Trump family cracks – failure is an orphan

The shine has worn off the Trump family brand with even Ivanka and Jared reportedly jumping overboard after catching flak over the January 6th outrage. Senior’s inability to let go his obsessive grievance and his hours-a-day ranting over ‘a stolen election’ is also evidently grating. Plus he’s jealous about Kushner’s “seven-figure” book deal and fears he’ll claim credit for pa-in-law’s achievements. Last but not least the Manhattan district attorney is circling the wagons with the first suggestion of possible criminal charges against the Trump Organization. The initial sally, which sounds minor enough, will put the spotlight on CFO Allen Weisselberg, whom they are trying to turn.

   The relationship charts between Trump and both Ivanka and Jared indicate there is the start of year-long phase of hyper-anxiety, confusion and paralysis from July 7th with tr Uranus opposition the composite Neptune in both – even more jarring for Jared since that forms part of the composite Yod with his father-in-law. That Yod always hinted at two things – a relationship that would irrevocably change the lives of both and an underlying ego-battle where only one could win. That influence runs on and off into May 2022.

  This covers the time when Trump’s personal chart goes into financial and career meltdown. He has the chaotic, scandal-prone and physically undermining tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Neptune midpoint July to mid August and again this December. Then he has two poleaxing Solar Arcs – his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune and his Solar Arc Neptune opposing his 10th house Uranus. They will both come exact in three months though can trigger early. From late this July tr Neptune returns to square his Sun and then retrogrades in aspect to his Moon and back again until March 2022. Returning with one final hit to his Sun in November 2022 to January 2023.  Plus the tr Uranus square tr Saturn is hitting on his Pluto and calamitous Mars/Saturn midpoint through this year into early 2022.

  There’s clearly more than ripples running through the family with the composite Suns of Ivanka with Don Jnr and Eric and even Jared all catching the upcoming December Sagittarius Eclipse head on – and that usually points to a crisis or two in the months after.

 Ivanka this year is still picking up the super-confident tr Pluto square her Jupiter though it could push her to take unnecessary risks which end up in conflict with authority figures. But she’s still having a discouraging uphill struggle with worse in 2022/23/24 when she runs in disasters and failures. Jared will also hit acute frustrations and aggravations in 2023/24.

 Weisselberg, 15 August 1947, is into his bumpiest patch for years with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on his Pluto Saturn in Leo this year. He’s pretty rock solid and has shown no sign so far of flipping on Trump but their relationship chart is showing signs of acute stress this year with much much worse come 2022/23.  

See previous post February 28 2021.

18 thoughts on “Trump family cracks – failure is an orphan

  1. “Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance has indicated he does not currently plan to charge the Trump Organization with crimes related to allegations of “hush money” payments and real estate value manipulations, according to a personal lawyer for Donald Trump.”

    Looks like Vance is acting true to form and still letting that family off the hook. And also that the former guy’s luck is still holding. The 7th can’t come too soon.

  2. SCDee astutely points out the biggest problem in the U.S. right now: Fox News brazenly broadcasting lie after lie to shore up Trump. Marjorie, I’m sure you’ve done the Murdochs and I will use your search engine to find those entries, but if in the future you have a spare few minutes…many of us would be very interested in your current analysis of Trump’s news machine, the Murdoch writers/readers/entertainers who use Rupert’s outlets to confuse and manipulate the less-well-educated conservatives in the U.S. Our hope was that James Murdoch might moderate his father’s empire, but it looks as if Lachlan has sidelined him?

    • I can’t say I’d be interested in an analysis of such a machine. Tho a private consultation would give you much more detail, possibly.

  3. Jarvanka will claim he was only the coffee boy. Still waiting for his devout followers to notice he not only doesn’t rave about anything new but also can’t put the correct words together.

  4. Larryc, many years ago I read up on all the things that you have to do or happens when you move to France. It was a magazine dedicated to it. And without fail nearly everyone said they thought the first year was stressful but nowhere near as stressful as the second when the French taxman inundated you with all the form filling and sends an enormous tax bill. And you have to declare all your assets every year, so they know how much to tax your heirs, if and when you kick the bucket. You should find out all about property laws and how it affects your spouse or children. It is very very different from what you might expect.

    Of course if you know all this stuff, then fine. I am presuming you are an American, so you probably know that you will need to be aware of all the tax implications. It wouldn’t be fun to have to pay income tax on your pension or savings twice now would it. You should check and see if the USA and France have a tax treaty.

  5. Larryc, just be sure that you can afford it. I understand that the second year is when the taxman goes in for the kill. And you have to declare all assets.

    • Been working several years with my consultant who runs a legit business. Assisting Americans relocating to France to retire &/or purchase a home there. She’s from Provence, and I had several plans go awry due to covid and a lack of employment here in the US. The laws change all the time, of course.

      Basic EU medical insurance costs under 2000 USD /yr. Medicare not accepted over there.

      Tax man, where? The IRS? The French want all assets declared, even international. No escaping it.

      • French wealth tax is only levied after the first 800,000 = 950k dollars of assets nowadays. I have a very efficient accountant who fills in tax forms here for the princely sum of 250 euros a year. There is a double tax treaty with the USA so any tax paid in France is subtracted from any federal amount. The USA system of insisting USA tax returns are filled in every year even for ex-pats is cumbersome and not mirrored by the UK system. But there are plenty of ex-pat organisations who will help out with advice.
        Linda if I may respectfully say so you tend to get overly negative about things – putting out scary warnings isn’t helpful.

  6. Very interesting, Marjorie. Thank you. Another noted astrologer is predicting that Trump’s children will be very much involved/implicated in criminal/financial investigations, with Ivanka possibly flipping on Daddy to save her own butt. Her and Jared’s distancing from Trump certainly points in that direction.

  7. Thanks Marjorie. Between Trump thinking he will be re instated in August when the AZ recount is done and Mike, My Pillow Guy’s rants it never ends. Late night reporting indicated that his lawyers already met with NY Vance and are already expecting charges next week and will rush to file motion to dismiss. He’s in Ohio today and Florida July 3rd for more rallies. I mean am I the only shaking their head? Even if I was a Trumper I have better things to do than to go to some rally when it’s not an election year etc. I am curious to the chart of Mike Lindell. I will search for chart if you posted one earlier.

    • Between Trump thinking he will be re instated in August when the AZ recount is done

      Too bad Arizona’s 11 electoral votes still won’t get Trump to 270 even if the fake audit ‘certifies’ Trump the winner, but hey there’s a reason that Trump loves the poorly educated.

  8. Trump is not well.

    Headline on Cnn today, “Trump kicks off revenge tour with eyes on one Ohio Republican”. At the gas station, noticed one of the Trump flags with “2024 Trump Revenge Tour” flying oh so proudly in the back of a pickup truck (where else???). Revenge?

    Family members continue to support the notion of the election “it was stoled!” Yes, that hillbilly-hick word.

    How can people live with such anger and hatred in themselves?

    • It’s so hard to be in America. My in-laws will never stop supporting Trump. He is their savior. And they claim to be devout Christians. Their FB feeds are filled with so much hatred, conspiracies and enmity; all the while acting morally superior.
      There is nothing Christian about them.
      And my mother (very well-educated) still believes Trump won and refers to him as Prez.
      My spouse and I have to just ignore it all.
      Hope this ends at some point.

      • The U.K. doesn’t go in for religiosity so I struggle to understand how US Christians see him as the Saviour when he ticks every box for qualifying as the AntiChrist.

        • Televangelism works wonders here in Drompf’s Amerika. It’s the perfect (anti-)social media.

          I’ve still got my sights on retirement in Europe. Some small burg in Provence.

        • Because they’re phony Christians who haven’t cracked a Bible in years. They just get off on acting superior while worshipping Trump. It’s a cult and they’ve got Fox News blasting propaganda at them 24/7.

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