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  1. Given current events and the last Eclipse that crossed the U.S., was on August 21 2017,
    there is an even bigger and longer Eclipse on April 8 2024 starting in Mexico and going through
    the U.S., and Canada.
    Any thoughts on its effects?
    Best wishes and Happy Easter!

  2. Are you able to do a reading on King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon and their relationship?
    Henry VIII – June 28, 1491 in Greenwich Kent
    Catherine – December 16th, 1485 in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
    Reign – April 22nd 1509
    Married June 11, 1509 in Greenwich

    Much is made of his other marriages, it would be interesting to see if this was indeed a love match

  3. Dear Marjorie
    Alexander Thynn the Marquis of Bath died recently He was the archetypal aristocratic eccentric ,also a serial adulterer with an obsessive interest in pornographic art Were there any pointers in his chart to bear this out ?

  4. What do you make of ex’s Bruce Willis & Demi Moore being in lockdown together, despite being in relationships with other people?

  5. Could you please have a look at Susan Rice’s future prospects Marjorie? Yes I know Harris is well positioned based on your assessment, but Rice is so qualified for V.P she outshines most if not all contenders. Would be nice to see her mood over the period.

  6. Fighting in the supermarkets. I hadn’t yet read this kind of news online yet in my store the tempers are certainly flaring bt wn customers wating in-line and checkout clerks/mgmt trying to maintain revenues and customer satisfaction. Yesterday (4/7), the store manager was involved with several fist fights with overly head-strong bullies in the checkout lines. The bullies are easy to pick out; they’ve got that hatred etched in their faces. All this over the 6′ rule, empty shelves, and rationing on milk and toilet paper.

    The very worst in humanity plays out during these times. No gunfights as of yet. Yet.

    This behavior is only just beginning to manifest…Does anyone else see similarities in lock-down cities? Lots of Mars anger here in Washington.

  7. Sometimes simple astrology works: Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, this time for real, after Full Moon last night hit his Aries Moon/Mars.

  8. As we are just after the Libran Full Moon, thought of asking you Marjorie,
    what do you think of the Libran New Moon on 16 October next at around 20.30p.m?
    See it squaring Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto hence the question!
    Thank you if you comment.

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