Trump & Melania – the fickle finger of fate

Trump fatigue is setting in as his capacity for hogging the headlines knows no bounds. Now he appears to have caught Coronavirus along with Melania and Hope Hicks.

  His age and obesity will put him especially at risk. His Progressed Moon (in Virgo) is exactly square his 10th house Uranus now and for the next few weeks. He has Aquarius and thus Saturn and Uranus ruling his 6th house of health. Tr Pluto is moving to a challenging and discouraging opposition to his Saturn from late November so both his 6th house rulers are under strain at the moment. Plus he has had a highly pressured run of difficult transits to mid points:

The catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint, to which Ebertin ascribes accidents, illness or tests of nervous strength, was in place till late September in which latter days the virus may have been gestating; at the same time as the disruptive tr Uranus square his Pluto.  Mid August to late November he has tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus which will bring a struggle for survival and a real test of nerves. He is under a staggering amount of strain coming in from all quarters.

  His Lunar Return from 23 September for four weeks has the Saturn Pluto conjunction on the cusp of his 6th.

  Melania’s chart is showing acute frustration and irritation till late November, followed by a truly stressful four weeks till late December. Late October to late November – high tensions, seclusion, nervousness, separation. She also has a blocked Solar Arc Sun square her Pluto very soon. That may not all be illness since she’s in the eye of the Trump storm.

There’s nothing much showing on Hope Hicks’ chart without a birth time apart from a few discouraging days late this November into December with tr Saturn square her Libra Sun.

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    • Narcissistic Personality Disorder, drugs and possibly a form of dementia – some suggest frontotemporal, which first manifests as unhinged behavior, but given he almost certainly had some sort of stroke requiring a visit to Walter Reed and NDAs from doctors, I think this could be vascular form – will do that.

  1. Apparently “LIBERATE MICHIGAN” wasn’t a harmless tweet after all. His minions got the message of their modern day Furor loud n clear it seems. Anyone fashions a guess what “Stand back and stand by” might instigate?
    I guess old President Lizard brain with the I.Q of bacteria, a Mussolini complex and a penchant for vindictiveness along with his legion shall let us know in short order.

    • Wow! That’s a humdinger of a theory, but one would not put such a thing past the orange bufoon! Incidentally, comparing him in any way to a bacterium does a huge disservice to microscopic life everywhere.

  2. High on steroids you can feel much more GREAT
    than you actually are…
    The man is sick physically and mentally and scared to death deep deep inside.
    No wonder.

  3. For Biden to lose the negative influences he appears to have at the moment he’d have to have been born very early morning. And not 8.32am. But I’m not a great believer in manipulating times to suit – wait and see.

    • @Marjorie, if it’s Neptune opposing Mars/Jupiter midpoint we’re talking about, I think I mentioned this could be some sort of a crisis of faith, literally. I know next to nothing on midpoints, but a strong faith based connection when Neptune transits Mars/Jupiter midpoint is what was suggested by first google hits, too.

      One scenario I thought of could involve a split in Catholic Church commentators have been taking about for a while. Biden himself certainly seem to be congenially closer to Pope Francis than the “traditionalists”. But it’s known that traditionalists have a strong foothold in many American archdioceses. There is a non-zero chance of a split in The US Catholic Church, and I think this would be painful to Biden.

      Another scenario is that of Biden becoming disillusioned about The US Democracy. I doubt he will lose the popular vote. But as Nate Silver of 538 has pointed out continuosly, models they run give Republicans a 2.5 per cent advance in National Elections due to Electoral College. That means that even if Biden has, right now, National Poll numbers that reflect those of Reagan against Mondale in 1984, he still has a fair chance of losing.

      Third scenario, and one that I observed waiting for demise of Silvio Berlusconi (yes, I was nasty, but Italian politics all evolving around him hit hard my generation, who were where American Millenials are now by 2004, considerably poorer than their parents) is that Biden, at 78, has reached a point normal astrological passages just don’t work on him. Based on astrology, his campaign should not have gone “anywhere”, and he should have been distroyed by that Tara *changing names* lady even Republicans don’t bring forward anymore. So, there’s a fair chance he has entered the age group where conventional wisdom doesn’t apply. And yes,
      I will say this, it’s possible Donald Trump is there, too, by now. I don’t think there’s a set line for “the passage”, but it probably takes place around 75, maybe 3rd Saturn Opposition?

  4. Chris, Decent astrologers NEVER predict death. It isn’t done and certainly won’t be on this site.
    Trump’s astro at present is easier marginally than it was a month or so back; though this is a high-stress month in general.

    • I believe (although I am not a legal expert) that in the United Kingdom it is technically a criminal offence to predict death: I don’t know what the position is in other countries, but beware. I think this is a leftover from anti charlitan/conman laws brought in during the Victorian era and these was drafted specifically to combat chicanery. Even doctors do not predict death for terminally ill patients; they try and give a conservative estimate of remaining life with caveats.

      • Absolutely, astrology – or any other divination tool – cannot be used to predict death. In any case, I have noticed that sometimes there are ‘fortunate’ transits to the natal chart when someone passes. I’ve seen Jupiter involved on a number of occasions – the individual is going on an expansive journey could be one interpretation of this, or simply the ‘release’ and relief involved for someone who is suffering. So one cannot assume that difficult or testing transits are connected to the death of an individual. Indeed, in a way, if we are to learn anything we need to live through these experiences. Although, thinking about it, some of us never seem to learn!

        • My grandmother had loads of Jupiter when she passed. She was two months short of 98, and had been talking about death maybe being welcome since she was 94. She still survived a hipsurgery at 95 and was at hospital only for 4 days before passing.

          Comparison: I had Saturn transiting directly on my Moon. We received bad news on my mother-in-law two weeks earlier, too.

  5. Wow. Some polls have Biden leading 21% and apparently it has been whispered that there could be a landslide result on November 3rd. Meanwhile, WH staff are dropping like flies due in part to the presence in their midst of the ‘roided-up Tangerine Typhoid Mary.

    • @Virgoflake, that figure is probably among voters over 65. The best National Poll for Biden this far is +14. But something that will definitely set Trump off is his favourite pollster Rasmussen having Biden at +12. Poll tracking site 538 now gives him 17 out of 100 chance for win (I know, it’s crazy, but Electoral College works this way). CNN experts, in the other hand, give him 1 out of 10 chance of still dying of covid-19.

      • Thank you, Solaia – yes, I noted that Rasmussen poll today too. A forum I follow is speculating that if Trump is faced with certain defeat it could be a dangerous moment for the U.S. since grandiose NPD types tend to want to take everything down with then when faced with failure. Also Trump will want Biden to inherit a mess.

  6. I thought Biden was the one who was supposed to be hit hard by Neptune leading up to the election. Turns out to be Trump. Hope Joe stays well. His speech at Gettysburg yesterday was so spot-on, delivered like a true statesman, a true president.

    • On his way to the Senate, Caesar mocked the soothsayer who had warned him about the Ides of March, saying “The Ides have come”. The soothsayer replied “Aye, but they have not yet gone”. Caesar was assassinated later that day.

      We have only just finished the first week of October. There are still three more weeks to go.

      Let’s not dare the gods to do their worst. Somebody obviously did so in 2016 and look where we are.

      • Hi Chris,

        “Trump’s chart does indicate he could be drowning (likely pneumonia) when looking at all of the health aspects in his chart…”

        You mentioned oct 13 specifically. What specifically are you seeing in the chart(s)?

        • @ Ed Falis,

          I’ll have to go back for the details. The reason why I looked at October 13th (specifically) is because a friend of mine’s birthday….and we wanted to see if there was any bad news for Trump (whom be both hate) that day.

          I’ll post the details later. The debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence is coming up and I do want to watch it.

          • Much appreciated, Chris. We’re getting ready for the debate ourselves. No rush – I’m just curious to check what you’re seeing against the charts I’m using.

  7. Does anybody else think Nancy Pelosi is either working with a genuine futurist, or is naturally the greatest political strategist in American history(at least top 3)?

    On at least 3 occasions since taking back the House, her caucus, particularly the moderates which secured the victory, have started to have kittens over some significant political stalemate in which Pelosi was playing Chess and they felt she was being risky, only to have Trump hand the advantage back to her on a silver platter.
    Now here again, this absolute ignoramus of a special imbecilous President, after going through what he just went through, decides to shutdown any possibility of another crucial Covid relief package for the people until after the election.
    His stupidity knoweth no bounds.

    And please, no excuses about it being the meds he’s now on; he’s just naturally dumb to the point of being his own worst enemy.

    • Trump: “Immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans,” he tweeted after leaving hospital.”

      Why not do it now seen as he’s the President? If it was possible, and I was President, I would do it plus it would boost the presidential race ratings I’d imagine. Guy’s just full of hot air which is about to run out completely within the next fortnight, I’m sure. And yes, Nancy is brilliant.

      • @Jo – he’s still high on steroids. Invinceable. When he crashes, and he will crash, it’ll take more than a barrel of monkeys with brooms to begin to slear away the debris.

        From Marjorie’s assessment, “Mid August to late November he has tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus which will bring a struggle for survival and a real test of nerves. He is under a staggering amount of strain coming in from all quarters.”

        And as Cohen spoke to in his video, Trump will try to bully-boy his way past the infection. He isn;t “Christ come-again.”

        Other poll assessments today show that the voters are fairly locked and loaded with their decisions. Trump might hv swung a few votes had he worked with Pelosi on a recovery budget. But everything revolves around “Him”. (capital H intended).

        Let’s get the damned election over with.

        • He was just on Twitter half an hour ago bleating on about a call with Boris Johnson and thanking him for his support and how they will go on to work for years and years. The fact he still calls the coronavirus the ‘China Virus’ in his tweet makes him the most galling racist fart that ever dared to exist. He has been told many times not to use that derogatory term, yet here he is, doing as he damn well pleases. He does not have ONE redeeming feature about him. Even Hitler had a deep love for German Shepherd dogs, that’s one slight redeeming feature in such a nasty person. But Trump? I honestly cannot think of one thing!

    • The genius in Pelosi’s wisdom was the point, not the news(used to illustrate the latest example) my sarcastic friend. Likewise my earlier dig at Day Traders.
      This should’ve been obvious but… be it.

    • @Troy, at the very least, she is operating in another level compared to most politicians, because she has people figured out and has been around long enough for nothing really surprising her. She – and I give this to Hillary Clinton, too -, knew Trump had Narcissistic Personality Disorder possibly even before he went to politics (her family is from East Coast and well connected due to her father and brother serving as mayors of Baltimore, so she had probably heard stories). Classic grandious NPDs are the most predictable people in The World, and she definitely knew just how Trump would operate and could predict GOP would turn into his “flying monkeys”.

      Astrology: Her exact TOB isn’t known, but she has intuitive, almost psychic Scorpio Moon. It could be trining her surprising Pisces Mercury or opposing Taurus Saturn, but could also be Peregrin. Pisces Mercury sextiles very tight Venus/Uranus conjunction and Mars in Taurus. I think her strategic thinking comes from a very different place than those of more usually seen Air or Earth Mercuries, it is (again) intuitive, but grounded.

      • @Solaia: Agreed. Her instincts seem sharper than a Butcher’s knife.
        To quote her daughter, “she’ll cut your head off and you don’t realize it until it’s too late”.

    • Ha ha ha! That’s actually really bloody funny, VF! Her way with words are brilliant: “Yet there he was, this hideous kink in the arc of history, giving the most dangerous balcony performance since Michael Jackson had his baby crowdsurf off one. The American people are all Blanket now.”

  8. When looking at the 6th, the 8th, and the 12th houses in Trump’s chart, don’t they seem to indicate Trump’s possible demise could take place in a hospital or be the result of hospitalization?

    For the record, I’m not asking if anyone is predicting Covid-19 will be his cause of death.

    • When he was first elected, I asked another person (quite psychic) what his demise would be caused by, as he was acting quite dysfunctional. She blanked out for a moment, stared into space, and stated his fall “would come from an unexpected direction – likely a family member”.

      FWIW. Disclaimer, your mileage will vary.

  9. “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”

    ― Sun Tzu

    Trump will lose the Presidency on November 3rd.
    His own arrogance and lack of empathy has been his undoing.

  10. It would be interesting to see your interpretation of the American chart from 16 October, Marjorie? The New Moon in 24 Libra is a degree away from its natal 24 Virgo. Plus the following week and rest of the month, Jupiter at 20 Capricorn will be squaring its natal Saturn at 20 Libra. Are these aspects a time of reckoning for the White House and how will they play out for the rest of the country?

  11. Hi all,

    I know I am late to the 157 comments Trump party but does what we are seeing, i.e. the North Node transit conjunct Sun and his South Node (past life), represent his father’s rhetoric about business as usual even through sickness, as taught to him. Someone mentioned his father did not admit to sickness, taught might is right and the show must go on so to speak? Maybe Trump doesn’t know how to do it any other way … and doesn’t want to know … ! It’s all a game to him as taught by daddy! Just a thought!

    • I think this is very much it. Fred’s own father died of Spanish Flu, and I remember early to the pandemic, some people were genuinely surprised DJT didn’t seem to recognize parallels. But according to Mary J. Trump, this was another thing Trumps glossed over, as they did with her grandmother’s almost dying giving birth to Robert, his father’s and possibly other uncle’s (Robert) alcoholism.

      However, when Trump was on that balcony yesterday gasping for air, some camera angles clearly caught how terrified he was, even with all the drugs pumped to him. I have no sympathy for the man, but recognized he looked like a 3-year-old who was told not to cry.

      • And he was a very odd colour. Difficult to judge since often tones get warped by the camera. But not the standard mandarin orange. Flushed.

        • He does have an odd color, and him gasping for air is very unusual.


          This link seems to work.

  12. Yes, Trump is DEFINITELY downplaying the danger of Covid with his tweet a few moments a go: “Flu season is coming up! Many people every year, sometimes over 100,000, and despite the Vaccine, die from the Flu. Are we going to close down our Country? No, we have learned to live with it, just like we are learning to live with Covid, in most populations far less lethal!!!”

    What an evil, irresponsible, dangerous and mentally unhinged man he is! He is so desperate to prove this illness is nothing more than a ‘democrats hoax.’ Well, come mid-week when his symptoms become life-threatening there is only one saying meant for this loathsome individual: You made your made, you lie in it.

    • It’s shocking, Jo. I’m horrified that the GOP is just standing by and allowing this dangerous man to behave like this.

      • I know. It says so much for what they stand for. Fortunately, many Republicans have broken away from the GOP principles, so I imagine a new political group will be set up by them to run in the future political landscape and move further away from this whack job group called the GOP!

        I’ve just read another astrologer’s site who is predicting come Christmas a huge number of well-known corporations internationally are going to be caught up in a big expose of money laundering activities including Trump. Plus, she is saying that Ghislaine Maxwell in her astrology aspects ties Trump into it too. Considering she predicted in January 2020 that Trump would be felled this October by exposing his tax problems and a possible illness, here’s hoping she’s on the ball and he has hit the end of the road. I don’t want him to die though, I want him to be held accountable for his actions.

        She does say that the 2021 president will inhabit a ‘Robin Hood’ quality of redistributing the global wealth, which is very Aquarian which is NOT Trump remotely. So, hopefully in all this desperate madness there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel! But I can see why Trump is desperate to cling to power, knowing what he faces if he is not president! Keeping hold of the Oval office gives him certain protections.

        • @Jo: I know of who you speak. Her predictions have panned out but with one exception. She believed the Robin Hood character was Bloomberg.
          What puzzles me is that most seemingly credible astrologers seem to have consensus that Biden’s transits were weak for a victory; and this is with a credible birth time! They by and large got Bernie and Trump’s health issues forecast correct.
          More shocks to come.

          • The thing is, if Trump is ousted OR he passes, and God forbid something happens to Biden due to his age and being in public (albeit masked), we have no clue what is to occur when it comes to the 2021 President. It could happen later in the year. 2020 is the MOTHER of all strange years, isn’t it? We can’t really predict things the way we used to with all these black swan events changing the way we live our day-to-day life.

            I remember in August when ‘Archeology & Art’ announced a crystal dagger had been unearthed in Spain dating to 3,000 BC. Josh Silverman brilliantly quipped what sums up this entire year: “Good. Save it for December when the White Walkers come for us in the 2020 season finale.” That is 2020 in a nutshell!

  13. I notice the Pluto transit to Trump’s Sun is a quincunx aspect (exact early next week) and the transit of the north node is conjunct his Sun.
    Could this be the next crisis point?
    Power struggles and the ego demanding domination?

    • @Jinny, Pluto is retrograde, so I would suspect these are returning issues. Paul Manafort was sentenced the last time this transit was exact. Interestingly, his latest campaign manager has covid-19 and the one before that is investigated for stinging 40 million US$ from Trump campaigns and facing domestic abuse charges in Florida.

      • @Solaia
        Pluto became direct 4 to 5 October (dependent on time zones) hence maybe why ‘all that/this’ surfaced Sun/Mon (in to out). Is that what transit retro to direct does?

    • Yes, I noticed this too. October 10/11 has a Cardinal Grand Cross at 22 and 25 degrees involving both luminaries, Moon in Cancer, Mars in Aries and the Capricorn stellium with the nodal axis at 22 of Gemini/Sag. Touches many of Trump’s planets.

    • Re: (tr) Pluto quincunx (n) Sun. Sometime during 12 Nov 2020 (depending on your time zone) Trump will have (tr) Jupiter conjunct (tr) Pluto quincunx (n) Sun. This may present very severe challenges to the directions in which he wishes to go, regardless of whether he wins the Presidential race or not.

  14. Well, he’s already started by tweeting before leaving hospital tonight, ‘Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life,’ while mentioning the Trump admin have great drugs and knowledge. I’m sorry but if this is not interpreted as giving the green light to live life and go back to normal, I’d be very surprised.

    There is no way he can get better within 3 days of being diagnosed and something profoundly shocking is awaiting him next week. OR he has already been diagnosed with this and for the past 14 days just carried on and infected everybody. Words fail me. ‘Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life / I feel better than I did 20 years ago!’ – tell that to the 210,000 dead who lost their life because this piece of excrement never saw it serious enough to do a damn thing about it.

    • Thank you Troy. Personally I had no worries…it’d all come clean eventually with a whitewashing or bloodbath. Hopefully not the latter.

      Here in the metro Seattle area, one does not take too many liberties for fear of becoming a target in someone’s sniper scope. I’d rather be back in Pittsburgh chomping down on cheesesteak sandwiches…made with provolone cheese and mountains of fried onions, not that orange foamy goop (cheez-whiz).

  15. I know it’s news but it’s important… thousands attended this prayer meeting without protection…

    NEWS: @NYMag has confirmed that Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California has tested POSITIVE for COVID-19. Pastor Laurie was at the Prayer March on the Mall with Mike Pence and Franklin Graham and the ACB Rose Garden event later that day.

  16. Hi, I do realise everyone is fairly overwrought across the great water (from here) understandably so. It can be helpful at times to have news information posted since I don’t always see everything, but for headline stuff I get updates all the time so running inputs aren’t necessary.
    Kayleigh isn’t looking too chipper over coming weeks. But the one I’m looking out for is William Barr since he has poleaxing influences now to late January – which may of course not be the bug, just a realisation he’s at risk of losing his saviour from a position of high power at least. He’s in a panic.

  17. Looks like there is consternation even in some quarters of the Trump family.
    Article in Vanity Fair, 5 October, entitled:

    “Don Jr. Thinks Trump Is Acting Crazy”: The President’s COVID Joyride Has the Family Divided”

    The president’s recklessness at Walter Reed has Don Jr. pushing for an intervention, but Ivanka and Jared “keep telling Trump how great he’s doing,” a source says.

    • “There is a long history in the Trump family of denying serious illness. According to a Trump family friend, Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr., insisted on working even after his Alzheimer’s disease advanced in the 1990s. “To retire is to expire!” Fred Sr. would say. The friend said that as Fred Sr.’s disease worsened––he once came down the stairs wearing three neckties––the family created a system so that Fred could think he was still running the Trump Organization. Every day Fred Sr. would go to the office in Brooklyn and they would give him blank papers to sort through and sign. The phone on Fred’s desk was set up so that it could only dial out to his secretary. “Fred pretended to work,” the family friend said. ”

      Sounds familiar, eh?

  18. Is this now a news update feed?!…good grief. Anyway there’s an alternate school of thought that his vanity driven reckless ride was more than just to greet the cult followers. As in it was more about the stock market, which rallied today from last week’s tumble; no coincidence I believe.
    I swear a lot of day traders are just wishful thinking borderline imbeciles rather than objective analytical forecasters. Smh

    • @Troy, in this polarized World, this is an unifying experience. I read early polls on WH’s handling of it, and it seems even 50 per cent of Republicans thought WH is doing horrible job. That was before the limo ride.

      But I agree, they are certainly watching markets, too. “Trump’s” Twitter tirade Monday morning came around the time New York Stock Exchange opened. It may have been all caps, but it certainly wasn’t produced by DJT, spelling was too good (remember, Scavino at least shouldn’t be in hospital proofreading).

    • @Troy: I’m following CNN, BBC, even Russia Today for their take on all of this, to name a few.

      So MangoMan continues to pull the marionnette strings “just to show…” with his crazy infantile “I wanna be a Trump!” The day traders…their roles are important but I would not willingly dive into that pool.

      For such an important topic we’d all need to have our fingers removed not to post. Apologies to Marjorie for her long suffering. At least, from what I can tell, we’re a reasonably sane group of dedicated followers.

  19. Trump just had the Secret Service drive him out the gates of Walter Reed so that he could wave at his supporters–putting the lives of secret service agents at risk. The man’s narcissim knows no limits.

    • I’ve had my fair share of experience with narcissists but I have to say I have never seen one as deeply ugly and desperate as Donald. Maybe it’s the fact it’s being viewed through the lens of international fame. Fame just magnifies tenfold what’s already there. If you’re decent and generous fame tends to make you hugely altruistic. But when you’re narcissistic, the world and everything in it is never enough to nourish you. These people become a gaping black hole that sucks everything into its void to get their oxygen supply. Obviously, the oxygen in the hospital isn’t enough for him to stay alive. He has get out there and expose others to his illness in a desperate attempt that wreaks of, ‘just making sure you haven’t forgotten about me!’

      History is going to destroy this man and what he thinks is his great legacy.

    • Medical assessment pretty much says the same thing.

      Going to watch Beanie & Cecil reruns for the rest of the year. My favorite Cold War cartoons.

    • Anne: putting the lives of secret service agents at risk
      That was exactly what I was thinking. Then who is going to guard President Fatty?

    • It’s narcissism yes, but I thik it also needs to be looked at in combination with the words he just said to the camera before he left for the drive. Something to the effect of “I understand covid now and I’ll be telling you about it” . I think this was a dog whistle to the infowars crowd who think that covid is a hoax and he is being held hostage. Then he came out and waved at them.

      • @lou, you are right and this is scary stuff, although maybe not so mucg because of Alex Jones and crowd as QAnon. They believe Trump faked his sickness to bust a cabal of child abusers. They even see signs in blank papers he signed. And I think this is a far more menacing group. They target people directly and are more decentralized, the anti-mask, anti-vaxx rallies in The UK in August seem to have been organized through some Facebook Mom Groups. To be honest, this probably is the closest people in Western World get to the 1930’s experience in Germany, seeing your neighbors becoming fullblown Nazis.

        • I see he has been on Twitter relentlessly with verbal diarrhoea these past few hours and berating the ‘fake news’ media. So, you think he is using the Covid situation to win the Q-anon crowd even more and then some and that he’s not really sick? If so, this is one disturbing and quite frankly, evil individual in power. Here’s hoping he learns a shocking lesson at some point. The thing is, if he genuinely has covid and dies you can bet your last dollar the Q-anon crowd will accuse the democrats of poison in him or something. That he was about to blow the pedo ring and was murdered. Cue every damn excuse to cause violence against democrats and people in general in the streets.

          The Q-anon crowd are worryingly deranged. When he put this message out on Twitter:
          Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!

          They saw this message: Tonight, We will begin our process immediately. We will get through this TO GET HER! (Meaning Hillary Clinton)

          So, he has to fake a sickness to bring Hillary Clinton down?!!??! He’s the President of the USA. If he has criminal evidence on Clinton why not bring her down, anyway? Why go to these marathon degrees and fake Covid to bring down his opposition of yesteryear? I can’t believe these toxic misogynists are STILL hung up on her. If actual video evidence comes out about Trump and Epstein with a child they will just dismiss it as a deep fake but keep going after Clinton and these ‘liberal celebrities.’ When are they ever going to get over their deep hatred of women and people who have a live and let live attitude?

          I personally believe they are terrified that their conservative world is fast changing out of all recognition into a more accepting world and they still cannot bomb themselves out of the dark ages and bring themselves into modernity, which is the crux of all this division in the last 4 years. It’s very worrying that social media gives this ideology a platform to fester and grow.

          (By the way, I just finished an audiobook called, Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe by Roger McNamee who helped mentor Mark Zuckberg in the early days until he realised a few years back just how much social media, mainly Facebook and Google, are destroying democracy and will not take responsibility for their part in it as these conspiracy theories and Russian funded fake news take liberty on their creations.)

      • Victory lap? He will not convence any one besides trumper puppies…

        By taking a joy ride outside Walter Reed the president is placing his Secret Service detail at grave risk. In the hospital when we go into close contact with a COVID patient we dress in full PPE: Gown, gloves, N95, eye protection, hat. This is the height of irresponsibility.

  20. WSJ:
    With Trump in the hospital, his re-election team is moving to get the campaign back on track. A senior adviser said Mike Pence and members of the Trump family would be “fanning out all over the country” in a modified campaign described as Operation MAGA.

  21. Good grief! We haven’t even got to the exact square between Mars and Pluto yet. Or Mercury retrograde in Scorpio – plus the two Mercury-Uranus oppositions this month. And all the rest. Boris Johnson was in hospital for a week with Covid 19, and visibly unwell before and after that. He is about twenty years younger than Donald Trump. Treatments have improved in the time between April and October, but have they improved this much? Second guessing all these lies is exhausting.

    • @Jane, there is a chance doctors are referring to Trump’s dementia when underlying the need to keep the patient “upbeat”. Dementia seems to make people more prone to sever form of covid-19.

      • That’s very intriguing. I didn’t know about the dementia risk. Obviously, as an obese older man, he would be at risk too. Well, I suspect the upcoming astrology will test all of this, or all of this will test the astrology.

        • @Marina, you still think YOU would be informed if he had one, after his MDs couldn’t initially give a straight answer on his oxygen levels and still have not answered when the initial covid-19 diagnosis was made?

          I’m not a MD, but there are MDs who, if not diagnosing him upfront without meeting him, have expressed concern seeing his public appearances. Both on possible ischemic incidents and signs of mental decline. For me, personally, that umbrella incident in 2018, was when I started seriously believing. I’ve seen this with early stage vascular dementia patient.

          And now, I think it’s telling Trump, pumped up with steroids looks brighter with what must be a widespread infection than as his “normal” self. This man obviously isn’t well covid-19 free.

  22. So, Trump’s doctor admits to lying yesterday about his oxygen. Now, they’re reporting Trump could be released as early as tomorrow. I don’t believe anything the Trump people say – a person in their 70s with dangerously low oxygen levels do NOT get released from the hospital after just a few days.

    From all of the REAL doctors and medical sources, it appears Trump is actually in a more critical state (he might even be in the process of dying) than his associates are willing to admit.

    I don’t expect any of Trump’s associates to be honest with the public – they’ll likely continue to down play his Covid-19 situation and push ahead with the Soviet and North Korean style reporting.

    • @ Chris, everyone associated with Trump lies or shades the truth. It’s no surprise but the White House ‘doctor’ isn’t even an Medical Doctor. *sigh*

  23. This is really Big!

    Dexamethasone can cause frank mania, or more severe depressive states. Added to the risk of COVID related neuropsychiatric symptoms/severe delirium the press ought to be asking the medical team how they are formally monitoring his mental status


    • And now this… it seems US is living in a state of total crazyness!

      The White House Gift Shop is selling a “Donald J. Trump defeats Covid” commemorative coin. You can pre-order it now for $100.

      • Re: dexamethisone

        It really depends on dose and length of treatment. I was taking it for pain for a couple of weeks while finalizing a diagnosis the beginning of this year. No apparent signs of dementia from it. Though they were also quick to get me off of it.

        • @Ed Falis, yes, these sort of adverse effects are far from universal. That said, geriatric nurse I chatted with has witnessed some adverse effects in patients he has given this medication to. And Trump has only tweeted twice or so after he has been submitted. I think that something similar happened after that infamous trip to Walter Reed early this year.

          And, as I type, it seem WSJ has more scoops. Apparently, Trump pressured staff to not disclose their positive covid-19 results, so we might have more to come. I think this is legit. I often hear how Fox News is Rupert Murdoch, but really, I think that if you want to see what Rupert really thinks, look at WSJ in The US and The Times in The UK. Rupert is a snob, Fox News and The Sun are for plebs. So, when you have obvious WH sources speaking to WSJ, there’s a palace coup. It might not be successful, since Tillerson and even Bolton were in good terms with the journos there, and we know how that ended.

  24. From yet another source:

    “Trump now be given Dexamethasone, which has proven to be effective only in severe cases of the disease. He’s also taken:

    Vitamin D

    But still no hydroxychloroquine which Trump repeatedly touted as a “cure.””
    Darn, why won;t those radical left physicians listen to me!!!

    • Trump doctor Sean Conley just admitted he lied during press conference yesterday and, in fact, Trump was on supplemental oxygen because his oxygen fell to very dangerously low levels. Said he lied to paint an “upbeat” picture. In other words, full fledge North Korea style.

      • Trump must be severely sick if his own doctor has admitted lying for him on the public stage. Does he expect Donald to die, otherwise why say this then face his narcissistic tantrum when he gets better? In Trump’s eyes, to admit your sick is a sign of weakness, so a big no-no for a personally employed doctor of his to do this.

        • @Jo, maybe they sedated DJT after they took those photos? He is given steroids that can make people have manic episodes or even hallucinate.

          I chatted on this with a geriatric nurse during the press conference. Apparently, this is not quite palative “mixture” of medicine, but likelyhood of DJT walking out of Walter Reed in the next 24 hours is low. He could be treated at WH, but if he really has pneumonia, as the low oxygen saturation and medication suggest, he probably will not make it back to campaign trail (likely will take him two to four weeks to recover).

        • Jo, I was a bit confused here too, but the other way round. I wondered why a youngish doctor would risk his career by lying for someone who will go down in history as a criminal. But it makes more sense if you think that T is in a military hospital and this doctor is following military orders.

  25. WOW… 96 comments and counting!
    I have to say, I am with Anita.. from Oct 2 posting.
    I have serious doubts about his having the virus. The timing of this is just too perfect.

    My mother is Narcisstic/Borderline and she can play any game necessary.. any emotion. She can climb inside your head and find your vulnerabilities… ones you are barely aware of.. and use it to her advantage.

    So this guy? He’s got the entire media focussed on him being sick, while the much more serious issues of tax fraud and the recent debate debacle are swept aside… forgotten in a matter of days!!!!

    We’ve been watching the Danish show, Borgen.
    Learning a lot about the role of “spin doctors”.
    He has many, I am sure.

    God this is awful.

    • @Sandra, I’d say this is not beyond NPD behavior. That said, NPD people too do get serious illnesses. My aunt really got cancer during one of her “campaigns”, and found a way for that to work in her advantage.

      Also, there are now two dozen other people who met Trump in the past week sick, and his enablers at WH look terrified. His doctors are also playing for an audience of one. Judging from his oxygen levels and medication, he probably has a sever pneumonia that could keep him bedridden for weeks. It’s not only likely but probable that his campaign is over, even after he is declared covid-19 free. They just don’t want to tell this to him.

      • Analyses reports claim Orange Man is quite upset that the doctors aren’t telling “the truth” about his ability to run faster than a speeding bullet and to be more powerful than an AMTRAK locomotive.

        I say, release the man and let god protect his followers. Didn’t prayers work during the dark ages ?

  26. His doctors are talking about Him being released as soon as Monday morning. I suspect Ivanka for President is a red herring. There was a posting about Ivanka for prez earlier this year. I’ll need to find it here.

  27. Updated numbers – Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller tells @GStephanopoulos that Stephen Miller tested negative. Both were part of last Monday debate prep. So far 5 out of 9 known attendees have tested positive / 4 others negative

    • Stephen Miller probably had covid-19 earlier this Summer when his pregnant wife Katie nee Waldman working for Pence had it, too. Remember, we only know about Hope Hick’s positive test because of Bloomberg Jennifer Jacobs’ reporting. And I think she got the story from HH’s friends? Stephen Miller’s illness would have been easy to keep secret since he doesn’t have any, or even talk to his family (sorry, but he is the most hateful Trump Admin member, and it’s stunning “The Apprentice White House Edition” finale is between him and Dan Scavino Jr., who are the only original Senior members after KellyAnne quit).

  28. Sources: Trump had heart palpitations on Friday, a possible negative side effect of Regeneron antibody treatment. His fever reached 103. And a G7 ally wonders if he’ll appoint Ivanka president instead of Pence.

    • “A Bowser administration official said that eight potential cases from a single event would represent among the highest community spread incidents the city has experienced in recent months.”

      • They’ve been lucky, then. I think the average spread rate at functions this size is around one fourth of attendees getting it. And lately, we’ve had houseparties where over half of the people present were infected. But it’s only 7 days from the event, and typically, some people only develop viral load detectable in tests 10 days after. It could go up to 14 days, but these are bit of outliers.

        • Most of the event was outdoors, which would have limited the spread. Although they were packed together maskless and many seen talking very closely. But you’re right that there’s an incubation period and more could show up. Plus all of the people who were infected and then spread it to their households, drivers, etc.

          • @Les, yes, outdoor events can be disastrous if social distancing and mask mandate aren’t observed, too. For instance, Atalanta Bergamo-Valencia soccer match was the main event contributing to rapid diffision of covid-19 in Bergamo area, and the 2nd wave in Denmark mainly took off from soccer matches. I even think there was a biker rally for Trump that amounted to thousands of infections.

          • @Solaia

            Bikers for Trump –

            “A massive motorcycle rally held in the US state of South Dakota last month may have been responsible for 260,000 new coronavirus cases, according to an analysis published Tuesday.

            This figure, which came from a paper that hasn’t yet been peer-reviewed, would represent the biggest COVID-19 spreading event documented in the US to date.

            The study was published by the Institute of Labor Economics and conducted by economists at the University of San Diego who studied the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which drew an estimated 460,000 people from August 7 and August 16.”

  29. Not great charts for Trump.

    At the time of the announcement that Trump had been tested positive for the Coronavirus Cancer was on the ascendant and the Moon its ruler was in the angular 10th house at 13 Aries. It is a night chart which enhances this placing and means Mars, Moon and Venus are all empowered by Sect.

    I would be inclined to look at the aspects the Moon will be making to determine what is happening. It has already made a semi sextile to Neptune in Pisces and made a square to Jupiter in the 6th House of health. It is then going to square Pluto in the 6th House before conjoining retrograde Mars in a square to Saturn which rules the 8th House. The Moon then goes on trine Trumps natal Mars at 26 Leo before aspecting Venus in the announcement chart at 29 Libra. After this aspect Venus goes VOC. It should be noted that Trumps natal Mars in Leo is currently Trine retrograde Mars in Aries. In Trumps progressed chart Neptune, Mars, Chiron and Jupiter are all in Libra at the moment in the 12 House of endings. The Sun is in the process of transiting across all these planets. More importantly the Mars Moon Conjunction taking place currently in Aries is opposing Trump’s progressed Jupiter at 24 Libra at exactly the same time as it squares Saturn at 25 Capricorn.

    Looking at those charts my guess is that illness is likely to be serious not some Machiavellian ploy (Mars/Moon square Saturn) and that it almost certainly marks the end of his Presidency (those hard aspects from those 10th House planets to his progressed Jupiter in the 12 House). I would not want to speculate on the medical outcome but note the fact that the retrograde Mars is trine his natal Mars which is helpful (it is warning him to step back) and that the lesser Venus though weakened by its placing is supportive to him.

    • DJT ‘s Solar Return has a 12th house Sun, that’s ALWAYS a sign of diminished visibility to the native. If used correctly, it can lead to spiritual growth – ideally, this would be a year to retreat to a monastery like environment -, but I doubt this will happen to a person who has spent his life mocking religious people. Sun is also inconjunct Jupiter/Pluto on Descendant. When I first looked at this aspect early 2017, DJT would be somehow confined this year, there’d be a person or a group of people forcing him to confinement. I thought maybe even prison, but as things proceeded, and it became clear GOP didn’t have muscle to “Nixon” him (in other words, force him to resign), health issues started to seem likeliest cause. And here we are.

      DJT is now an empty shell. He did some pure Soviet style “working from hospital”propaganda yesterday, with empty sheets and sharpies. But if blood clothing is already an issue for him, as “daily asperins” would suggest, he has a higher risk of his conditions getting worse later. Anyhow, WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadow speaking to press “anonymously” (and then fully on record) behind the back of Medical Staff clearly uneasy by having to respond on half truths is a tell. In coming weeks, we are going to see the same kind of general meltdown of the system that has later been reported from Soviet Union after death of Stalin and health issues of the early 1980’s General Secretaries. Only in open, because The US does have a free press and whistleblowers start to emerge.

  30. BREAKING: Chris Christie, who is suffering from coronavirus, has been hospitalized as a ‘precautionary measure’ – CNN

  31. Reporters at Walter Reed have been given a statement by a source familiar with Trump’s health, saying his vitals over the last 24 hours were “very concerning.” This contradicts the statement given by Trump’s doctor.

    • A really important point from @AndrewRestuccia: “Only staffers who interact with the president are tested regularly, leaving the hundreds of others who work in the White House complex vulnerable.”

  32. The Press Conference outside Walter Reed was quite something! Doctors trying their best not to give a straight answer, someone from WH if not contradicting them, precising that yes, indeed, Trump’s symptoms were anything but mild and that he received extra oxygen at WH before being admitted. People who used to follow Soviet Union in the 1980’s saw parallels to how Andropov’s health was covered. I was a child back then, but I’ve recently read a lot on Intelligence Operations in the era, and it’s not off.

    – Donald and Melania Trump
    – Adviser Hope Hicks
    – Campaign manager Bill Stepien
    – Kellyanne Conway
    – Chris Christie
    – 1 White House staffer
    – 3 White House reporters
    – GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel
    – 3 Senators (Lee, Tillis, Johnson)
    – Notre Dame’s Jenkins

  34. 3rd Republican Senator, Ron Johnson, has tested positive for Covid-19. He is not at Judicial Committee. I’m not sure if he was at that Superspreader event, but apparently, GOP Senators were in Washington Tuesday to Thursday and lunching together (Manu Raju of CNN reports). There could be significant outbreak here.

  35. “Amy Barrett – a decision Trump may regret“
    It now appears that the Amy Barrett nomination at the Rose Garden, a crowded affair, was a super spreader event with at least 11 positive Covid diagnosis. Barr, negative at moment, was seated next to KellyAnn Conway who tested positive today. At least 2 senators who attended sofar which may jeopardize the hearings. The irony of it all!!

    • The superspreader event was on Saturday, September 26th, 5 pm. 12th house Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Pluto/Saturn square 9th house Mercury.

      • Solaia,

        Are you sure about 5pm? The Washington Post said Trump started his day with a meeting with some evangelical leaders, followed by the ACB event, and that was followed by yet another event that required a flight.

        It would be really good to have the timeframe of the ACB event clear!


        • @ Ed Falis, yes, I remember it was at midnight at my time zone, but checked on a site tracking POTUS’s Public Schedule. Rose Garden Event was at 5 pm, he departed for Pennsylvania 6.20 pm, made an appearance 9 pm and was back to WH 11 pm. He also didn’t have anything scheduled am, this is a typical grievance among WH Press Corp who’ve covered previous presidents. It does seem lazy, snd leaves them less time to work on stories.

      • Robert Hand:
        tr Saturn square Mercury
        “Since Mercury rules the long’s and speech organs, this transit sometimes coincides with illnesses and afflictions of these organs”

        • @ Anita, arguably, this transit lingered there for days, and affected Presidential Debate, too. But 12th house Pluto/Saturn didn’t have to happen. A Midday Event would have given a Sun conjunct MC and 2nd house conjunction, 2 pm 1st house conjunction. These are not without challenges, but certainly not as potentially disastrous as 12th house Saturn.

          As horrible as I think Reagan Admin was, this wouldn’t have happened at his time. Joan Quigley might not have been the most skilled or ethical astrologer, but she would not have let 12th house Saturn happen.

          • Still learning would appreciate your help in putting it all together understand that 12th house in Saturn: self-destructie behaviors that lead to illness or trouble with the law. Also a bad time to start projects, the 12th is often problematic & traditionally the house of hospitals, prisons, and rehab.

    Donald and Melania Trump
    Adviser Hope Hicks
    Campaign manager Bill Stepien
    Kellyanne Conway
    1 White House staffer
    3 White House journalists
    GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel
    Senator Mike Lee
    Senator Thom Tillis
    Notre Dame’s Jenkins (visited WH)

  37. April 6 2020: ‘Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital due to coronavirus with No 10 insisting it was purely precautionary. Officials were keen to stress that this was not an emergency admission, and that Johnson will remain in charge of government, and will be in regular touch with colleagues and civil servants.’

    From all accounts it was touch and go at points.

    • Apparently, Trump tweeted 4 hours ago: “Going well, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!”

      I’m sorry but that just does NOT sound like Trump at all. I think someone has his phone, tbh. Now they are all finally wearing masks. I’m sorry but talk about after the horse has bolted! If this guy gets seriously ill with this or worse he has nobody to blame but his own damn ignorance and arrogance. It’s not like he couldn’t have helped himself to prevent it from happening. He knew the consequences. And now here we are.

      • By the way, this is what actor, James Woods said about Biden last week (and what many other staunch Trump supporters of conspiracies believe): “Around 25th September it will be announced that Biden has been exposed to Covid19 and he quarantines for six weeks, missing all 3 debates. Alternatively it is announced that Biden has caught Covid19 but he fights it bravely for six weeks and recovers fully just before the election, having missed the debates but now a hero survivor of the disease.”

        Wonder what he and they are saying this morning now that Trump decided to take on this heroic role and how this conspiracy will change to fit their twisted narrative? I notice James Woods’ Twitter feed is as full of verbal diarrhoea as the President he admires. He seems to tweet morning, noon, and night, relentlessly without reprieve, and is so far up Trump’s ass I’m surprised if he doesn’t have shares in there. It would be interesting to see the astro crossovers between Trump and Woods (18 April 1947, 11.30am, Vernal, Utah, USA) if possible?

      • It’s known Trump has used ghostwriters for his tweets from the time he was just a celebrity. At WH, it’s known Dan Scavino writes some tweets for The Don, and spellchecks others, but I suspect there are other, younger staffers doing this as well.

        • Trump never uses the word LOVE in his tweets. Also he tweeted a video summary from his hospital room. In full business suit. Talk about control freak! While it’s impressing his base, his doctors are just watching the clock…shaking their collective heads in unison.

          I wonder if he has already died…?

          • @larryc, definitely not in his vocalbulary, unless he speaks of a cheeseburger. I think he hasn’t written most of his tweets for months now. I remember someone did a word analysis on them and concluded about 10 per cent of the tweets were clearly not produced by DJT himself. But I’d say it’s up to 60-80 per cent now. He has had mobility issues, and that would likely affect his capacity of typing (one tell for a genuine Trump tweet storm used to be that messages came even 10 minutes apart, that’s how long it took him to compile 280 mark text).

            Also, Walter Reed Press Conference was some sort of a mess. MDs not capable of lying at straight face told Trump was diagnosed 72 hours ago and got an experimental treatment 48 hours ago. Refusing to answer whether he’d received oxygen. Later on, someone from WH (Mark Meadows, it seems) leaked it to pool that Trump indeed received extra oxygen on Friday.

          • @Solaia – Can’t reply directly – “Reply” only nests a few messages deep. I think he always used the word “Hamberder”. But yes, lots of conflicting information coming out. Fast and furious. Who would risk a slip of the tongue or the rage of KellyAnne that indeed, the Emperor has died?

            Consistent message about his physique seem to include “senior”, “obese” and “high blood pressure”.

  38. Medical person on the TV just said that in clinical trials, the experimental drug has been tested on 200-300 people who were mainly aged in their 40’s. That is not Trump’s demographic – plus given his age, weight and gender (men get sicker with it), he is in a high risk category.

    • Yeah I was shocked that they would give anything experimental to the POTUS much less one who is in his 70’s.
      But everything about these past three and a half years has been out of an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  39. The stress coming at him is all of his own making. All of it.

    He also knew of the virus deadliness and infectiousness from the beginning.
    He has quite deliberately lied about in every possible way, encouraging every kind of risk, to get himself re elected, to get out of his mountainous debt and avoid prison, and those that want their loans back.

    I cannot see any other way of framing it beyond the reality that he is a mass murderer of his own people.

  40. There’s even more breaking news tonight: Kellyanne Conway just tested positive for Covid-19 too. Her daughter, Claudia, was the first to report this on TikTok. Kellyanne Conway eventually posted a tweet herself confirming this.

  41. There’s been more breaking news today: North Carolina’s incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Thom Tillis just tested positive for Covid-19. Thom Tillis has been trailing in the polls against Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham…, Tillis was recently in close contact with Judge Amy Barrett.

    Trump was also rushed to the hospital today and it’s being reported that he was having difficulty breathing.

    • It’s also reported he is having a panic attack, to put it mildly. He hadn’t expected this to happen to **him**.

      “I wish him well.”

    • “President Trump was spooked by his Covid-19 diagnosis, became more alarmed as he developed symptoms, source says”

      CNN Headlines

    • Tillis and Mike Lee are members of the Senate Judiciary committee so it doesn’t look as if Graham’s scheduled convening of the committee to consider the SCOTUS nomination of Coney Barrett will go as scheduled.
      I wish that DiFi would allow another Democrat to be the ranking member of the that committee because she is no longer up to the task mentally.

      • @Roderick, right? And since DJTs Campaign Manager Bill Stepien and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also have tested positive, Republicans must be in a full panic mode. I too think DiFi should step down. She will retire in 2022, anyway, and I would love to see Katie Porter take her seat. Although Katie would be an obvious choice if Kamala Harris becomes a VP, too.

        @Chris Romero, apparently, ACB has had covid-19 in the Summer, so in all likelihood she still has anticorps. Otherwise, recordings her nomination event could proof a treasure trove for contact tracking. For instance, while Mike Pence is testing negative, he was seated right ahead of Mike Lee. Kellyanne Conway chatted with and hugged Bill Barr.

        I’m feeling sorry for younger WH staffers and press, though. They’ve often had no choice but to engage with these out of control people.

        • The Senate Judiciary committee is 12-10 majority Republican so that means that if they proceeded with the Coney-Barret’s nomination there would be a 10-10 tie.
          Heck, Lindsey Graham who is the chairman of the Judiciary committee is fighting for his political life so he may want to postpone the hearings so he can campaign in South Carolina.

          • @Roderick, Lindsay Graham had a SC debate last night, and it didn’t go well. Jaime Harrison, his Democratic Challenger, brought a plexiglass booth to the stage. Not to mention Harrison is a whip smart and pungent Aquarius Sun with Aries Moon possibly conjunct to Jupiter, and squaring Capricorn Mercury. The only thing Graham had against him is that he has worked as a lobbyist. But that’s probably not very effective against Black Gen Xer raised by a single parent. Despite grants, there are student loans to be paid, something I think most people will understand.

    • @ Chris, unfortunately Tillis’ Democratic opponent was caught sexting a woman who isn’t his wife and he is refusing to drop out and he was leading Tillis in the polls.
      I guess the Democrats can forget about flipping that seat.

      • @Roderick, I don’t know. I think this went from “Likely Demcrat” to “Toss Up” again, but not further down. Those messages were consensual, not racy at all (talked about “kissing”) and mostly concentrated on how to fit an appointment between PTA meetings and such. I just feel that many people used to thinking that “of course” politicians cheat, will not care the slightest bit. Also, they’ve already cast 5 per cent of ballots in North Carolina, and the texts came out after the last scheduled debate, so Tillis won’t have a chance to go after Cunningham on stage anyway.

      • @Roderick,

        No, you’re wrong about that. Cal Cunningham’s lead is too strong for that scandal to bring him down. Plus, early voting had been going on for weeks in North Carolina.

        The data suggests Cunningham (the Democrat) is still in a strong position to flip that seat.

        Besides, that scandal is barely being reported and the Covid-19 situation is overwhelmingly burying all other news right now.

  42. Trump did walk on to the chopper, which was positioned bewteen the cameras and the portico. I am surprised that he walked to the chopper because I though the positoning would allow him to come out the french doors in a wheel chair or a gurney without being seen. One of my friends who is into conspiracy theories thinks he is going for the sympathy since the debate was a debacle.

  43. (a) Please don’t insult the most noble of fruits, the mango. Orange-man he is.
    (b) I think there is or was a politician named Gomango in India. So probably the reverse of Mangoman.

  44. So, Trump has “little fever”, but did he walk into that chopper? And why wasn’t there a Boris Johnson style address if he can sit and talk? Even Bolsonero ripped his mask at this point. Letting people to know US President is functional would be vital from National Security, but also Economical, point of view.

    Als we may have individualize the spreader event, ACB nominstion last Saturday. Since then, four people present have tested positive. Sen. Lee of Utah was seat behind Mike Pence.

    • Transportation is waiting for Trump to leave the White House to go to Walter Reed. Any moment now.
      The helicopter is currently on the front lawn positioned so you cannot see how he will board

  45. trump treated with an experimental Regeneron antibody treatment
    truly epic…The US president as guinea pig

    Mr Trump received a single dose of Regeneron’s antibody cocktail, according to a letter issued by White House physician Sean Conley.
    The treatment is undergoing clinical trials but has not received any form of regulatory approval.

    • Also saw a news report saying E-6B Mercury aircraft were flying on the East/West Coast around the same time it was announced that President Trump was positive for CV-19. Both were flying with transponders on so everyone would know they were there – something they don’t often do -seems like they might have been sending a message to any factions out there that might think our country’s leadership was in trouble. Fox News.

      • I also read this is a Cold War Era procedure that will activate rather easily. Usually, it’s up to Civil Admin to reassure general public. But this isn’t a normal Administration.

    • Regeneron’s treatment apparently showed good results in the trials thus far, with little adverse effects. I’m not surprised they gave it to him. Reduced symptoms and shortened duration. Now it would be nice if they don’t dump millions of people of of healthcare so when it’s available people can get covered for it…

    • Who needs regulatory approval…IT’S DONALD TRUMP! AND IT IS NOT A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION!

      Putin offered trditional get well greetings, according to Russia Today. Little Rocket Man offered get well wishes. Trump followers are expecting a total recovery shortly. Starting with Ivanka, everyone claims he can quickly recover. “It’s just like the flu!!!”

  46. ABC News reporting that Trump is going to Watler Reed Army Medical Center for the next couple of days out of an abundance of caution. Had a fever this morning.

  47. As I write, Trump hasn’t tweeted all day. There has been a WH press release telling he is receiving “an experimental treatment” and Marine One is ready to take him to Walter Reed.

    It could, obviously, be all Leo Mars/ Rising Drama. My daughter, who shares this Trump signature, fell flat on her face and has a bruised lip today, too. But there was a hidden lede on WH press release on experimental drug telling Trump has received “daily aspirin”. People are given this mainly when they are on atheroschelorosis or trombosis watch. My initial completely unprofessional diagnosis of DJTs declining mental acuity was vascular dementia, and this really makes me wonder…

    • 12 min ago
      President Trump has a fever
      From CNN’s Kevin Liptak
      President Trump has had a fever since this morning, a person familiar with the matter says. The person said the fever remains consistent with the White House’s earlier description of “mild symptoms.”
      This is in addition to new information released by the White House doctor, which described Trump as “fatigued.”
      Trump announced on Twitter he tested positive for coronavirus early Friday morning.

  48. At the time of Trump’s diagnosis the full moon in Aries was squaring Trump’s natal Mercury. Over the next week or so a slow moving retrograde Mars in Aries will square both his natal Venus and Saturn. This is in addition to Pluto opposing his Saturn and the litany of challenges outlined by Marjorie above. He could be in for a rough time.

  49. What are Americans going to do when Trump is gone yet all of their problems remain ?

    There is a telling section in Hillary Mantel’s book Bring Up The Bodies where Thomas Cromwell describes his feelings after Katherine of Aragon had died

    “On the day of Katherine’s funeral, he finds himself downcast. How close we hug our enemies! They are our familiars, our other selves.”

      • Along with their supporters! That is the most awful part, and it’s been going on for decades, even as it’s widely known they vote against their own interests… Religion and ideology resist all rational thinking…Trump is the culmination, such that GOO moderates are afraid because they no longer represent their constituents

    • I have no doubt that the U.S. will remain divided with or without Mr.Trump as president. However, with Biden as captain of the ship of state, life on planet Earth will feel slightly less perilous.

    • @ Troy,

      A healthy reminder that Biden just tested negative for Covid-19 and is taking all of the necessary precautions (unlike Trump and his associates).

  50. Thanks Marjorie – yet more chaos. Is this the start of the ‘October Surprise’ I wonder? I noticed that Mars turned retrograde opposite Hope Hicks’ Sun in Libra in September. Black Moon Lilith is, today, at 27 Aries, one degree away from opposing her Sun. Plus I suppose Saturn is exerting pressure from Capricorn, all suggesting conflict for her.

    The new Moon on 16th October does look, to me, as interesting as an eclipse might do. It’s square Trump’s Saturn from the 2nd house. It’s aspects are strong and resonate with January’s Saturn/Pluto conjuction – it’s square Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto and opposes Mars in feverish Aries. The Moon’s Nodes will be conjunct Trump’s Sun for this new Moon as well. He’s just about to have a nodal return, which might also indicate a new cycle for him. This Moon is also square the USA Mercury in Cancer, and it’s Pluto in Capricorn. More news? Can there be any more news? I want to tune out, but it seems impossible. Even when I manage a little, other people always have something to say…..

    • October is a mess of a month with a Cardinal Libra Sun and Mars in Aries – both bouncing off the Saturn Pluto. And December isn’t too hot either. The high stress mood won’t ease up until Mars moves out of Aries at the end of week one in January – and Lunar Returns will carry the aggravation on in some cases for another few weeks. It has been a monumental pain having such a long trail of Mars in Aries on top of everything else.

      • Hi Marjorie,
        It’s been a long time – I think we met at the first AFAN “Astrology Day” meeting in Boston.

        Can you share the choice of time for Trump’s progressed chart it the article?


        – Ed

  51. I’m a sceptic. I think from one of Marjorie’s previous posts that he has an extended run ahead of Neptune transits which tend to lower energy and undermine ego-driven ambitions, and can also indicate underhand and deceptive tactics.

    Details out of the WH are scant. This is a classic move for a narcissist when facing defeat. Could be underhanded tactics a lie & effort 2 turn around campaign 1)only 2 recover quickly & call Covid Nothing but a flu 2)gain sympathy & propel voters to vote for him & profess he’s now a believer. Since Pence seems to be chipper over the inauguration, he is either happy to be done with this administration or voters may vote for their ticket in the the hope to end up with Pence. Interest article here

    • Listening to Midwest conservative talk radio this morning, the hosts’ main concern was how to get someone else on the ballot when so many have already voted absentee. not a whit of concern for Trumps’ health.

    • That seems a stretch. Marjorie’s on Harris’s chart: “tr Pluto in the success-attracting and confident trine to her Jupiter in Taurus, on and off till late 2021, including over the Inauguration. She will also pick up the luck-bringing, sudden-positive-turn tr Uranus square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint from July till late September 2020 and again in spring 2021”

      Can’t imagine she would be doing that well if she ended up being Pence’s VP & would essential be rendered powerless with Pence in office plus Biden looks good past the inauguration Jan 20.

    • If anything were to happen to any of the candidates, I think the parties can replace them till December 14th, the date the Electoral College elects the POTUS/VP.

      Remember that *that* is the actual election of the President/VP, not the one on 3rd November, which is really the election to elect members of the Electoral College.

  52. From your post on Mike Pence in February: “Mike Pence is looking remarkably chipper over the election and inauguration.” If Trump wins the election but dies or withdraws before the inauguration, the VP becomes President. Just one potential scenario.

    • @ Les,

      It’s very unlikely Trump will win reelection at this point – the data analysts were saying it would take a polling error 2 or 3 times bigger than the one in 2016 to give Trump the electoral college…and a polling error that large is also very unlikely.

      At this point, Joe Biden is slated to win the general election. So, I’m thinking Mike Pence might be looking happy around the election and the inauguration because he’s been let off the hook or something of that nature. It could be that Pence breaths a sigh of relief not having to be associated with Trump (who will likely be in major legal trouble once he leaves office) anymore.

      I was discussing Joe Biden’s inauguration chart with another astrologer (using the questionable 8:30 AM birth time) as well as Kamala Harris’s chart for the inauguration. When looking at Harris’s chart, the other astrologer noticed something that I had completely overlooked. He said: “On Harris’ chart, one big plus for her in January is that the multi-planet alignment near 10-11 degrees in the second week of January will activate her *relocated* ascendant for DC at 10 Cancer. Interestingly, it also hits Biden’s Ascendant which is 10 Scorpio.”

      • @Chris,

        I’m sure you’re right that Pence would likely be very happy to be released from having anything more to do with Trump. I can’t imagine how such a very conservative, moralizing Christian can live with the hypocritical contortions it must take to be aligned with Trump and for all these years. I certainly hope it’s Biden and Harris, but will only be relieved when they’re sworn in.

  53. Mars and Eris are exactly conjunct in 2 days adding to the chaos. They within an 1 degree orb square to Saturn and Trump’s natal Saturn. Mars represents will, action, drive, energy, life force and passion, meets Eris, who represents discord, chaos, revealing of artifice, the outsider rage and taker down of the elites. Transiting Uranus is exact to his natal Nessus, which is associated with abuse. He has many former staffers and his niece publish books documenting his abuse.

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