UK ruling party in an agony of indecision



The drum roll for Theresa May’s departure is growing louder as the Tory Party grows ever more exasperated and desperate about her lack-lustre performance. A new leader need not mean another general election, but there’s no obvious unifying or even half-decent candidate. Given that the party has been in meltdown conflict over the Brexit issue, the 12 Nov 1867 CP chart never seemed to be that informative. My thanks, therefore to (url below), who have come up with another date for a manifesto which set the party policies of midnight 18 December 1834.

It certainly shows up the turmoil at the heart of the party with tr Pluto square tr Uranus hitting on the Cancer Moon Mars over the recent past; and dragging on for with tr Pluto squaring the Saturn in 2018/19. I would have to confess I wouldn’t have immediately leapt to predict Maggie Thatcher’s win in 1979 from it, but that’s only on a cursory look.

What’s for sure is that Theresa May is now putting her foot onto the longest and worst banana skin of her career from early February onwards with tr Neptune conjunct her Mars and tr Pluto aiming to make a catastrophic conjunction to her Mars/Saturn midpoint from March onwards till late 2019. In mid-April there’s a separating tr Uranus opposition on her relationship chart with both the CP 1867 and 1834, to Venus and Sun respectively. So if the charts have some validity that might be a crucial turning point, returning in Dec/Jan 2019.

Of the main contenders: Michael Gove looks seriously aggravated and frustrated from March onwards, maybe even suffering a job loss in April. That last influence repeats on and off into 2019.

Boris Johnson equally looks to be infuriated, restricted and stuck and won’t recover his mojo until 2019.

Jacob Rees Mogg is less afflicted, with a lucky break in May but will suffer badly after mid year as tr Uranus opposes his Mars/Pluto. Though he’s on a high in 2020/2021.

The Conservative Party – A Cancer at the Heart of British Politics

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  1. Hello Marjorie
    Does the chart of our titular head of state show changes of government? I know we don’t have an accurate time for May but I wondered if the Queens chart might be informative in that respect. Thanks for your hard work

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