Trump’s Tax Reform – hope over experience



Donald Trump, scrambling to get a headline-grabber on his 100 day mark, after the failure of the Affordable Act repeal and the border wall funding, has pushed up his tax reform plans faster than Washington and economists think is wise, before details have been thrashed out. He has pledged that the tax cut in total would be the largest in U.S. history, and Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary has said: “The plan will pay for itself with growth.” Which goes against all experience and almost certainly would send the deficit soaring, which means it probably won’t get voted through.

Mnuchin’s relationship chart with Trump has an over-hopeful Sun opposition Venus square Jupiter; probably a fantasy-bubble Water Grand Trine of Sun Uranus Moon; and a potentially hostile, going-to-extremes, power-obsessed Mars Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Sun. This chart has dampening Saturn transits conjunct the composite Jupiter exact now and in May square the composite Sun; with a highly strung and disruptive tr Uranus opposition Neptune at the moment and square Uranus in May. And those run on and off till late 2017 for Saturn and early 2018 for Uranus.

Gary Cohn, Director of the NEC, 27 Aug 1960, ex-Goldman Sachs CEO, intimately involved in the tax reform plans, is a tough Sun Pluto Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn. He also has a fraught relationship chart with Trump. There’s a composite volatile  and explosive Uranus Mars Sun conjunction trine Jupiter and square Saturn Neptune; and Jupiter square Pluto Venus – so a complex mix of over-hopeful, deeply suspicious and power-struggling.

Cohn’s personal chart looks stressed at the moment and insecure with tr Uranus square his Sun/Mars this month and worse in a catastrophic square to his Mars/Pluto in May, repeating till early 2018; and a disastrous tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus now and on and off till late 2018. So huge pressures. His relationship chart with Trump is a major uphill struggle this year with tr Pluto square Saturn, square Saturn/Neptune at the moment and worsening through 2018.

Paul Ryan who will be tasked with getting the Tax Reform vote through, is also not going well vis a vis Trump’s approval with their composite Mars Saturn conjunction now starting a long two year run of undermining Neptune squares. There’s one ‘whew’ of relief in May and later in the year, but generally their relationship is on a downhill slide. [See Trump timeline April 17 post.]

5 thoughts on “Trump’s Tax Reform – hope over experience

  1. And his daughter, Princess Ivanka, is raking in more bucks than ever from her fashion line, thanks to the perks of Daddy Don’s presidency. These people are dirt.

  2. Virtually all large corporations already pay just 14-15% corporate tax because of loopholes their accountants skillfully leverage. If the ceiling is moved to 15%, many will pay next to nothing. This in a time when millions of baby boomers are reaching the years when Medicare will be strained to the max. This new bill, which will starve the treasury, is widely and accurately perceived as a stalking horse assault on Medicare and Social Security; the Trump crowd hates what they call “entitlements,” but what in actuality senior Americans have been paying for, for decades. In my lifetime, I’ve seen trickle-down economics explode our deficit in three different Republican administrations. They’re just at it again. Meantime, if their health insurance scheme passes, 24 working and middle class folk will be left with no medical coverage at all. Don’t know how Trump lives with himself.

    • General Electric already pays nothing due to an army of tax accountants who pay for themselves with conjuring every deduction in the modern world. Nothing new under the sun here.

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