Trump administration – marooned on an island of its own creating



Donald Trump’s admin is making slow-to-no progress on major campaign promises – repeal Obamacare to allow for tax cuts and substantial infrastructure investment to name but three – as it gets increasingly snarled up in the Russia imbroglio. Some politicians are now murmuring about Don Jnr’s Russia meeting, that cooperating with a foreign nation to influence an American election especially one deemed by the military to be a primary state adversary, if proven, is treason.

Dominating the Trump Term chart is the Jupiter opposition Uranus which Sakoian & Acker describe as a ‘soap bubble that breaks at the slightest prick’, promises more than can produce, unwise financial expansion which can lead to ruin, unbridled flights of imagination with no basis in reality. That opposition squares onto Pluto in the 9th, hence rolling legal tangles as well as bile and bitterness about foreign affairs. A Cardinal Pluto on the point of a T Square tends to be bullying, forceful, manipulative, not good at sharing power or integrating with others, chip-on-the-shoulder defensive when threatened, contemptuous. It can have its uses but always tends to run into hostile resistance. That chart picks up the tr Pluto square Uranus from February 2018, which will start to seriously destabilise it – and that runs till late 2019.

There’s also an 8th house Saturn square Mars, which does suggest an administration beset by setbacks and frustrations, and that is picking up the tr Saturn square to Mars again late Oct/early Nov this year.

The Term Sun is unaspected which gives an intense yet erratic quality, creating a virtual island unto itself mentality which can be isolated, self-important, unable to relate outwardly to prevailing circumstances.

The other chart, in some ways more interesting, is the moment Trump accepted the GOP nomination – 22 July 2016 12.13 am, Cleveland, Ohio – since at some point the Republicans may decide enough is enough and President Pence would be preferable.

That chart is being seriously rattled by this August’s Lunar Eclipse hitting the Venus Mercury for an emotional shock and crisis; and the Leo Solar Eclipse opposing the Moon which will put an additional strain on relationships. It is in any event a highly strained chart with two Yods of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Venus Mercury and Mars sextile Jupiter inconjunct Uranus. With the Sun inconjunct the Moon – so that’s five quincunxes. Plus Node opposition Neptune square Saturn.

Uranus on the focal point of a Yod is disruptive, lawless, intolerant of convention. Mercury on the focal point is scattered, can’t think straight. Where this chart starts to stand on its head is from late April 2018 onwards.

The relationship charts between Trump and the two Republican charts – 28 Feb 1854 and 22 Feb 1856 – are both stressed this year with the possibility of blasting apart in 2018. The 1856/DT relationship chart looks up in arms at the moment and ready to walk away with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun and Venus, but those influences run on and off into 2018 and it is rarely the first hit which causes the split, since the critical mass has to build; with enfuriated and discouraging Saturn transits to Pluto, Mars and Neptune over coming months. The 1854 relationship chart has tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun and trine the composite Mars from May 2018 onwards, running into early 2019. So the aggravation is not going to go away.

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  1. To add to the points about the wall…the Mexican cartel can send drones, planes and helicopters over it, existing tunnels already enable a brisk drug trade under it, and visitors who join the illegal alien cohort need do nothing more than overstay their visas. Yet Trump is demanding, and the U.S. House of Representatives has approved, a $1.7 BILLION expenditure on this idiotic and immoral waste…taking it, as others said, from food stamps for our poorest and from Medicaid. In the U.S., any elderly person with dementia or frailty that renders them incapable of self care, must spend down his/her life savings, then enter care homes as Medicaid patients. What happens to those people if their sons and daughters must work full-time, or there are no children and relatives to move indigents back home? Republicans are simply disinterested, as long as Trump, Steve Mnuchin and other U.S. oligarchs get an average tax cut of $54,000 each per year, including retrograde payments back to the dawn of Obama care. I am waiting with great interest to see what the August eclipse brings to this horrifying crowd. Interestingly, too, Trump bragged that he’d solve the N. Korea problem Obama couldn’t…yet look where we are.

  2. What happened to conscience? Do these people have no empathy? As pisces moon with the progressed sun currently in Pisces I feel overwhelmed by the suffering of the poor people you mention Larry. Just glad I’m in the UK.

  3. From one of the fake news network sources…

    “Trump’s family members have all lawyered up, “they’re past the point of coordination,” and each person’s lawyer will be looking to make a move that will cast their client in a positive light. “Now you’re into the phase that they’re starting to turn on each other,” the source said.”

    Yup, those ‘gators in the swamp are starting to snap @ each others’ tails.

  4. The latest GOP solution to paying for The Wall is to eliminate the Planned Parenthood budget and then to make up the rest of the Wall budget from foodstamps. “And the rest of it could come out of food stamps and the entitlements that are being spread out for people who have not worked in three generations.”

    Sell that to my severely disabled artist friend who depends on the food stamp program. What has this country come to?

    The madness cannot end quickly enough.

    • One of my relatives whose SO depends on medicaid and disability is a Trump supporter who feels zero responsibility for this hot mess because she didn’t vote for him. Madness indeed.

    • Lol!
      Did you hear tRump’s latest brainstorm on his beautiful wall? To line it with solar panels, so the wall “generates energy AND money” making the wall pay for itself…..and making it so much cheaper (a bargain), “for Mexico to pay for.”

      As if this is how solar panels work.
      ….and as if Mexico was EVER going to pay for his wall (they weren’t).

      • Oh my gosh. I don’t understand why those around him can’t hide his obvious problems better. Did the public know Reagan had Alzheimers while president, or Wilson had suffered a near total mental disability from a stroke, or FDR was wheelchair bound? Yet Trump, who has something, dementia?, is out and loud.

        Even on The Apprentice, they took care to edit him, and he evidently allowed it. Why not now?

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