Joe Biden – potholes and a few swampy patches ahead

Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for the US Presidential election clearing the way for Joe Biden. Though in these troubled times nothing much is certain. What follows assumes Biden is still standing by November and indeed that the election goes ahead on schedule.

Sanders was never going to get past the massive blockages on his Mars in Aries from Solar Arc Pluto in opposition and transiting Pluto in square. Exactly as of now he also has the confidence/false-happiness denting tr Neptune square his Jupiter; and a disruptive, all-systems-change tr Uranus square his Pluto.

What Biden has in the immediate future: tr Saturn square his Moon April 7th (now) till mid June, which will be emotionally discouraging as well as perhaps physically pressured – Boris Johnson has tr Saturn square his Scorpio Moon now, amongst other aspects. Tr Saturn also squares his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint at the same time which is stuck, no progress, confidence denting. He also has a collision of sorts from Solar Arc Mars square his Moon exact now and for a few months ahead. Tr Uranus is in the same disruptive square to his Pluto as Sanders, in his case in May and again late November/December and February 2021. In a man of his age both the Moon and Pluto jolts could be problematic.

He has a couple of tricky career aspects if his birth time is accurate. Tr Neptune opposing his Virgo Midheaven from late this month till late August which will be undermining; and his Solar Arc Midheaven opposition his Saturn, exact at the year end, which is usually a setback.

Late August to late November he has tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint which usually coincides with plans not working out – with the caveat that Jupiter will be joining in over the election conjunct tr Pluto. But tr Neptune is also opposing his Mars/Jupiter midpoint early October to late January 2021, which also suggests ambitions with little hope of succeeding.

He looks much more upbeat from late January 2021 and will be firing ahead with more energy with greater success through 2021/22. I doubt a delayed election is possible but it would certainly suit him if it was.

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24 thoughts on “Joe Biden – potholes and a few swampy patches ahead

  1. Re: Marjorie’s statement that Biden looks more upbeat in late January. The inauguration is scheduled for January 20. What many fear is a Supreme Court intervention, upending a Biden victory as happened when George W. Bush came into office after Gore’s Florida votes were count-stopped by the Court. The Court is even more partisan and right wing now. Don’t know if there is any astrological way to calculate what impact the Supreme Court will have on the U.S. election outcome at this point. Also, Amy Klobuchar has been prominently mentioned as a VP nominee; she wouldn’t add diversity to the ticket, but Harris’s prosecutorial record is, indeed, problematic with U.S. African Americans. Too bad Biden promised a female; Andrew Cuomo could have really propelled the ticket. Unless Michelle Obama changes her mind and steps in? Sorry to be all over the map here; always appreciate Marjorie’s insights on our governance problems in the U.S., especially now.

    • Deborah, what you say about the Supreme Court is worrisome especially after what the Republican Five did earlier this week by intervening in the Wisconsin primary and possibly throwing the state Supreme Court seat to a Republican by allowing the vote to go forward knowing that forcing people who had already requested absentee ballots to go to the polls would lead to depressed turnout which usually favors Republicans.

      As for Cuomo I don’t think his handling of NY’s coronavirus crisis has been positive. Also two white males on the ticket would alienate too many racial minority groups within the Democratic party and Democrats don’t have to worry about losing NY state.

      Stacy Abrams would be the perfect running mate because she would put the purple state of Georgia in play-a state that Trump needs to win the electoral college. Unfortunately, Stacey is too green and Pence or Nikki Haley would run circles around her during the VP debate.

      Fortunately for the Democrats Florida is a mess right now with our stupid governor constantly behind issuing orders to prevent the spread of the coronavius, and unemployment is skyrocketing because so much of Florida’s economy is service industry related and with Disney World closed many Floridians have tried to apply for unemployment trying to use the website or phone and have had to instead drive to unemployment offices and wait in line for a paper application–risking becoming infected with the coronavirus.

      It’s a catastrophe.

  2. Roderick, please keep in mind that while Barack Obama didn’t want to “step in” for any given candidate when the competition was on, he will without any doubt endorse who ever Democratic Nominee will be. So I would not worry about black voters sitting this one out because the Democratic VP Candidate doesn’t pass these “purity tests” set mainly by blue check mark Californian Bernie Sanders surrogates. Especially when covid-19 is ravishing black communities disproportionally, not only in South, but in Michigan and New York. This will, ubdoubtably, shift the discourse to black community specific health concerns, such as black maternal mortality, and with an obvious exception of Liz Warren, none of the candidates was more prepared on this issue than Senator Harris.

    I’m still not saying Kamala Harris will be Biden’s VP pick, but if you look at Marjorie’s early assessment of candidates, she does have good transits around January 20th 2021, so she has a reason to be happy for something, and she won’t be up to re-election. It could be personal, of course, but there are actually very few people in The US politics looking even remotely happy around that time, so you could choose to interpret this as “career related”.

    I must say I’m also curious about “that woman in Michigan”, Gretchen Whitmer. She is an August 23th 1971 Native, either last degree Leo or 0 degree Virgo. She also has Venus in the middle of DNC Leo conjunction, so very favored there. Also, I might be the only person who watched the show “Commander in Chief”, where VP Geena Davies assumed the office after POTUS suddenly died. And Governor Whitmer look almost eerily like Ms. Davies’ on that show.

    • @ Solaia,

      I mentioned this earlier. Marjorie and many other astrologers did say Kamala Harris has many powerful transits later this year…it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

      Like you said, since Kamala Harris isn’t up for reelection this year, It’s hard to imagine how her powerful transits could indicate anything other than being chosen for VP and winning the general election. At least, I’m hoping that’s what will happen.

      I haven’t looked at Kamala Harris’s chart since February of last year. Doesn’t Kamala Harris have transiting Jupiter trine her Midheaven later this year? If so, I would think that would indicate a major boost in her career endeavors

    • Solaia: I’m still not saying Kamala Harris will be Biden’s VP pick, but if you look at Marjorie’s early assessment of candidates, she does have good transits around January 20th 2021, so she has a reason to be happy for something

      U.S. Attorney General, maybe?

      I am sorry, but Obama doesn’t have that much influence over African Americans because many feel that Obama’s presidency didn’t benefit African Americans but did benefit gays and transgenders, and many African Americans are very homophobic and resentful of white gays whom they saw as Obama’s main cheerleaders.

      Whitmer would add little to the ticket because I believe Michigan is already leaning toward Biden especially now that unemployment has skyrocketed due to Covid-19.

  3. I trust Marjorie’s readings and am hopeful that the chance of getting an accurate birth time for Biden is possible…I realize this isn’t a political column but it scares me to think that we will have 4 more years of these lies and corrupt politics in our lives. The lying is just so hard and this guy is such a crook – only cares about the rich.

  4. Please remember this is an astrology forum not a political one. Political prediction is a fragile skill and interpretations can go awry never mind birth times sometimes being inaccurate. But just because the predictions don’t fit with your personal preferences doesn’t mean they are wrong. If you are invested in one candidate or another winning then you need to go elsewhere. If you’re interested in the astrology, what it says and how well it tracks events, then stick around.

    • @ Marjorie,

      I think you’re misinterpreting my comments. They’re not intended to try and persuade anyone to support my preferred candidate and I’m not trying to turn this into a political forum (even though this is post is about a political topic and the comments I made do pertain to the discussion). Also, I wasn’t implying you were necessarily predicting who was or who wasn’t going to win the general election. When I was responding to Troy, I did kind of make the same point you’re making here: political predictions in astrology can be quite challenging and they don’t always manifest a certain way. And I did not say it was just because of inaccurate birth times. I said personal biases and preferences (whether subliminal or intended) can be strong factors as well. I also said I understood why many Western astrologers have had similar insights regarding Biden’s current chart because there are many challenging aspects. However, there have been many surprises too.

  5. I think Joe Biden is going to pick Kamala Harris as his VP. Given that all the birth times are correct (I still think Biden has a different birth time; he’s proving to be a stronger candidate than his current chart suggests), Harris appears to have a few trines and other powerful aspects in her chart this November.

    In other words, it could be that Biden’s VP pick solidifies his general election victory this year. The rumors have it that Kamala Harris is slated for that slot….so, I guess we’ll see what happens

    • If Biden picks Harris he will lose support among African Americans who see Biden as the last link to the Obama legacy. Besides whoever is Biden’s VP will be the de facto Democratic presidential nominee in 2024 if Biden wins in November.
      Harris didn’t gain traction in the primaries because she is a former prosecutor and many African Americans saw her as feeding a lot of African American men into the meat grinder of the prison industrial complex.
      Harris is also married to a non-black male and a lot of African American females are against interracial dating/marriage.

        • If you look at the margins that Trump won by in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2016 it won’t take many African Americans staying home in 2020 for Trump to win the electoral college again.

      • I think minority populations (especially black & brown people) object to her not so much because she was a prosecutor, but what she did with that power.

  6. I honestly think Joe Biden has a different birth time because he’s defying virtually all of the astrological predictions so far. Other astrologers have hypothesized this too because Biden is proving to be a more powerful candidate than the stars would suggest.

    Also, as for a possibly delayed general election, I do think that is more of a possibility than originally thought because scientists and health officials are predicting COVID-19 to intensify this fall and winter…and there has been a lot of discussion about changing the format of the general election to a mail-in only if the pandemic remains or worsens. If they were to change the format, this would take a lot of time and preparation…so, it wouldn’t be unimaginable if they did feel compelled to delay the general election for that reason. Plus, counting millions of mail-in ballots would even further delay the general election.

  7. The fact that this is comparing his transits to BoJo is tracking with what I alluded to previously. That Biden may be stricken with the virus or some health issue or scandal which paves the way for a Buttigieg Nom.
    Marjorie’s recent reading of Jill shows she’s happy about something in July if I recall correctly, which may be more indicative of a Biden health recovery.
    Just trying my best to extrapolate plausible scenarios.
    Full disclosure: Yes I’d be happy as ants in a bowl of sugar if Buttigieg gets it after all. Biden was always a risky last resort.

    • @Troy

      There is no way for Buttigieg to get the nomination; he has few delegates and he never had the support of core constituencies with the Democratic Party.

      Democrats (the real ones) want Joe Biden, that’s why we voted for him all over the country. If anyone tries to take his nomination from him, there will be serious consequences – like, this country will end up with the Orange Idiot Trump again for 4 more years because African-American voters will not turnout in the numbers needed unless Biden is on the ticket.

      For the record, Biden is not putting himself at risk of contracting COVID-19; he’s been running his campaign from the privacy of his own home in Delaware and he’s been taking all of the necessary precautions (something I wish more people in this country were doing right now).

      By the way, notice how Biden is defying all of these astrological predictions? I think it’s possible Biden has a different birth time – his chart is likely more powerful than the one we’re looking at right now.

      • Relax @Romero. Black folks will happily vote for any Dem., especially any centrist that made valiant outreach efforts. We are not as anti Buttigieg as the media portrays. Biden was largely saved by Clyburn!

        Besides the fact that you’re underestimating Marjorie’s track record so far, even without birth times, other seemingly credible astrologers still have Biden’s chances as weak and Buttigieg being stronger(correlation). So I’d curb my enthusiasm for Biden if I were you. Just an opinion.

        • @ Troy,

          I’m not underestimating Marjorie or any other astrologer’s track record. Marjorie hasn’t made any predictions as to who is going to win or lose the general election…she’s only sharing what she sees in the charts of the candidates given the information she has.

          However, without verified birth times, it makes it more challenging for any astrologer to know with absolute certainty how the general election will play out because you have to look at transits, houses, etc.

          My Mother is an astrologer and she’s always been extremely accurate when she’s done personal readings for friends, family members, and other people she’s known. However, she absolutely refuses to do political astrology because she said it’s one of the hardest things to interpret – she feels her personal biases and preference for certain candidates could possibly cloud her judgement. And I believe that could be the case with any astrologer (even if it’s subliminal and not intentional).

          I made the point about birth times because there is a fairly well known Swedish astrologer I’ve been following for a number of years who made an interesting point: he said many birth times that we have for public people (especially if they’re older individuals) may or may not be as accurate as we think because we sometimes get this information by word of mouth and without actually seeing their birth certificates. He said other people sometimes believe they were born at a certain time because that’s what they were always told by their parents…but the times aren’t always recorded on their actual birth certificates. That is something to consider in Joe Biden’s case. He may have been born at 8:32 pm instead of 8:32 am for all we really know.

          And yes, I’m aware other Western astrologers have made similar interpretations about Biden’s presidential chances based on his listed birth time….but not all of them.

          I spoke with an astrologer from Atlanta who told me she feels the most accurate way to interpret who will win a general election is by using diurnal chart for the two candidates. However, she said this can only work if we have the exact birth times (no rectified or assumed times) of both candidates. She said she’s been right every time when she’s used the diurnal chart method. Unfortunately, since Trump is a habitual liar, we can’t trust that his birth certificate is the real deal.

          Anyway, I’ve noticed vedic astrologers (who are using the sidereal charts) have been surprisingly accurate in many of their political predictions. Many did predict Biden to win the nomination pretty early…but I haven’t seen any of them predict who will win the general election (not yet, at least). So, I’m curious about that. I know very little about vedic astrology…so I don’t know their methods for extrapolating information other than their use of the sidereal charts.

          And I will remain enthusiastic about Biden because I am confident he will win the general election. I’m also confident he will pick an amazing VP. I’m thinking he’s going to pick either Kamala Harris, Tammy Duckworth, or Gretchen Whitmer. All 3 of them would be strong picks

      • Buttigieg would never get enough votes from African Americans to win the general election because he is gay. I say this as a gay African American.

  8. If Joe Biden becomes President he will be older taking office office for the first time than Ronald Reagan was when leaving office in 1989. In fact Trump, Sanders and Biden have combined ages that are greater than Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko the famously geriatric trio who led the USSR to oblivion and all died in office. I hope history is not going to repeat itself in the USA.

    • “In fact Trump, Sanders and Biden have combined ages that are greater than Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko the famously geriatric trio who led the USSR to oblivion and all died in office.”

      This made me spit my non-alcoholic drink. I think this would also be true for current POTUS, Speaker of The House and Speaker of The Senate. Luckily, life expectancy for American men isn’t quite what it is for Russian men even today (Putin is several years beyond), not to speak of Soviet era dinosaurs.

      I suspect Biden’s VP pick is a Pluto in Virgo or even Pluto in Libra, and more likely in their 50’s or even 50’s than 60’s or over. Since he went on record picking a woman, I think the likeliest candidates are Senator Harris and Governor Whitmer. They seem to tick many, many boxes.

      • Ambassador Susan Rice would be nice. Ironically I just used the “tick boxes” phrase in the questions and comments section before reading this. Lol funny timing.

        • Even if former NSA Rice is offered the VP slot she will decline like she declined to run against Susan Collins for the U.S. Senate seat in Maine.

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