Prince Harry – brave in more ways than one


Prince Harry has courageously spoken out about the mental and emotional turmoil which surfaced in his late twenties when he was forced to face his unprocessed grief about losing his mother suddenly when he was 12. He said counselling and boxing helped him through. He is promoting the Heads Together mental health campaign, the London Marathon’s charity of the year, with Prince William and Kate.

He does have an intense, secretive 8th house Virgo Sun so would tend to hide his feelings away; and his Sun is square Mars in Sagittarius will give him an overflow of high energy and quite a temper. He is close to his family – grandparents with the 8th house emphasis, and father for stability with a 4th house Taurus Moon. But they’re very much of the stiff-upper-lip generation. His 12th house Neptune Jupiter would tend to make him avoid unpleasant feelings, either air-brushing the past with Jupiter or escaping into drink with Neptune.

He would be fond of his mother though it wasn’t an easy relationship, given her problems. Her Cancer Sun was conjunct his Descendant and her Venus conjunct his Moon, both of which are lovely. But her tumultuous, raging, chaotic Uranus Mars Pluto fell in his 8th which would stir up very uncomfortable emotions. Their relationship chart was a tremendous mix of – possessive, cool, evasive, volatile and adventurous. So his feelings when they did surface would be hard to handle.

When she was killed his Solar Arc Uranus just into his 12th squared his Sun exactly, so it would be a tremendous shock. His Solar Arc Neptune was sitting on his Ascendant then making him unsure of his identity and tr Saturn was opposition his Venus. So a devastating and sad time, made worse by the callous public’s need for a public parade, when he’d have been better hidden away at Balmoral.

Four years ago when he first started to allow himself to face his feelings, he was on his Saturn Return, the first maturing transit of life; with tr Pluto moving across his Ascendant which is often a time when people go into therapy to better understand themselves and their environment. Tr Pluto was also conjunct his Solar Arc Uranus and then Mars which would be challenging. There was also quite a Nodal crossover with his Solar Arc Pluto opposing his Taurus natal Node; and his Solar Arc Node opposing her natal Neptune. So quite a karmic time as if his destiny was prompting him onto a different path.

The younger Royals and indeed Camilla with her domestic violence and rape charity work, do seem to be making a decent fist of moving into the modern world and making a difference.

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