors in the chart without necessarily being ‘beneficial’. A Venus Jupiter bounty for a select few at the expense of the masses? Just came across a phrase ‘socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor’. I don’t know anything about its origin, but it works well.

    Significantly, transiting BML is very close to Kwarteng’s Venus Saturn conjunction in Cancer and the 1801 UK Moon in Cancer.

    • “socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor” has been bandied around for at least the last decade, probably began in the States.

      For clarity it usually relates to how, when the big banks and other corporations got bailed out, they received under ‘welfare’ to help them out; yet the welfare state is receding for the average citizen.

      But also how companies/organisations like say, the IOC, can make huge demands on cities bidding for the Olympics and receive favourable deals/gravy train paid for by taxes. Think likewise Amazon setting up a new distribution centre in an area etc.

  2. In The Times (behind paywall) on Kwarteng useful thoughts on his character to compare to his chart.
    “Kwarteng has been described as a “black Boris” but his allies say he has never defined himself by the colour of his skin. “I don’t think it would even occur to him to be proud to be the first black chancellor,” says one. “He’d be proud to be a reforming chancellor.” Another political friend suggests, “I think it’s irrelevant to Kwasi. He’s much more culturally, ideologically and intellectually a product of the education system that he’s been through in the UK than his Ghanaian heritage. If the expectation is that the first black chancellor brings something to the job that comes from being an outsider, then that’s not going to be fulfilled. He has middle-class Ghanaian parents; he’s been bred to be an insider.”
    “Kwasi —- was clearly very clever, but there was also a confidence that was slightly overbearing. He gave the sense of being an effortless member of a room full of privilege and power. I think it’s fair to say that Kwasi Kwarteng has absolutely no idea about poverty.” He is very much an Etonian.”
    “Untroubled by self-doubt, Kwarteng does not care what other people think, or need to be liked, which is both a blessing and a curse at Westminster.”
    “A female Tory peer describes “enduring” a dinner party with him a few years ago. “I couldn’t wait to leave. He was just such a brayer and so loud and proud of himself. —- absolutely stereotypical Old Etonians. He was not in the ‘nice guy’ category to women.”
    “In 2012 the chancellor was one of a group of free marketeers – including Truss – who published a pamphlet called Britannia Unchained, which described British workers as “among the worst idlers in the world” and railed against a “bloated state, high taxes and excessive regulation”. He has since distanced himself from the controversial text.
    “He likes the hard edges. He’s a risk-taker.”
    “Kwasi was completely disillusioned with the battles between No 10 and No 11 under Rishi and Boris. Kwasi will deliver what the prime minister wants. She is the first lord of the treasury, Kwasi is the second lord of the treasury. That will change the entire mood and approach of government. The institutions will try to break No 10 and No 11 apart, but they underestimate the strength of the relationship between Kwasi and Liz.”
    We’ll see on the last one.

    • Sounds about right given his Gemini, Aries, Libra and Sag planets. No earth and a denied water function (only Saturn conjunct Venus).

      That he has never identified himself by the colour of his skin could be explained that once you define yourself, you close down your options and Gemini hates to do that. But it also hints that maybe he’s embarrassed about his heritage and upbringing (the Saturn in Cancer factor with Aries-Libra planets squaring them).

      Also noting he only got married in 2019 when he would have been 44 and undergoing his Saturn oppo Saturn. Classic Saturn-Venus interpretation of ‘love’ coming late. And of course, loves money and its history.

      • Apparently he is a loner, but at the same time is a member of a number of prestigious all-male clubs in an attempt to be seen to ‘belong’ which may be something to do with his Cancerian Venus/Saturn, an aspect he shares with Trump who has it in the 11th. It’s the Mars/Jupiter in Aries opposite his Pluto which is frightening to me because it is really, ideologically, religiously convinced it is right and will probably not listen to any other ideas. I find that aspect in particular slightly disturbing.

        • ‘Mars/Jupiter in Aries opposite his Pluto which is frightening to me because it is really, ideologically, religiously convinced it is right and will probably not listen to any other ideas. ‘

          @Virgoflake, great call. BBC website front page headliner ‘Treasury rejects U-turn on mini budget despite turmoil’

        • It is indeed disturbing VF. I’d been thinking, uneasily, about Ayn Rand’s work (Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead) and extreme libertarian ideas in all this. A little research shows that Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng are fans. Ayn Rand, 2 February 1905, has Uranus in Capricorn opposition Neptune in Cancer – these slot right in to KK’s Pluto in Libra opposing Mars in Aries. Her BML at 1 Aries is conjunct his Mars. They both have Jupiter in Aries. Rand’s chart is currently having a Saturn Return.
          Here are some quotes from Ayn Rand’s work to ponder:

          “If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject.”

          “Government ‘help’ to business is just as disastrous as government persecution….the only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off”

          “The question isn’t who is going to let me, it is who is going to stop me”

          I can only conclude that the student book club from hell is currently in the driving seat…..

  3. Struggling to take this all in! I’m wondering about many things here, but one of them is the UK 1801 Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto yod. Kwasi Kwarteng’s Nodes at 0 Sagittarius/Gemini make a t-square with UK Pluto at 2 Pisces – this seems to tie his destiny to the UK’s in some way? He’s linked to this Yod.
    UK Pisces 5th house suggests speculation, or creative accounting perhaps. Marjorie notes he struggles to find balance in his natal chart. Here’s that struggle manifesting in the economy! But Saturn in Pisces is conjunct UK Pluto next spring, pointing at the need for responsibility and restrictions. Pluto’s first entry into Aquarius may also drop heavy hints by opposing UK Jupiter at 1 Leo. Perhaps big secrets are revealed, or there are legal upheavals of some kind?
    Kwarteng’s impulsive potentially hot-headed Aries Mars squares the Bank of England’s Capricorn/Cancer nodes too – he has certainly challenged (Mars) their ‘life path’ and sense of Capricorn caution.

    • His Mercury is due to be hit by the Mars/Neptune square this October, then again in November. Regarding Mars in Aries – this placement works effectively in any kind of one-on-one competitive sport such as boxing, but if not channeled in a constructive and physical way can be obnoxious and oppositional to a degree. Add an opposition to Pluto to that mix and it’s even more brutal. There’s something so ruthlessly smash and grab about this budget.

      • Yes, it feels very destructive rather than innovative or radical in a positive sense. There’s tr Pluto stepping things up I suppose, and as Marjorie notes tr Pluto will be squaring Kwasi’s Uranus soon. An eclipse at 29 Aries in April 2023 adds further pressure on that natal Uranus I think, with Saturn exactly square his Gemini Sun then as well. Could be a short-lived job for him as Chancellor? I’ve thought Liz Truss might not last long (or is that hoped?!) and so much turmoil may suggest some more drama at the top?

        The Mars/Neptune square(s) are important I agree, and I’ve been wondering about them for a while as they seem to symbolise the current energy crisis, as well as slippery actions of all kinds. Bank of England Neptune is 23 Pisces, so looks as if it will all get very shouty!

        I don’t have a precise date for the IMF, but it was founded in July 1944. That whole month in 1944 has a Saturn/Neptune square – with Saturn from 1 – 5 Cancer, and Neptune 1 – 2 Libra. Again, that connects with the UK’s Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto Yod. Tricky.

          • Thanks very much Marjorie, all I found was the meeting in the US in 1944. This is so good to have! Certainly is a collision with KK. And with Liz Truss herself, as they share those generational outer planets in almost the same degrees. LT’s natal Saturn is at 23 Cancer, so close to the IMF Saturn. I realise too that both KK and LT have a Uranus in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries. There’s the IMF Mars in Cancer forming a t-square with those, all waiting for the end-of-Capricorn Pluto transit, and the spring 23 eclipse. If not an end to this tension and anxiety, then surely many moments that urge careful thought…..

  4. They are calling him Kami Kwasi !

    I’ve heard that when a heavy planet enters a sign it has a big impact and then another when it’s about to exit. Certainly we seem to be headed for a repeat of the crash which occurred in 2008 when Pluto entered Carpricorn, just before it exits.

    Is there any historical evidence for this? The start of Pluto in Scorpio 83-84 was very different to the calmer end in 95. Pluto in Libra (1972) began with Watergate, improved equality for women but I don’t see any repeat of those in the mid-80s.

    Overall, with the current social climate, it really does feel like things are astrologically being stirred up against the rich and powers that be in time for Pluto in Aquarius to have had enough.

  5. I seem to recall you were equally astounded at how the Johnson and Cummings were able to function together with their charts; and then it all blew up.

    My gut feel is this is emblematic of dysfunctional people, they focus so narrowly on one aspect of the relationship, ignoring and denying the other stuff until it blows up. More functional people either recognise the limitations, work at improving the relationship or simply avoid each other. But when your shadow stuff is massive, the person who can complete you holds massive attraction. As Sarah_K pointed out below Kwasi’s sun holds the missing leg of Truss’s mutable t-square.

    • These mutable Tory politicians and cabinets of the last 3 years have been disastrous. What I find extraordinary is that neither Truss or Kwarteng have had the decency to address an increasingly worried and panicky public. It’s as if they’re hiding in a bunker somewhere. The Tory Party conference next week will be an utter farce.

      • Indeed. When times are tough, good leader go round and rally the troops – make their face seen and act like a father/mother figure giving reassurance.

        Truss said she was willing to be unpopular, you’d think that would include standing up and facing the music. But no, it’s like Boris hiding in the fridge. Mutables all fear confrontation that’s why they’re so good at transforming and resolving a difficult situation; but its shadow side is running away as we are seeing.

  6. Kwarteng’s chart reminds me of Trump’s. Fiery Mars. Gem Sun. Venus Saturn conjunction?
    May Neptune dissolve their influence- it’s a pity though that so many have to suffer the consequences of their ideology.

    • There are a lot of similarities indeed. The Sag moon as well. Good spot. The Aries mars oppo Libra Pluto is highly competitive and will be vicious if beaten – ugh.

  7. Ted Heath 1973 revisited:

    Fuel crisis
    Galloping inflation
    Wide scale industrial unrest.
    Billions of pounds of borrowed money pumped into the economy.
    A major international war causing a commodity price explosion. (1973 Arab/Israeli conflict, 2022 Russia/Ukraine war).

    Are there significant astrological parallels between the Truss term chart and the Heath term chart?

    • What is strange is that Ted Heath has long been a bogey man/hate figure for the Tory right, a man long castigated as a pathetic loser and incompetent, the party brand only redeemed by Thatcher.
      So, the mystery is why is a right wing Tory administration so eager to emulate the policies of Ted Heath?

      • It’s not the Tory Party, it’s a small cabal called the ERG who are calling the shots. So-called “patriotic” Englishmen & women who don’t mind the economy tanking because they make a lot of money out of it. Rees-Mogg’s dad famously said that the best time to make money is when there’s blood on the streets. Brexit is truly done: wresting this little lump of rock from tiresome rules & regulations, rendering it helpless as any failing business and ripe for picking over by vulture capitalists.

        • Victoria 100%. And the rest of the Tories are MIA letting this happen. Eventually a seismic Plutonic shift will need to occur to shake the system back into some normality, otherwise our national decline is likely to be terminal. It’s that serious I think. Brexit was a coup d’etat and it’s hardly ever discussed.

  8. There is a lot of negative spin being applied to the budget. Top rate of tax in Germany is 42% and of course from 1988 to 2010 it was 40% in the UK. So cutting from 45% to 40% is just restoring things to how they were.

    The expensive thing in the budget is the energy bill freeze. The FT argued that the govt should just let bills rise. Govt thinks you need a freeze to keep social peace even if it means borrowing.

    As for growth, you can build growth around manufacturing, or you can build it around the City.

    With energy prices 7 times what they were last year, manufacturing is not viable anymore. Europe is deindustrialising before our eyes.

    That leaves the City – it’s clear Kwasi is trying to make it competitive compared to Frankfurt & New York.

    His critics hate the City and are in denial about the energy crisis.

    At least he’s faced up to the fact that we won’t have cheap energy for at least five years (given how long it takes to build nuclear plants and wind farms), so manufacturing isn’t going to happen.

    History may judge him a visionary (that Neptune opposite Sun)

    • The government has positioned this as a budget for growth and there in lies the challenge. The predominant issue the UK has is productivity – had the government reorientated the near £50bn in tax cuts to provide grants and loans to business to stimulate their investment into technology to improve productivity, R&D to support a sustainable economy and training of management (specifically midsize companies) into how to identify, calculate and decide on investments would have been a ‘growth’ budget. On the latter point Andy Haldane had identified this as a weak area within the british economy about 8 years ago. In regard to energy I agree we should let prices rise/fall and simply make funds available to those in genuine need – why I as a high income earner am getting help with my energy bills is an anathema and a costly one. We have to embrace and accelerate growth in sustainable energy as that’s the by far the cheapest price/KWhour. That said, and given this is an astrology web-site, until the planets align we’re in for a bumpy ride – it all feels very deterministic!

    • Tax cuts are good but the timing is not right. The biggest problem for the economy is inflation. Cutting taxes in the middle of high inflation is dangerous. The UK stocks, bond and pound all three have gone down since the budget announcement. Which means the imports will become expensive leading to further price rise. We look more like a developing economy rather than developed.

      Whatever gains made will wiped out due to high inflation.
      More borrowing without any plan of how it would be paid back is what has spooked the markets.
      It’s a volatile economic situation which requires steadying the ship not a full on crash.
      People like me who are financially comfortable will benefit a lot from the budget. I can pay extra tax without affecting my lifestyle.
      Why is Truss giving me more money on the back of increasing national debt?

    • Competitive with Berlin and New York? How’s that working out today as Sterling plunges to new depths?
      At this point it’s not “a negative spin” being put on Trussonomics it’s an observable fact that this is a disaster for the British people as their products are worth a good deal less than before and the costs of their consumption greater.

  9. This sounds another shocking risk if they think this will grow the economy. Another thing I don’t get is when people say we’re
    the 5th or 6th richest economy in the world , no way . We’re the 5th/6th largest which is nothing to do with richest and 26th in the world

  10. Audacious and mendacious are just 2 words on this dreadful mini statement.
    I had to look up Quasi spelt traditionally as Kwasi this morning just to check I knew it’s meaning correctly.
    “Trying to be summat he’s not!”
    Presumably not a chancellor then.
    Just thought I’d say.
    I cannot believe I’m in 2022. Nothing will ever change then according to astrology.?

  11. It all smacks of the same ‘have cake and eat it’ delusions that plague the UK’s relations with the EU.
    We had a budget this week in the Netherlands too, in which the government cut tax on income and increased it on assets. Plus packages to help those who may struggle to pay heating and other bills and an agreement with the energy companies that no one would be shut off from the grid this winter. Economically speaking the UK and the EU are suffering under the same pressures but appear like ice floes to be drifting in opposite directions. Very interesting for future economists. Either way, the value of our money is going through the floor.

  12. Thank you Marjorie for pulling this outlook together – none of it is surprising. Extraordinary that Truss and Kwarteng claim this is a growth plan – colleague of mine (who happens to be our chief economist) said there will little growth from this tax cutting. Me thinks a cynical ploy to inject some feel good factor with the Tory voting electorate but will be short lived once inflation rises and eats at that dividend oh and we’ll have to pay back the money we borrowed to finance the tax cuts. Even Thatcher and Howe recognised that you first have to get inflation back under control before changing tax policy but I think Truss and Kwarteng missed that lecture and subsequent tutorials or just deaf to Milton Friedman’s advice. They’re actually not very Thatcherite. Electoral reform is needed in this country to sweep clean the dead wood across the spectrum – electorate has to take responsibility also for accepting sub-standard politicians.

  13. As a person of Caribbean descent, i.e black (but trying to move my narrative from that term because it seems to put all our race in the same basket, I think – forgetting cultures that ensued after the aftermath matter i.e. Caribbeans think differently from Black Americans and of course we both think differently from Africans to varyingly great degrees), I am compelled to wonder how the current Neptune transit plays in his clearly staunch stance that his decision is going to work without explanation? Whether he will ultimately be the scapegoat and how that looks as the first ‘black ‘ Chancellor ‘ . I already feel embarrassed that this is the first hand he decided to show as if tone deaf to the realities. Apparently even his on party is questioning this decision. This seems like watching a horror movie with your eyes covered peaking out through a crack. Go figure!!

    • It wouldn’t ever cross my mind to ascribe his political recklessness to his ethnicity. He has always been a go-getter – scholarships to Eton, Cambridge and Harvard. What is marginally odd is his book on War and Gold, A Five-Hundred-Year History of Empires, Adventures and Debt does focus (evidently) latterly on the collapse of European economies under the weight of huge government debt. So he’s not unaware of the dangers.
      Economics is not my favourite topic so I’ve no idea what motivated this piece of wild gesture politics – and maybe it was just that. Make an impact and pray the pieces fall in the right place.
      I wouldn’t worry about a ‘black’ chancellor getting scapegoated – Truss will get the blame.

      • Truss will get the blame and will throw him under the bus. That’s the way the Tories roll. The question is who’s next in line as chancellor when it all goes belly up.

      • No I’m not aligning his recklessness with his ethnicity, i am aligning his ethnicity with being the first in this prominent role? For many there is a pride to see this whichever culture we are from, and a hope he would raise himself to warrant high esteem and set an example to younger ones coming up in the ranks to want to aspire and tackle same. We not asking for much. If this tactic blows up in his face, which I gather historically it will, the embarrassment and more will be discouraging for many.

        • @Jennifer, a lot of people are saying the same sorts of things about Kamala Harris, that because she’s not dazzling the world (from what’s always been a secondary position) tackling some almost impossible responsibilities, like immigration, then her lack of success is reflecting poorly on her race or ethnicity.

          In fact she’s doing a fine job, but admittedly she doesn’t have the best people management skills. But she has the skills and ability to be an exceptional president, if ever given the chance.

          But I do think she’s been an inspiration to women, Blacks and Asians — but she’s also criticized for not being “Black enough.”

          Why should one person bear the weight of success for their race or ethnicity? Or why aren’t Whites blamed for the fiascos of representatives their race (I am of course thinking Trump)?

          No good answers, of course.

          • @Helen, I understand your point and not taking anything away from Sunak, I was really speaking on those of the negroid race of people as opposed to the blanket ‘ethnic minorities’.

            @Nicole Sours Larson, within these ‘walls’ negroes do seem to be judged by a different standard and so it’s not so much that we expect ‘one person’ to ‘bear the weight of success for our race …’ but many of us would wish they set exemplary example which overthrow certain perceptions of us.

            In any event, this is a very different conversation and too complex for this thread.

    • Jennifer, As you say an argument for a different forum.
      I think all of us are sensitive in kinship terms if a public figure from ‘our tribe’ (whatever that may be) falls on their face. And I grant you it is all the more pressured if you come from a group which has traditionally been marginalized and suppressed.
      But diversity, though it has been a long time coming, is making inroads to the point where people are starting to be accepted for being who they are as individuals not as representatives.
      I suspect Kwarteng suffers from Maggie Thatcher’s problem of expecting everyone to be as work-driven and ambitious as himself. He has a judgemental almost Victorian view of the undeserving poor who don’t merit support or benefits. Very right wing Tory.

  14. Liz Truss’s mutable t-square has the missing leg in Gemini and Kwarteng’s Sun in Gemini slots in tidily to form a grand cross. He has Sun in opposition to (delusional?) Neptune. Truss has an apex Neptune. They both seem quite relaxed about the helplessness, suffering and sacrifice (Truss said something about “a price worth paying”) that they have projected onto their fellow citizens. The underside of Neptune is that it can be cruel in its actions causing misery and victimization. Neptune in Sagittarius could be concerned with ideological purity?

    Truss has a singleton in Air – Pluto in Libra. Maybe that could partially explain the ideological fanaticism she is prone to. Libra when it malfunctions is not particularly balanced and can fluctuate erratically – she has had quite extreme changes in her political stance over the years.

  15. Just letting you know, I look forward to reading your perspective on “mundane” events. Whilst the events maybe chaotic, you have a knack for finding the end of the tangle.Thanks

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