Trump – his supporters fight a losing battle


Despite a minor blip upwards in his poll approval at the start of the crisis, the coronavirus pandemic has set off a distinct slide in Trump’s  popularity with his electorate. His daily rant and rave, blame and vitriol briefings are increasingly been seen by his allies as hurting him and he is badly trailing the state governors and his own medical experts in terms of trustworthiness. In this sort of crisis a US President would normally have nearly 80% approval while he’s sagging into the lower forties.

In previous national emergencies former Presidents have been wheeled in to lend a hand. But the likelihood of Trump giving up his spotlight to Obama and Bush, never mid the medical experts is slight.

His relationship chart with the USA 1776 chart saw tr Pluto in the trapped, aggravated opposition to the composite Mars from late January, returning this July to mid August, and late November through December; with jolts and jangles from tr Uranus opposition the composite Pluto and trine Saturn in this March.

The June Cancer Eclipse will conjunct the relationship composite Sun which could be a critical turning point in terms of national approval; with the July Capricorn Lunar Eclipse hitting the composite Venus for an emotional shock.

His relationship charts with both Republican charts, 28 February 1854 and 22 February 1856, are stressed this year and on. With the 1854 chart especially from exactly now to mid June as tr Saturn squares the composite Sun and is inconjunct Mars; with a disappointment-writ-large tr Neptune square the composite Pluto as well.

His Term chart has just finished the discouraging tr Saturn square the Sun, a few days back, returning mid June to early July. Over the election, assuming it still holds for November,  the Term chart has a disastrous tr Uranus square the Mars/Saturn midpoint; and the Progressed Moon conjunct the Term Saturn square Mars, which is usually also a setback.

His own chart all this year has the demoralizing tr Pluto opposition Saturn and emotionally wounding opposition to his Venus/Saturn midpoint denting his narcissism. With major frustrations also running all year and through 2021 with tr Pluto square opposition the Sun/Mars midpoint. July to late September this year looks like a disaster zone for him when tr Uranus not only squares his 12th house Pluto for a major upheaval but also his accident-prone Mars/Saturn midpoint.

The December Sagittarius Eclipse will throw a crisis or two his way as it is conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun – which could be career, family and/or health.

Tom Joseph of @TomJChicago keeps chipping away with videos of his increasingly erratic behaviour and speaking patterns and lack of coordination as symptoms of increasing dementia.

Nothing is certain but it’s difficult to see how he can survive health-wise never mind politically. Certainly 2021 will see a sharp decline as tr Neptune squares his Sun and Moon.

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  1. I think Trump is finding it more and more difficult not to have an audience to cheer him and return chant his inanities. Reporters asking for cogency on any subject irritates him to no end because he has none to give and it just isn’t cutting it. His addlebrained narcissistic self is Jonesing for a rally fix.
    He is stabbing at media time slots to preempt regular programming with special reports of meandering nonsensical this and thats. His methodology is to interrupt discussions about the current state of affairs that are scheduled to air. His natal 11th house Venus Saturn combination is doing its best to push their housemate Mercury out there but, there isn’t enough of him remaining communicating his polished charm.

    Frankly, if we could specifically isolate him and his base all together right now and let Darwin work it out… I’d say go for it, rally away.

  2. I think Trump’s Inner Circle are now starting to be genuinly worried about him not making it to November, healthwise. Something I’ve noticed about Trump in the past 2-3 weeks is that he is now clearly better groomed than in the past months. Hair in place, no visible concealer lines if not around eye area, less wrinkly suits. I think they brought Hope Hicks back specifically for this, there are stories from campaign trail on her steam ironing Trumps pants. I think Trump also finds her presence soothing.

  3. Please, Marjorie, just tell me he won’t be president in 2021 and I can breathe a huge sigh of relief!! I won’t have to care about his health or otherwise. He’s just done so much harm, and clearly he will bankrupt this country on every level as he has bankrupt his businesses.
    Just tell me he will be outer there!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Keep in mind that this virus is actually benefitting Republicans. How so you may ask? Covid-19 is disproportionately killing PoC. Now if this isn’t bad enough, here’s another kicker! The drug that Trump keeps touting as a treatment, Hydroxychloroquine, is not only used for Malaria, but also Lupus disease. Now Lupus affects far more women than men, but which female demographic is more affected? That’s right…that thought that just crossed your mind….wait for it…..Black Women. So because of Trump, this drug is now difficult to source for Lupus patients as morons keep buying up the thing as there’s no definitive clinical approval for this drug in treating the virus.
    So let’s sum up. Unprecedented voter suppression, intimidation and cheating tactics by the GOP, coupled with anxious and fearful people of color and low voter turnout due to the virus, equates to advantage Republicans. They were on the backfoot and Corona gave them a lifeline. I said it before and here it is again; White women are gonna have to save America(I just didn’t know the magnitude of this opinion until current crisis) as white America is paranoid about losing their power. By the data, the majority of the white electorate leans Republican by the way.
    So folks, don’t be surprised if this election is a tie; as in 269/269 E.C split. The caveat? The E.C isn’t ratified till December. So one or two of these electors could swing for the Dems. Not far fetched, as Trump initially won 306 votes in 2016 but 2 electors changed their vote to Democrats and he ended up with 304 by the ratification.
    The opposing forces are strong and this is a battle for the ages!

    • Don’t worry black people are a strong people. We will survive. Culturies beliefs policies and annihilation have tried to get rid of us and we still here keeping on as we bob and weave through this experience. And still we survive and we rise. Our own people with their ghetto slave mentalities and wars have tried subconsciously too and still we live and we rise. No thing outside of God can do it. So we are not worried. We just get on with it and live. Some just live some fall and some rise. That’s life!! ✌

      • Well said, Jennifer E. You know what’s in line here, and are not going to sit this one out.

        Also, you never should forget that demographics are not working for those who just see minorities and immigrants as disposable “assets”. I did look at this early to Trump’s term, and while Texas and Florida now seem safely Red, they are actually very, very near from having “majority minorities” adult population in 2020’s. Should lead to interesting developments

  5. Sad that so many truly decent people in the US must suffer and die for the sins of the mouth-breathing right-reactionaries there, and conniving plutocrats like Murdoch, that elevated the comb-over buffoon to POTUS.

    The only poetic justice in all of this is that they will likely thin out their own self-righteous ranks by abject ignorance—going to church for Easter because they think their faith in Jesus will shield them from COVID-19. What a bunch of raging fools.

  6. He staggered me the other day when asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask. He replied with a proud smirk, “I can’t do that. I have to meet heads of state, kings, queens, presidents, and so on,” or words to that effect. Err, hello? Earth callijng Mr. President? You won’t be meeting ANY heads of state because they are actually taking this situation seriously and staying in lockdown (mostly) in their own countries. He seemed to be more smugly impressed about how important he was than what is actually happening in real-time and setting an example. He was so wowed over by his own magisterial presence that it gave yet another sharp, ugly insight to this man’s narcissistic personality disorder.

    America thinks they will hit around 60,000 deaths but they haven’t even hit their peak yet. New York is half the size of the UK but has hit the same death rate figures as England and in less time. If each state, at its peak, hit a minimum of 1000 deaths a day for a few days, you will be looking at around 50,000 deaths. Over 5 days that would be 250,000 people gone! A quarter of a million people in less than a week! Why would he NOT take this seriously and prepare people?!! He is still using the world stage to show off his limited peacocking abilities.

    • Boris had the same attitude and looked what happened there. Some people made to take heed and some to live the experience ! Hey ho ….!✌

  7. Hasn’t Trump always acted like he has dementia anyway??????? My husband has it and black definitely becomes white if he thinks it. The Plutonian demolition of the wealthy. No matter how much you have, nature will win.

    • Not really. Contemporaries in New York from 1980’s and 1990’s would note he always was a jerk and a bully, and definitely not as successful a businessman as he liked people to think he was. But many would argue he was a solid markerter and concise communicator. I think some observers noted his speak patterns had deteriorated considerebly by 2016, and if you watch his rallies from that period and late 2019, the detrioriorating is visible. The same goes with physical appearance. He is obese, which obviously brings some issues with age. But he does manifest Parkinson’s like symptoms, which are associated the certain forms of dementia.

      • Yes, he has deteriorated for sure. Here’s a documentary with footage from the early 2000’s. You can clearly see how much has changed in his speech patterns. He is now a parody of himself.

  8. Trump’s chickens are finally coming home to roost.

    No incumbent POTUS has ever survived a recession, let alone the rising figures of very high
    unemployment in such a short time. The ghastly US healthcare system highlights the terrible
    inequality amongst the “haves” and “have-nots.” This is going to end very badly for him and
    the Republican Party.

    The coronavirus pandemic is the unbudgeable stone that will finally crush Trump’s ego
    and any future political aspirations.

    • Yes, you’re right. But I can’t help feeling that if the virus returns this autumn-winter season, then the election might be postponed. Which may suit people other than Trump himself. Surely some of those currently in power can see that he’s unravelling? Marjorie says 2021 for further decline, with the exact Neptune transit hitting Sun and Moon. That astrological “key” is fast approaching the lock on the door to his health and sanity. I just pray that the suffering and misery he’s inflicting will stop sooner, rather than later.

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