Trump – no time for a loser

Win or lose Trump seems destined to hog and haunt the limelight for the foreseeable future. His increasingly frenzied claims of fraud and having his rightful title nicked from under his nose aren’t just driven by his narcissistic need to be top dog but from a realistic fear about what comes next.

   Out of the White House, he loses immunity from trial on criminal charges. A Manhattan grand jury is looking into suspected bank, insurance, tax and other fraud; and the New York state attorney general’s civil investigation has dropped legal hints that it is building a case against Trump, some of his children and The Trump Organisation for allegedly running a racketeering enterprise. Indictment on racketeering charges would allow prosecutors to immediately seize his assets, including Trump Tower, his golf courses and Mar-a-Lago, as the fruits of criminal enterprise. On top of this, a handful of women are suing Trump for sexual assault, slander and other civil offences. And he has an estimated $900 million in loans due in the next four years.

  All of the above will contribute to his agitation. That plus his lifelong, driving philosophy of revenge, outlined in his book Thinking Big. Over 16 pages, he describes his desire to commit violence against those who challenge him; and what gives him pleasure is destroying the life of anyone who refuses his demands.

  Deutsche Bank are rumoured to be trying to cut him (and his debts) loose. The relationship chart between both DB January 1870 and DB March 1870 and Trump hint at a widening gulf through this December with a catastrophic patch from late February on and off till January 2022.

   Even Fox and owner Rupert Murdoch appear to be drifting away from their once revered Supreme Leader. His relationship chart with Murdoch indicates major disruptions late this December to early February 2021 – and worse from May onwards; with a further downhill slide in 2022.

   Similarly his trusty bagman Mitch McConnell appears to be jumping ship with chills between them after the middle of this month and consternation from June 2021 onwards.

  What’s intriguing me is Trump’s relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell which was inherently fraught from the start with a composite Saturn opposition Neptune Mars square Uranus. Their connection is being battered every which way from late this December extending right through 2021 to 2023 by tr Pluto in hard aspect. 

  And the same is true of the Bill Clinton/Ghislaine Maxwell interface with tr Pluto square their composite Mercury, Neptune Sun square Uranus from late this month and on for several years ahead.  And ditto Hillary.

  Trump’s feelings towards Audrey Strauss, Acting New York US Attorney, responsible for the Maxwell case amongst others, will intensify from late this December and reach def-con hostility through 2021/22 with tr Uranus square their composite Saturn, then Pluto, Mars, Sun.  

  There are moves afoot evidently by the Maxwell family to have Ghislaine released on bail from prison pending trial which won’t be till fall 2021. But by the looks of her Solar Return from this December she looks excessively stuck. At the moment she’s heading for her Second Saturn Return this December hitting on her Saturn in the legal 9th, which fits.  Her arrogant Jupiter on her Midheaven opposition Moon square Neptune will be rattled by the tr Uranus square tr Saturn from spring 2021 onwards which will be a rollercoaster ride with a few lucky breaks but mainly emotional upsets and health pressures. 2022/23 always looked to be her worst patches.

  It’ll be a long and winding path ahead.

For Maxwell: See posts July 2 and 15 2020.

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  1. Trump is replacing top officials in the Defense Dept – given that he’s a lame duck, you have to wonder why he’s bothering to do this; revenge doesn’t seem a sufficient motive, even as vindictive as he is. Could he be trying to get the military to somehow defend him as he literally refuses to leave the White House? with the threat of prison sentences awaiting him and his family, and legal challenges failing so far, he’s desperate enough to do anything.

    • @terri, the best explanation I’ve heard Intelligence Community is that the “loyalists” would be used to destroy records. This is, of course, a federal offense, but there’s likely to be something more aggravating there. For instance, in DODs case, something on bounties Russians paid to terrorist groups on American soldiers. Also, what ever lead Americans to abandon Kurdish held areas in Northern Syria.

      Although, it might be just NPD. NPDs will do all kinds of ridiculous, completely futile things just for “a revenge”. And there are more than one of these at WH. Steven Miller is probably “type II” narcissist, introverted, but just as fragile as “classic” type. There is a story of him jumping to track during a women’s running event just to demostrate male superiority at college. That’s really how petty he is.

      If Trump refuses to leave WH, Biden can well establish his Administration outside WH.This, however, is unlikely. He has called the place “a dump”, he will miss his own properties, golfing and, in Winter months in Washington warmth and sun. Remember how he complained about cold in Minnesota and Michigan, and this was in October.

  2. One week from Election Day, I think “Trumpverse” is already turning to light entertainment it should probably always have been. Not that The US wouldn’t have issues, but they are likely not coming from Trump and his inner circle.

    Latest news from CNN is Donald Trump Junior and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle are now plotting “taking countrol” of RNC. Already imagine the next National Convention taken place on a parking lot of an arena, because they booked it.

  3. Marjorie, not that you don’t have enough to do! But at some point, if it interests you, it would be illuminating for us to get your take on the Georgia Senate run-offs. From NBC:
    “Control of the Senate is likely to come down to the Jan. 5 Georgia runoff, when voters could be asked to decide whether both Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler should continue to serve in the upper chamber. Loeffler will face a challenge from Democrat Raphael Warnock after the two emerged from the crowded primary. Perdue’s race against Democrat Jon Ossoff is still rated “too close to call” by NBC News.”
    The reason this is so crucially important is that if Biden were to get two Democratic senators, he could implement his agenda and possibly even expand the hard right-leaning Trump Supreme Court to mitigate their worst impulses.
    At home, we are still in an afterglow following the election, just waiting for our toddler in chief to exhaust himself in this latest, most bizarre and unbecoming tantrum. My family keep remarking that your posts were more useful than our multimillion-dollar polling industry…

    • I don’t think she wants to go there, no matter how insistent her audience. Chart interpretations are draining; I’ve done tarot for some years – not dissimilar but one eventually needs a total extraction / break.

  4. Trump was golfing when networks announced the race for Biden. I think he was intentionally taken away, given it was known the last significant batches of Pennsylvania vote were about to be dropped. AP managed to get footage of him golfing – something Secret Service has denied for years, I remember Josh Dawsey of WaPo being “on beat” at Mar-a-Lago during one holiday or another on early days of Admin, and telling how they just would drive vans in to block the view.

    They also exposed him to outside cameras returning to WH. They show a deflated, broken mess of a man.

  5. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have now officially been declared the winners! Pennsylvania just put them over the top. They reached 273 electoral votes. We did it! We elected the country’s second Roman Catholic President since John F. Kennedy….and Kamala Harris is now going to be our country’s first woman, first African-American, first Caribbean-American, and first South Asian American Vice President.

    I’m very excited…and now I feel like can breathe again.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

      • @jan, spontanious dance parties happening all over The US are pretty telling on how people are feeling in cities/suburban areas Trump and his minions used to disparage for 5 years (including his long campaign). Wonder why? It’s also A VERY Leo Moony reaction.

        • That’s an apt description of a Moon in Leo response. There was a surprising, celebratory feel even here in parts of the UK – I heard fireworks being let off very shortly after the result was announced where I live for around an hour. Then later in the evening after about 7pm when I would have expected fireworks on the weekend after Bonfire Night it was deathly quiet with not a single firework heard.

  6. I’m currently in the sugar bowl gorging in euphoria. Afterwhich I’ll take a walk on sunshine, then relax on cloud nine. Here’s why:

    “Because I’m happeeee,
    Clap along if you feel like room without a roof.
    Because I’m happeeee,
    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.
    Come on”.

    Special shout out to Marjorie and the gang.

  7. @Santucci
    News has confirmed at least 4 White House staffers + Mark Meadows + campaign aide positive. This brings count to 6 in Trump orbit. W/

    · 5 h
    .@MarkMeadows tested positive for Covid-19. On election night he was at the White House party with the president and his family and hundreds of unmasked people.

  8. Evening Marjorie (EST). Today Lindsey Graham said… “The vice president deserves a Cabinet. I’ll give him my input about who I could vote for as secretary of state, attorney general … There may be some people that I just can’t vote for because I think they’re unqualified or too extreme.”

    Is there any/some kind of reckoning coming to his arrogant self?

    Thank you for the sanity inducing posts during this time.

    • Grrrrrr. Last week he was telling women in the U.S. that there was a place for them in American society, but only if they abide by traditional family values, stick to religion and be pro-life. It would be most satisfying if someone would slap this odious lickspittle round the face with a large halibut.

    • Neither had I since I always thought Trump parted company from Epstein yonks ago. So await with interest to see what transpires.

  9. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”- Napoleon Bonaparte

    How true.

    Trump’s meltdown reminds me of Bruno Gantz’s unforgettable performance of
    Hitler in “Downfall.” He brought the whole debacle on his bewigged head, through
    his inability to deal with COVID-19.

    • There’s a remix of the Downfall clip with Trump captions. When he asks the crowded room if anyone who has Covid leave, only 3 remain. Later, one woman comforts another and says “Don’t cry, Jared”. Hilarious redo.

    • @ Robert Jones, the movie is mostly based on Hitler’s Secretary (there were several) Traudl Junge’s memoir. I’m fully expecting Hope Hicks or maybe Kayleigh McEnany write a similar account on last days of Trump’s WH. That said, this was somewhat sanitized version of what was going on in Hitler’s Bunker, bodyguard Rochus Misch’s account also described people being coked up (Keith Richards said Merck medical cocaine produced I think until 1970’s was the best he ever did), drunk on looted champaign and screwing around. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d get a memoir detailing this, as well.

  10. Marjorie…Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell…….you mentioned her family is trying to rescue her? She is 59 next month! Both parents are very long dead….does this mean she has loving siblings who (rather than send their kids to private schools or sack the servants) will bail her out of the Deep S she is in? It’s as predicted, all the ’empowered, privileged’ get the chance to show who they really are…….ugh.

    • @Maggy Cassin, Maxwell family was large, I think 7-8 siblings, I don’t know how many are still alive. Ghislaine’s brothers settled a lawsuit by Berlitz shareholders. More importantly, she is probably protected by some Intelligence Agency or Agencies, her father was a suspected Mossad operative.

      • But…really? What would be gained thru “saving” her? Her life? Against the lives of those who were compromised? Blood is thicker than water but love doesn’t extend that far.

    • Not fond as I understand but maybe just horrified that one of ‘theirs’ is inside. Protecting the family name? laughable tho’ that sounds.

      • @Marjorie, agreed. Her family likely isn’t thrilled, especially given how much that Berlitz settlement set them back financially. But on purely emotional level, too. Apparently, she was “Ivanka” of the family, her (horrible) father’s favorite. And they are covering for activities of their father, as well, since their staff has told teenage Ghislaine brought her friends to her father.

  11. Won’t it be a pleasure to not be posting election updates for this character? You must hv a strong character and abilities to insulate yourself from what’s being projected by his chart.

  12. Marjorie,

    By the way, thank you for providing us this latest reading. It’s very encouraging to think Donald Trump, after years of undeserved luck, may actually be forced to suffer the consequences for past actions that were so harmful to so many.

    • Yes thank you. Marjorie. Had it not been for Trump I may never have searched online to help me understand and I may never have found your website and the insights of mndane astrology.

  13. It’s over. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are projected to win 306 electoral votes once Georgia is called (Biden and Harris are leading there, but there will be a recount). Biden and Harris are expected to hang onto Arizona…and they’re expected to be announced the projected winners of Nevada and Pennsylvania this afternoon. Joe Biden said he will making his speech this evening.

    Donald Trump and his idiot supporters will continue to mope, wine, and complain….but it will do them no good. Even the lawsuits Trump’s team have been filing are falling FLAT (many are being tossed out in courts all over the country).

    Anyway, I am so relieved. We Democrats did win 2 Senate seats in Arizona (Mark Kelly) and Colorado (John Hickenlooper)…but we did lose Alabama (Doug Jones). Now, we’re up to 48 seats…and there is still Alaska (the Democratic candidate there seems confident he can win since many of the outstanding ballots are coming from Democratic areas) and we now have 2 runoff elections for the Senate in Georgia.

    Democrats are still projected to keep control of the U.S. House (even though many freshman Democrats did lose their seats in competitive areas…so, we’ll have a narrow majority)

    In other words, this election turned out the right way. Fascist Trump may still have his “Cult of Personality” but at least Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will have the White House.

    The waiting was the most stressful part. However, when I was looking at the Election charts, I suspected there would be a lot of delays. I blame that Mercury and Saturn square (with Mercury being stationary) for that mess..and that’s probably why there was so much confusion about the votes in Arizona and Nevada. There was also a major delay in vote counting in Georgia and Pennsylvania too.

    I am a little concerned about the Mars station that’s going on right now though – I assume the Trump cult protests will continue and there could possibly be violence. For example, yesterday, a man from Virginia (he was a Trump supporter and part of the QAnon groups) drove to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a car full of guns. He was planning to attack an elections office there where votes are still being counted. Luckily, police caught him and arrested him.

    I still believe transiting Saturn quincunx Trump’s Mars is going to inhibit him from succeeding in any of his cockamamie lawsuits regarding the election. Like I said earlier in this post: many of his cases have already been thrown out by judges all over the country.

    As for the Neptune aspect that many astrologers were concerned about inhibiting Joe Biden’s chances of winning the presidency, I’m beginning to think it may have actually helped him. I could be wrong, but doesn’t Neptune also rule epidemics and pandemics? While the economy is usually the focal point in presidential elections….more voters were concerned about Covid-19 this election. Since Trump did not prioritize Covid-19 (he chose to dismiss and ignore it), karma came back to give him a nice hard slap in the face.

    All in all, it was a closer than expected election….but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did make history and “herstory” this year. Biden will be the oldest candidate ever elected..and he will be our country’s second Roman Catholic President. Kamala Harris will be our country’s FIRST WOMAN, first African-American, first Caribbean, and first South Asian American Vice President. They both received the most votes in a U.S Presidential election (so far 74 million in counting) than any other candidates in history.

    I’m looking forward to next year – we have a huge mess to clean up because of Trump….but I’m not thankful he will no longer be in a position of power to make dangerous and destructive decisions that are ruining this planet.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

      • @ Sounh,

        The economy was on top of many voters many voters’ minds…but not the vast majority of them. As of right now, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are winning the national popular vote by 4 million votes.

        • @Chris, I’ve been saying Covid-19 actually HELPED Trump. His seemingly quick recovery (not buying into “he didn’t have it” conspiracies) gave followers false sense of security. Also, most American are really bad in maths, it seems. I struggled with everything but geometry at school, but still count hospitalization rates from contagion numbers two weeks ago and R0. So, I think most people fail to understand what soon to be 1 million weekly contagions clustering strongly may mean to THEIR area healthcare. Also, economically speaking, they bought Trump’s brag on Q3 economic growth missing that if GDP plumments 36 per cent and then comes up 33 per cent, it’s still down 11 per cent. Also, thinking they are “out of the woods” jobwise if they have a manufacturing job is a tad premature. There is a reason many US companies obfuscate their Financial Reports (reading these is part of my job): In industries where project are set a year or two prior to initiating them order books were not looking good for first half of 2021 before Covid-19 outbreak, now, many look terrible.

          Also, there’s the social aspect of Covid-19: Dems were doing a lot less classic canvasing. Gains come from those States there’s been strong “ground operation” for quite a while. On the other hand, high Latino turnout for Trump in Texas boarder was driven by Whatsapp campaigns targeting older Latinos. I remember some younger Dem activists sounding allarm on it, because due to Covid-19, they didn’t have similar access to their quarantined grandparents to counter the outragious claims on those groups.

          • @ Solaia
            “@Chris, I’ve been saying Covid-19 actually HELPED Trump. His seemingly quick recovery (not buying into “he didn’t have it” conspiracies) gave followers false sense of security.”
            Except none of his supporters would have had access to the medical, but yeah his quick recovery reinforced that Trump was the chosen one for the Jesus freaks.
            That GDP number is complete BS. First of all economic numbers for the previous month aren’t published until the first few days of the following month.
            So October’s economic data should not have been published until November 3rd at the earliest but Trump broke the rules and published the data the Thursday before election or October 29th which of course gave the stock market a few days before the election to digest the data and for all of the right-wing outlets to propagate the fudged economic data.

            As for the WhatsApp misinformation yeah I heard that was a big part of the smear campaign against Biden among the Latinos in South Florida specifically Miami-Dade county.

      • Jennifer,

        Yes, that is what I meant to say….I did indeed mean to say “but I’m thankful he [Trump] will not be in a position of power”

  14. There is much to unpack here, but I will go on record saying that by April – I look at that Pisces Neptune square Gemini Mars hitting DJT Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition as an actual event – only way Trump Family can cling to some of the past glory is to go “Full Marcos”. I think you have to be of certain age and/or a history puff to remember Ferdinando Marcos, but I’m both and definitely remember how hd continued to be received and entertained by various dictators, and even important politicians in democracies because he still wielded certain power in Philippines. Trump will obviously be much more prestigious guest.

    However, given DJTs declining health (again, it’s very obvious that there is a decline), this could also turn into a “Pahlavi Situation”. Remember how Mohammed Reza Pahlavi died just months after going to exile? I remember reading stories on Farah Diba and their child in the 1980’s, and former Crown Prince Reza still leads some kind of Government in Exile, but more a club for nostalgics than anything else.

    However, it will be interesting to see how “Trump World” unwinds in general. Will Trump children turn on each other? Will Melania get a divorce? Will Hope Hicks become if not Mrs. Donald J. Trump IV at least a live-in companion akin to Berlusconi’s now at least two consecutive partners?

  15. The New York Post is reporting that Putin will be stepping done next year, due to Parkison’s. He’s busy prompting the Duma to pass laws to make sure he has legal immunity from prosecution and state perks until he dies.

    Does Putin’s chart show health matters hitting him about now? Wonder if both Trump’s and Putin’s charts show how matters show a distancing of relations between the two?

      • Also, this sounds like typical KGB bait aimed to reveal possible challengers for leadership among party ranks an ex-KGB operative who has created a virtual one party system would not hesitate to use. Putin has successfully avoided any real challenges for 20 years, but right now, things are rather turbulent in Russia internally, with Covid-19 surging and hospital capacity not able to deal with it in any way.

  16. Is there a possibility of him and his family fleeing to Russia as this dog turd car crash comes hurtling towards him post-presidency? I’m sure I read a post where you said he had a lot of very good/mutual aspects in his chart with Russia regarding business (I think). Would it be a good place for him to exile and protect his shady ass? What about his family, would they settle there too?

    Oh, how funny and ironic for his stalwart supporters if that ended up being the case, who are adamant he has zero connections to the Reds. When he says, “If I lose this Presidency I will leave the country,” you can guarantee this man is not joking. He is planting the seeds because his freedom to do as he wants is threatened once he leaves the White House. Trump was born with a humour bypass, so being witty and funny is not his thing. He is letting us all know what he really intends to do if he loses complete power.

    • If Putin maliciously exposes all Trump’s dirty, Russian-related secrets once he is of no more use — from money laundering to the infamous pee-pee tape — I’m not sure that Trump will be inclined to escape to Russia. Unfortunately for Trump, there aren’t many attractive countries with no extradition treaties with the U.S. The Maldives are beautiful but sinking.

  17. Thanks Marjorie

    Is Trump’s Mars in 12th indicative of passive aggressive behaviour? Then morphs into him revealing this out of his control because it’s so near his ascendant? Just a thought about how 12th house Mars could work! Thanks j

    • Jennifer E, yes, it can be. Also, I think 12th house Mars mirrors behavior they observe. Trump’s behavior is reflection of that of his father’s – Mary J. Trump called his grandfather a sociopath. I say this as a parent of a 12 th house Mars in Leo child. She has obviously other qualities making her completely different from DJT, but she absorbs moods from her surroundings, so I try to teach her to channel her anger.

      • @Solaia, thank you for that
        To me that comes across very strongly from him. But he refuses to own it. It’s like for him his projection is your projection, nothing to do with him.

    • I’ve always thought the volcanic and out-of-control tantrums were to some extent due to his 12th house Pluto. It suggests a raging storm inside of the darker Plutonic emotions – hatred, vengeance, lust, greed – which in his case since he’s so ‘unevolved’ and unaware then spew out explosively in very primitive form. The Mars in Leo on top will then add to the boiling lava flow. And what pumps it up even further is that his Pluto sits midway between his Saturn and his Mars – and that’s a brutal combo.

      • Wow
        ‘volcanic and out-of-control tantrums were to some extent due to his 12th house Pluto.’ Sounds like my ex husband, hence why he is ex. Im not perfect but I couldn’t cope.

      • @marjorie
        For the key deciding states the dates to certify the vote are Georgia Nov 20, Pennsylvania Nov 23, North Carolina Nov 24, Arizona Nov 30 and Nevada Dec. 1.
        Your forecast on Trump starting Nov 20 “a raft of difficulties. Tr Pluto from November 20th till December 26th opposing his Mars/Node for enraging setbacks, and for Biden one of the panicked Neptune transits to separate Mars midpoints lifts.

      • @ Marjorie, can you explain why anyone would work for him?
        I understand why people would support him especially white people because I am black and grew up in what was probably the most racist county in America and believe that lots white people supported Trump because he has been able to say what most of them think without suffering any consequences because Trump is (supposedly) independently wealthy and he wouldn’t lose his job.
        However I don’t understand why anyone would work for him after reading how he has treated so many people.
        I mean I know he is a narcissist and he can be charming because my mom is a narcissist but when they don’t receive the attention or praise that they want they can be hell on wheels.
        Is it some type of karmic retribution from a previous life that these people end up working for him and being abused?
        I don’t get it.

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