Trump timeline – upsets and undermining Neptune as polls slide **updated

With Donald Trump’s poll rating sliding I thought I’d re-run his influences of the moment from January 8th post. Only 45 percent of Americans now think Trump keeps his promises, down from 62 percent in February, a slide of 17 points. There’s a 7-point drop in those who think Trump can bring about the change the country needs, from 53 percent to 46 percent, and a 6-point drop in those who think that Trump is honest and trustworthy, from 42 percent to 36 percent.

At the moment: tr Uranus is square his Venus 8th April to 9th May, bringing emotional shocks and upsets. And April 6th to mid May, tr Neptune opposes his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, repeating mid July to end August, February, Nov/Dec 2018, which will bring disappointments, damage and loss, a deceptive mood around, undermining his enthusiasm and social standing.

Tr Uranus will trine his Mars in May bringing insecurity and a tendency to make macho gestures. That repeats in Oct 2017 and Feb 2018.

His Secondary Progressed Moon goes into his 12th house in June 2017 staying there till mid 2019. This tends to be a time of endings, introspective, escapist, can produce new behavioural problems if insights about self aren’t taken on board.

The August late Leo Eclipse, of course, is conjunct his Mars Ascendant so will be a considerable shake up, sparking his aggressive, combative tendencies. Around August as well his Solar Arc Uranus moves onto the same degree in conjunct to his Mars, though it’s not exact until 2018. This will bring a considerable shock to his system and could lead to even wilder reactions than usual.

July 7 to September 26 tr Saturn will oppose his Sun and conjunct his Moon for a downbeat, face-reality and feeling under-nurtured mood; with tr Saturn also square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint = inhibited, difficulty making decisions, end of relationship.

Tr Pluto returns to square his Jupiter mid July to early September, and for a final time Oct 24 to Dec 6 – that will push him into a confidence overdrive, which could backfire, with more lines being crossed and rules tossed out of the window.

There will be a Jupiter upward blip with tr Jupiter trine/sextile his Sun opposition Moon, from 27 Aug to 6 Sept, but that will be minor.

In Sept/Oct tr Pluto returns from Dec 2016 to oppose his Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Saturn as well as hit his relationship chart with Melania – so an aggravated, highly pressured, frustrating time.

On house transits: tr Jupiter going into his 3rd from late Sept 2017 for a year should make his everyday working relations easier. Tr Saturn moves into his 5th for three years in early 2018 which will damp his exuberance a touch, making everything feel like a slog.

Health-wise, all that pounding on his Mars will raise his adrenaline and maybe his blood pressure; Mars can be connected, especially in Leo, with heart problems in older people. His Sec Prog Moon going through his 12th conjunct his Pluto in Jan 2018 may also be a point to watch.

His Solar Returns have Pluto in the 6th for the year up to birthday June 2017, which is heavy pressure on physical health; then 2017 to 2018 Solar Return has Neptune in the 6th which is low energy. This upcoming Solar Return also has Uranus in the 7th for at least one partnership split and a mutinous Pluto in the 4th, so trouble on the domestic front and feeling cornered. When tr Saturn hits on his Sun and Moon across that July to September patch, it also squares his Sun/Moon midpoint, which is both the marriage significator and a sign of a politician’s popularity – so feeling unloved.

9 thoughts on “Trump timeline – upsets and undermining Neptune as polls slide **updated

  1. Is Trump actually enjoying being president? the opposition & demonstrations against him must be getting to him. Has it turned out to be what he thought it would be, any regrets?

  2. Maybe he’s trying to go back to China – but Nixon beat him to it. Curious that President Xi is amenable to pressuring the coiffed nutcase. As another observed, dropping MOAB doesn’t make Trump a president

  3. I seem to remember that you Marjorie had mentioned Trump’s health around the time of the eclipse.Am wondering if that still holds as you had also mentioned health some months earlier. Considering the constant stress,hardly any sleep,the over weight,I’m amased that Trump is still standing up.Is there a health issue thats being kept a secret from the press?

    • Oh, now we know this, I guess we need to adjust our view of Trump and see him as the gentle, amenable grandad whose just doing the best he can and this aspect will show it.

      All the vile personality traits and negative astrological aspects are not what is bringing us to the dawn of a nuclear world war 3. That is just a figment of our deluded imaginations, obviously fed by the fake press.

      Silly me. How could I have been manipulated so well?

    • Trump will, undoubtably, feel good about himself. It doesn’t mean everybody else will feel good about him. Jupiter doesn’t work that way, it’s kind of a cozy cushion that may help a person through harsh transits. But it’s not a particularly dynamic planet.

    • Jessica, the tr Jupiter/Sun/Moon aspects has its own paragraph in Marjorie’s article. Didn’t you see it? Gee whiz, girl, you’ve got to do better than this. Just making up stuff only works for Trump.

  4. Republican base was expecting a tax reform early to Trump’s term – in fact, this seems always to be expected from a Republican president. Today, Secretary of Finance Mnucin told it’s not going to happen at least until August. This will definitely cause discontent.

  5. Doesn’t transiting Saturn conjunct his moon and then oppose his sun in September?And I think Mars will conjunct his 12th house Mars at the end of August,then hit the Leo solar eclipse point and his ASC in early September.

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