Gregory Villemin – murderous hatred in the family


The murder of four year old Gregory Villemin in 1984 has haunted France for more than three decades, and is a gothic tale of family rivalries, poison-pen letters and false leads. Now the judge who botched the initial investigation has reportedly committed suicide. At the time, an uncle was arrested, then released, only to be shot by the boy’s father, who ended up in prison. New DNA evidence has now led to more relatives being arrested. Before Gregory’s death, anonymous letters were sent to his father threatening revenge from someone who knew details of the extended family and became known as ‘the Crow’. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be novelesque.

Gregory was born 24 August 1980 10.50pm St Die, France and his body was found, hands and feet tied in a river on 16 October 1984.

He had a lively 5th house Sun Mercury in Virgo, with Jupiter Saturn also in Virgo; and a fearful Mars Pluto conjunction in Libra. His North Node in Leo is very tied into his Moon Uranus in a T Square, and Neptune Pluto in a mini-Grand Trine – which is perhaps why he so resonated in public interest. His Saturn is not well-aspected being square Neptune, sextile Uranus and semi-sextile Mars.

When he died tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Mars which makes sense of a brutal act of vengeance; and the transiting Sun was conjunct his Solar Arc Pluto. So very much a Mars Pluto event.

His victim 12th Harmonic was highly stressed with a Yod tying together Mars Saturn (traditionally associated with assassinations) and Sun and Moon; and a destructive Mars square Pluto Neptune. His get-it-together-to-create-a-life 5th Harmonic was also strong, which makes less sense. Except for the waste of what could have been a productive life.

I’ve just finished reading Mark Billingham’s ‘Love like Blood’ about honour killings. This is just another version of the destructive passions that run through dysfunctional families.

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  1. I note natal Moon (family conditions) exactly square ascendant. Moon is especially influential in nocturnal birth such as this. Moon in Aquarius is typically emotionally chaotic, sometimes to the point of crazy. Add Moon square Uranus and get super-crazy.
    Ascendant lord Venus in Cancer (family again) is square Pluto and Mars in natal sixth house: destructive strife, physical ordeals.
    In year of death, Pluto had moved across natal position of Mars, and in solar return 1984 Aries ascendant is closely opposite natal Mars (lord of Aries): critical stage.
    He was born in an “eclipse season”: two weeks after solar eclipse 18 Leo and a day-and-a-half before a lunar eclipse 3 Pisces. The family situation probably started unraveling at age one-and-a-half.

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