Trump v Bezos – a low blow against press freedom



Trump venting his spleen against Amazon, partly as a way of attacking The Washington Post, which has been highly critical of him, since Jeff Bezos owns both, has sent Amazon shares tumbling – 5.5% for the week so far, around $52.8 billion in value. Typically his gripes make little sense in terms of postal charges since if Amazon split from USPS (US Postal Services) onto other carriers then that would make a real dent in USPS’s only profitable line which is parcel delivery.

Bezos, 12 January 1964, does look more than somewhat agitated with tr Pluto conjunct his Capricorn Sun now (and on till late 2019) with an explosive tr Uranus square his Mars in Capricorn in the final days of this month into early May, repeating into 2019. He’ll be enraged, frustrated and facing losses in May/June/July and those influences repeat also on and off till late 2019.

His Sun Mars opposes Trump’s Saturn Venus in Cancer (= sensitive about being unloved) and Bezos’s Saturn Venus in Aquarius opposes Trump’s Mars and squares Trump’s midheaven. A cheese grater of an interface with irritations in both directions.

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun opposition Mercury square Jupiter which is catching tr Saturn hard aspects now and again later this year, into 2019. With serious jolts at the moment. There’s an active-dislike composite Mars opposition Saturn so never destined to be buddies.

The Amazon First Sale chart,16 July 1995, is formidably strong with a Grand Trine of a Cancer Sun trine Saturn (Moon) in Pisces trine Pluto in Scorpio, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Mars, making assertive/aggressive Mars the driving planet. It looks unsettled at the moment; though the real pressures and challenges start in 2019 with tr Pluto opposition the Sun and extending on into the early 2020s.

The Amazon First Public offering, 15 May 1997, does look on edge with tr Uranus moving to square the Neptune by later this month; though with more problems come 2019, with a degree of uncertainty if not panic, about over confidence.

Pic: Adrian Cadiz.

4 thoughts on “Trump v Bezos – a low blow against press freedom

  1. the trump (stock) bump made bezoz the richest man in the world.
    the stock was 750 14 months ago(and a bubble, then and now)

  2. Amazon are not a ‘nice’ company, especially for workers. But it is user friendly. Anyways they could be the most immoral company on the face of the planet and Trump wouldn’t turn a hair. It’s just petty spite against Bezos and the critical Washington Post that gets his goat.

  3. Amazon, as a company, has an amazing staying power. It faced early lawsuits from likes of Walmart and IT Bubble burst that bankrupted a great majority of companies that had an IPO in 1997. I’ll bet on them here.

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