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  1. Majorie please look into the present king & queen of Spain relationship. I cannot believe the 2 queens behaviour concerning the 2 princesses! Seriously the king needs to keep the 2 toxic females away the princesses it is not good for the girls! It would be great idea for the to throw witches out of Spain!

  2. Mueller is due to issue a report on the obstruction of justice part of the investigation in June-July. The collusion investigation will continue. Unfortunately it will be up to Congress to do anything with the report, which means likely nothing, but if it’s scathing it will be publicly embarrassing for Trump. Anything in the astrology for June-July?

    • If you look back at the March 17th post which also includes McCabe, there is a Trump timeline there. He does have that explosive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars around then and in effect for a few months; plus the July Cancer Solar Eclipse is conjunct his Saturn Venus which will give him a considerable jolt.

        • Yes, having a really sinking time from early May to late July with tr Neptune square his Sun and a couple of challenging Pluto transits to Mars midpoints mid July to Early September. Will looks more carefully tom.

  3. One of the best opinion pieces ever written about Trump (IMO): Google: “Trump’s Smearing of Jill McCabe is an Outrage We Can’t Ignore”

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