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  1. Good morning Marjorie,
    The new Wimbledon Ladies Champion as we all know now is Garbine Muguruza born 8 October 1993 in
    Caracas, Venezuela. Moved to Spain with her Parents/Family when she was 6.
    Seems a delightful person and was wondering what’s on the horizon for her?
    Trust/hope you have a good week!

  2. Im dying to know – Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor Who 🙂 Does she have a good few years coming, and what about the show itself?

  3. The political arena is so wildly unpredictable. Never in a gazillion years did I–and most others–think Trump stood a chance. Bernie could happen–again–regardless of party affiliation. The U.S. is in a crazy state of flux, which might bode well for a Sanders comeback….or the emergence of an outsider very much like him.

    • Trump has ruined the outsider trope. Every nutter, entertainment personality and rich man will think he can be president. There is already a PAC being set up for The Rock (Duane Johnson).

  4. What do you think may happen with the over inflated U.K. Housing market? Is there any relief coming for the younger generation? (i.e. A crash!)

  5. Dear Marjorie

    I hope that you are well and enjoying the fine weather wherever you are.

    I wonder if you would be kind enough to revisit Theresa May’s chart. She has had a torrid time of it not all of her own making although there are instances such as the Manchester bombing, and the two recent terrorist attacks in London that drew attention to her decisions, on matters of security and the police force, as Home secretary that have come home to roost. I am, however, feeling rather sorry for her she has taken an absolute battering and wondered if she will have any respite from it any time soon. I must confess that I was surprised by her hubris and wondered how a woman of her age could have succumbed to it so readily.

  6. Marjorie: Bernie Sanders is hinting that he’ll run again in 2020. A couple of decades ago I would have thought him way too old to enter the grueling presidential race and possibly hold the most demanding office on the planet. But these days it’s amazing how energetic and involved so-called “seniors” are. Longevity is becoming the norm. Case in point: Clint Eastwood, 87, is filming yet another movie. Any thoughts on Bernie’s chances?

    • What party? He quit the Democrats when he lost the nomination; they definitely will not be having him back. If he goes with a fringe party, he won’t have near the exposure or attention, and will be a loser from the get-go.

      Honestly, he shouldn’t have had the snit-quit after he lost the nom. He would have had a very strong chance in 2020 as a Dem.

  7. Marjorie, in your “Trump administration–marooned…” article you discuss a split. Can you see any indication of Trump splitting from the Republican Party to start his own Party?

    Trump has changed parties five times so far. He registered as:
    Republican, not noted when signed, registered on 1 July 1987
    Independence Party signed on 21 October 1999 and registered on 25 October 1999 at 9:45 AM
    Democrat, signed 6 August 2001, registered on 9 August 2009 at 8:12 AM
    Republican, signed 9 September 2009, registered on 21 September 6:32 PM
    Unaffiliated, signed 21 December 2011, registered 22 December at 11″39 AM
    Republican, signed 12 April 2012, registered on 20 April at 3:25 PM

    In the US, voting records are available to the public.

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