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  1. Marjorie: I hope I am posting my question in the correct spot. You may have read about the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Flint is one of the poorest cities in Michigan and in the US and populated mostly by African Americans. Gov Rick Snyder and his crooked cronies decided to switch their driniking water from Detroit to the horrendously contaminated water of the Flint River; the dumping ground for car factories and chemical companies. Now people especially children are suffering from illnesses including lead poinsoning. A true tragedy and makes me ashamed to be a US Citizen because our government and society treat those that have the least in the most abusive ways. I don’t have a birth time for Flint, MI but I was wondering if you could do a chart for Flint,MI and for Michael Moore who has been bravely leading the charge to get the people of his hometown the proper Federal Government help it so desperately needs. Is there any hope for the citizens of this troubled city

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