Boris Johnson – his life at a crossroads

Boris Johnson is now in the early stages of recovery, having been moved out of ICU onto a hospital ward. But his father Stanley, never one to hold back, admitted it had been a close call and said that it would take him time to recover. Despite good wishes coming his way there are also serious questions being asked about the disastrous early handling of the crisis in the UK and his overly centralised government not being designed to cope with the absence of key figures.

A brush with near-death will not only have taken it out of him physically, it will also have taken its toll on his mental attitudes, ambitions etc. So he’s unlikely to bounce back as before.

His Scorpio Moon which had tr Saturn in square late March and early this month, will take another hit mid June to early July. His Secondary Progressed Moon is exactly conjunct his Neptune which will be debilitating and that won’t move off the degree for two to three weeks ahead. He has the muddled-thinking tr Neptune square his Mercury at the moment till late April, again in September and early 2021.

If his birth time is absolutely accurate at 2pm then he has his Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Uranus within months which could suggest radical change of direction in his career/life. He’s on his Nodal Return this year with the June Cancer Eclipse conjunct his Cancer North Node; and the December Sagittarius Eclipse will be in opposition to his Sun, Venus for a good going crisis in the months thereafter. So he’s at a crossroads.

His Moon, which is obviously health sensitive as well as emotionally intense, will be under stress for some time to come with his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Moon late 2020/into 21, followed by Solar Arc Saturn in opposition and then Solar Arc Mars in square up to just beyond mid decade. Around 2024/25 tr Neptune squares his Sun and Venus for a lacklustre dip.

His Term chart, 13 December 2019 11 am London, is also due to catch the December Sagittarius Eclipse so it will be a challenging time then and into early 2021; with the undermining tr Neptune in an indecisive square to the Term Sun from late March 2021 onwards.

Before then the Term chart has tr Neptune in a catastrophic square to the Mars/Pluto midpoint, which was around in March, returning early October to late January 2021. Late 2021/22 could be terminal for this Term or hugely restrictive with the Solar Arc Saturn closing the conjunction to Pluto.

The UK aren’t quite as out-of-love with Boris as the US with Trump, but there’s a gentle drift downwards in approval from last month onwards extending on into 2023. The December 2020 Sagittarius Eclipse and the 2021 ones will impact the Boris/UK relationship chart so it’ll be a bumpy ride.

Dominic Cummings is equally on a slide vis a vis the UK, not that he was ever popular, but he’ll be increasingly less so with 2021 being the nadir.

Cummings personal chart isn’t too illuminating in general ahead: though this June, October and April 2021 look nerve stretched and disrupted; with panics and disasters through 2021.

Heaven alone knows what will happen with Brexit, since the economic hit from CV19 will be sobering enough without adding another layer of pain; never mind the EU being almost strained to the point of rupture by the problems of Italy and Spain.

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8 thoughts on “Boris Johnson – his life at a crossroads

  1. Hi Marjorie You have said previously that the second half of the decade will be fundamentally different from the first half. Is there any chance of a post about the aspects for the UK for 2025 onwards- in the hope that we might eventually have relief from the terrible conditions around over the next few years?

  2. Remember all the election talk re NHS?? Perhaps he has to be using it himself to understand whats decades of under finding has done to it. However, telling the FANTASTIC doctors, nurses, and staff of all kinds in NHS who are dying because of that underfunding that they should not overuse PPE that they haven’t even got!!!!!! sums up Boris and crew completely. The sheer arrogance of the wealthy takes your head off.

  3. Yes, I thought he might not stay the course as PM too.

    I think the nodal return’s timing is interesting as well. When Boris was elected as MP for Henley in June 2001, the nodes were also approaching their return in his natal chart. That election saw a whirlwind line up of planets in air and fire – with a retrograde Mars at 24 Sagittarius close to Chiron at 26 Sagittarius opposing his Sun and Venus. Retrograde Mercury at 29 Gemini. Saturn in Gemini squared his Virgo Uranus. Jupiter in Gemini gave the whole thing a further boost. Yes, he may always have wanted to be prime minister, but this seems like the moment when he deliberately set foot on that path. And as he recovers from his very serious illness, he will have time to think about his life. He may well choose to make plans to hand over to someone else eventually, before the next election.

    • Perhaps, or the economic fallout of it. Any sort of brexit/EU trouble or delay would probably be the icing on the cake.
      All bets are off

    • The worry must be that the SARS-COV-2 is seasonal like most Coronaviruses. This is what Fauci expects. If so it will die back in the summer and return in the autumn. The obvious concern would be it coinciding with a bad flu season as happened in 2014-15. That would potentially be a terrible situation.

  4. VOC Moon at the time of the general election and all the retrogrades this year, it was never going to be straight forward. At one point looking at it all, I was half convinced that Boris would quit or find some way out, perhaps that Neptune on his Chiron. There are a lot of planetary stations this year affecting the Conservative Party as well as the UK, lots of changes of direction (and sometimes it can mean leader, even temporarily).

    I expect there’ll be some other U-turn or change of course in the summer when Venus stations opposite the Sun in term chart of the current government; it’s an awful, cynical thought but this might be timed with the positive news story of the new baby. Another point to watch is when tr Mars in Aries stations exactly on Johnson’s SA Saturn and retrogrades back to square his SA Mars in September, this immediately precedes the hard Neptune transit to the gov term chart’s Mars/Pluto that Marjorie mentions – whatever it is, it looks pretty angry and screams “backlash” to me.

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