Trump facing his demons or falling into them



Can Trump get the better of his inner demons? This is the week we’ll get a hint. The Leo Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday,  only a day after his State of the Union speech, is conjunct his 12th house Pluto and so is his Progressed Moon, which is a double whammy. Pluto rules the shadow, especially in the 12th – rage, jealousy, greed, fear, envy, selfishness, the need for power and control, the seven deadly sins. When it is triggered people can go over to the dark side and wallow in their baser nature or become crippled by shame and feelings of unworthiness. The Eclipse effect lasts for six months so he will be challenged to overcome his compulsions and obsessions in the time ahead and indeed it’ll be stoked up again by the July Lunar eclipse.

Pluto is, of course, the planet of transformation so there is a faint possibility he’ll finally start to grapple with a lifetime of bad habits and semi-pathological behaviour. He didn’t disgrace himself at Davos, but they were his kind of people. The speech to Congress on Tuesday will be a tougher test. Worth watching for signs.

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  1. All eyes are on the bespoke memo penned by Devon Nunes, the “recused” House chair of the committee probing Russian collusion, to discredit among others Ron Rosenstein, the deputy head of Justice. It contains classified material, but Trump has been pushing to have it made public, if possible before the Tuesday speech. It allegedly contains cherry-picked bits that would justify Trump’s firing of Rosenstein. Then he could slip his own flunky in to fire Mueller, thus effectively ending any serious collusion investigation. Will be interested in whether there’s news on this Tuesday.

  2. My interpretation of Trump’s progressed Moon conjunct Pluto is it was exact on the day he spoke at Davos. I think it signifies he attracted powerful women (Theresa May?) and profound people to him. Also exact on that same day was his progressed midheaven conjunct his progressed Saturn showing him to be seriously seen as a leader. I’d love to know what you think about when his progressed Moon at 14 Leo conjuncts Hillary’s Mars-Pluto conjunction in several months time.

    • Or he wallows in obscene quantities of money? Pluto lord of the dark underground of wealth, greed and power? The exact exact aspect isn’t always when events show up and it’s on this degree for a few weeks.

      • Trump’s 2018/2019 Solar Return set for Washington has a 5th house Uranus squaring 8th house Venus and (questionable orb) 2nd house Mars. I’ve taken this as outgoing money flow.

        Also, while Trump was speaking in Davos, a documentary called “Con Man”, in “Dirty Money” series, came out on Netflix, concentrating on Trump business deals. There isn’t much new on it for us who’ve “followed the money”, but it’s a good reminder on who Trump has been dealing with to keep his business afloat.

  3. Facing his demons would be showing weakness – I cannot imagine him doing that. His family might think he’d suffered a stroke or had gone over the edge into delusion.

    Speaking of Davos, very little made it to the (fake) news streams about what was said or conducted, tho most at the meeting will look for any opportunity to make a buck from Making America Grape Again.

  4. I’ve always understood the 12th house to be the house of self-undoing: Serve or suffer. He doesn’t seem capable of serving. He does look like he suffers a lot, though he wouldn’t want to let anyone know that.

    Will be watching Wed night.

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