Celine Dion – a sad time – Algol and Neptune

Singer Celine Dion has suffered a double tragedy with one of her older brothers dying two days after her husband, both from cancer. She retired from her career for a year from mid 2014 to be with her husband Rene Angelil as his condition worsened. He found her as a 12 year old and nurtured her career, marrying when she was 26 and he was 52.

Born 30 March 1968 12.15pm Charlemagne, Canada, she has a hard-working, self-reliant Sun Saturn in Aries straddling her Midheaven, with Moon in late Aries conjunct Mars in Taurus also in her 10th. So very ambitious, a good organiser as well as suited to a public career; and with a Leo Ascendant has a flamboyant persona.  Her Venus Mercury in musical Pisces opposes Pluto Uranus in Virgo so an emotional and creative life filled with constant change.

She’s been through tough times recently with tr Uranus conjunct her Sun MC Saturn and then following that tr Pluto in the 6th square all three. So huge pressures and discouragement.

At the moment her Solar Arc Sun which is coincidentally conjunct Algol, the destructive Fixed star, is opposition her 4th house Neptune – so undermining family circumstances.

Her Progressed Moon is just into her 7th house of close relationships, staying for just under two years – a time when she’ll miss the support of a partner greatly.

Tr Pluto sextile her Venus Mercury and tr Uranus trine her 2nd house Jupiter may give her an emotional and financial boost by 2018. Though she’s also got her Solar Arc Neptune square her Saturn MC then as well – so confusion over work, health and career directions.

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