Tsai Ing-wen – Taiwan’s female president facing the dragon

Taiwan has their first female president as the pro-independence party swept to victory in the elections, evoking tremors of disapproval from Beijing.

Tsai Ing-wen, 31 August 1956, is a Sun Jupiter in Virgo with Sun widely conjunct Pluto in late Leo. Pluto in turn is square Saturn in obsessive Scorpio. She has a Water Grand Trine of Saturn trine Mars in Pisces trine Venus in Cancer. Quite a chart. Enthusiastic, lucky, hard-working, ultra-determined and self-protective, difficult to get to know. Certainly she’ll have been used to tough times so will have resilience.

She won’t have an easy run in with tr Neptune opposing her Jupiter from mid April onwards till late 2017. That may be economic, since she doesn’t sound as if she wants to be confrontational initially with China. Tr Saturn will also square her Jupiter, off and on till October this year. So a confusing, uncertain time.

Her Saturn is conjunct the China MC and her Uranus conjunct the China Descendant so she will be seen as a rival and divisive.

The relationship chart between herself and China could start to rock n’ roll from late March, worsening through April and May as tr Uranus squares the composite Uranus, then opposes the composite Saturn Neptune. It will worsen considerably late 2016 with tr Saturn square Venus Sun; and destabilise in 2017 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus.  So it may be China ramping up the ante and trying to back her into a corner.

There’s a handful of charts for Taiwan itself since it has a muddled history through Japanese oppression and beyond. The Jan 1 1912 chart looks high-tension and stressed through the next three years and trapped by 2020.

The 7 December 1949 is edgy and discouraged this year with major challenges and risk in 2017/18.

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