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Trump is about to back away from his policy of separating children from immigrant parents, not out of sentiment but because the backlash from lawmakers, activists, religious leaders and former first ladies was too great.

His Term chart does have an 8th house emotionally-damped-down Saturn in an unkind and can-be-downright-cruel square to Mars. The Term Scorpio Moon is exactly square the Mars/Saturn midpoint so women and children will come into the Mars Saturn line of fire. There’s also a focal point Pluto squaring onto Uranus and Jupiter, which is control-freaky, contemptuous of those deemed weaker or inferior (amongst other things).

Trump’s Solar Arc Uranus is now exact exact on the conjunction to his Mars for another explosive scandal – in an endless line so long it’s tricky to keep up.  His Saturn on his birth chart is conjunct his Sun/Mars midpoint and his Pluto conjunct his Mars/Saturn – so it’s a repeating pattern of a) love of the military/shock and awe as long as he’s not actually involved personally; and b) a harsh streak of cruelty in his character as well as a tendency to attract disasters.

What the furore made me think of, and it’s not a good augury for 2019, is the repressive Saturn Pluto conjunction up and coming. It tramps all over weakness and causes hardship and deprivation. A survival of the fittest obstacle course.

Stephen Miller, a senior policy advisor, is deemed to have been the driving force behind the immigration debacle. Born 23 August 1985 4.53pm Santa Monica, CA, he’s a serious control-freak and driven by frankly unbalanced views. He has an 8th house Mars and Sun with his Sun trine a 12th house Neptune trine IC, formed into a Kite by IC opposition Pluto MC. His Sun is square his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which may be helpful for psychics and visionaries but not for politicians.

He looks confident enough for a while ahead but tr Uranus opposing his Pluto from July onwards may rock his boat and he’s in some turmoil through 2019 and heading into a lower profile phase from late 2019.

His relationship chart with Trump is being undermined by tr Neptune right through the rest of this year and some of next. Trump hates backing off and since he’s never to blame and will at some point down the road be looking for a scapegoat.

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  1. I live in a city with a fair number of Hispanics. They’re migrants who came to this country seeking a better life for themselves and their children. What’s interesting is the low-to-nonexistent crime rate among these people. They just don’t engage in criminal activity. They are respectable and hard-working. They tend to keep to themselves, putting a high priority on their close-knit families. One of the top tree removal companies in my area is owned and operated by a Mexican. I’ve used his service several times re diseased trees in back of my house that needed to be removed. I can’t speak highly enough of him and his crew. They are complete professionals and got the job done in half the time it takes other, white-owned companies. The Hispanic owner of said company has built his business from scratch, deservedly earning a great reputation. I’m sure he is fully documented. As for his workers….I have no idea. I run into them all occasionally at the grocery store and am always impressed with their delightful, well-mannered children. Donald Trump would have everyone believe that all migrants are murderers, rapists or drug smugglers. He is a white supremacist who wraps himself in the American flag.

  2. Interesting to note that DT term chart with the 8th house moon in scorpio not the the most rational placement for such strong emotions.I tend to be a traditionalist seeing scorpio as the feminine manifestation of mars and martian energy… and mars itself in pisces must feel like a shark in a fishbowl all predatory like but no place for stealth cause every one can seem him. Sucks to be him.

    Yes border migrant tensions are high all over the place, in 30 years the planet will have 9 billion human inhabitants, three times what it was when Trumplethinskin was spawned. Border hassles? I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet and add to that probably the largest number of only children raising only children. I think as a species we will be compelled to reexamine the significance of borders now that we have created a global economy and believe it or not, over-all, the human condition has never had it so good. I wouldn’t want to be a woman of my social rank anywhere 500 years ago… or 100 years ago.

    Assimilation makes people scrappy and Yanks love to pride themselves on assimilation and scrappiness. That people are outraged by unjust wars, dictators, sexism, racism and elitism is a good thing. Keep pushing back.

  3. Why was Melania wearing that jacket with the “I really don’t care do U?” slogan on the back, on her visit to migrant children on the Texan border? Is it something deep and cryptic that I’m too stupid to understand? It seems bizarre.

    Genuinely Confused of Norwich.

    • My guess is it’s a signal to their base, that although forced to back down and go through the motions, they still hate brown immigrants. Whether Melania understood that or is being used is unclear, but I would assume someone did this on purpose.

      • She defiantly wore it again on her return to Washington so knew what she was doing. According to Trump it was a message to the ‘Fake News Media’ – but Melania is so brain-washed she seemingly failed to comprehend how ambiguous the message was and how badly it would be received.

  4. American policies and those of it’s close allies are responsible for the death and horrific maiming of untold numbers of innocent children in the Middle East every day. They seem to matter a lot less somehow.

    Any thoughts on whether this criminal psychopath will do well in November mid terms Marjorie?

      • Larry I guess the difference is that the ME is current and thus can be influenced. The other horrors you refer to can’t. Lessons learned from history seem thin on the ground.

  5. One thing I want to say, as almost a lifelong human rights advocate (for instance, I joined Amnesty International at 15) on this lurid affair is that this is not about Democrat/Republican division in The US. Several prominant Republicans called out for ending this policy just days after the “big story” broke. The Pope has given several interviews on this. I think we haven’t experienced a human rights infriction this universally condemned since Yugoslavian ethnic purges.

    This is going to refect amazingly poorly on Trump’s Presidency. And, as the one who has kept an eye on Miller, I too think he’ll be gone after this mess.

    • I could never understand how the atrocities at the Manus Island detention centre weren’t reported more widely. It was condemned by the UN but continued to function for years and the stories of torture, death and sexual assault are appalling. Anything to do with Trump makes headlines.

      • Greta, Hear hear, other countries haven’t exactly been big hearted about immigrants. There is a good deal of racism involved but it’s also true that no country can take in unlimited immigrants. An insoluble problem in many ways. I think Obama let families in and staying together, temporarily until the process went through but many of them disappeared into the wind.

        • The US is a very large country. We’ve got lots of space here. (4th generation US citizen—would probably not exist if my ancestors hadn’t come here.) I taught ESL to wonderful kids from good families for years. I live in a city full of immigrants! It’s made my city—City of the Angeles—a cool place to be.

          Ms. Orr—at what point will there be actual consequences for Trump’s constant lying?
          Lies, lies lies—big and small. He has no idea how to do his job. The lies don’t hide that.

          What sickness in the stars has been steering his cult?

          I sense there will be a lie that will lead to his exit—and it doesn’t feel like this can continue through 2020.

  6. I don’t like to see or hear of any child being separated from the parents but adults make decisions that have consequences. Children being separated from the parents is 100% the parents fault. When someone enters a country illegally they have broken the law. I fail to see the outrage for children of any given country being separated from the parents who have broken the law.

    • Republican, eh? I suppose you have pet rocks for children…

      Trump could have taken the high road: provided short term housing and ESL services thru VISTA, provided short term job support, provided a path for citizenship.

      But no…it is better to reflect bully attitudes to a country of redneck voters. America reflects the morals and attitudes of its so-called elected politicians. Notmypresident.

      • Republican? Nope, I am a registered independent since I was 18, (59 now) who has voted Democrat in almost every election.
        I look at both sides of the coin. If it is fair to separate American’s who commit crimes from the children it is fair to separate children from parents who Choose to enter a country Illegally. I never said it was a good policy and I never said it was the right thing to do for anyone, legal or not.
        You state…”Trump could have taken the high road: provided short term housing and ESL services thru VISTA, provided short term job support, provided a path for citizenship.” I ask you Larry, all 50,000 plus PER MONTH that are entering the country illegally? Not to mention to millions who have already entered illegally or over stayed visas?
        What about our children living in poverty, or Vets living on the streets, our seniors who have to make a choice between food or prescriptions, American’s losing homes because of illness while illegals get free medical care, school, food, housing and heating aid, and a host of other benefits. More than 80% are entering the country illegally so they can live off the American tit.
        Larry, I also don’t understand the name calling. Do you even know where “redneck” came from? Originally it referred to hard working Americans who worked outside and got sunburned on the back of the neck. Now it is considered a racist term, no different than the “N” word, or any other disgusting word that describes a race or people in a derogatory way. Hmm…you said it.

        • Disgusting comment, full of either ignorance or outright lies. This law has NEVER, until this April, been pursued in 100% of cases with detention and criminal prosecution. It was virtually always treated as a civil matter with broad discretion whether to pursue or not. Like every other federal law.

          It is a misdemeanor. Indefinite detention, with or without the children being kept with the parents, is hardly the norm.

          International law to which the United States is a party allows people to seek asylum at the border. Stealing (not to mention drugging, molesting, and losing track of) their children is not only morally reprehensible, it’s illegal.

          This episode has shown me the people I wish I could deport. Bunch of ignorant, selfish, racist hypocrites.

          • The blatant disrespect for our laws has to stop somewhere! It is not racist to respect the rule of law. I never said this has been pursued 100% of the time in the past and even though it has broad discretion Obama did too. I don’t recall any outrage then.
            The name calling solves nothing.

          • I didn’t say you called me a redneck, and if you did I wouldn’t care. My point was and still is that name calling solves nothing. Until and unless we can move beyond the name calling and all the hateful rhetoric from both sides of the isle and from all races America will not solve a damn thing. 20 years from now it will be the same crap.

        • Hold on Ann
          The children who are separated from Americans who commit crimes are not caged like animals are they? Or do the pictures lie? Just asking.

          • Ann in response to your no matter where children were place remark…. you know that is not true and does not reference what you originally said. You said American criminals get their children taken all the time and I answered that those children are not put in cages. So you should reply referring to the immigrants children that are currently in cages. Not respond as if I am making up a scenario. So tell me… Which American children are currently in cages?

          • Obama put them in “cages” too. Where is the outrage then? The children of America parents who commit crimes may not go into cages, but if they don’t have a family member to go to they end up in foster care or on the streets, where they are often raped, join gangs or prostitution. I’m not against legal immigration but I am 100% against illegal immigration.
            The parents knew this was a possibility and chose to do it anyway. The parents are to blame for their children being in cages.

    • Having worked with families who’ve left Central America fleeing gangs, corrupt countries, hopelessness, I can assure you, Ann, that their decision to come to the USA was not made lightly.

      The US is a country of immigrants. We have ample room.

      I suppose the laws could be changed to allow more immigration.

      People willing to move to a new country are brave, gutsy people. I admire them.

      • Kathleen, you just might be on to something. All these families who have left Central
        America fleeing gangs are coming to a country that doesn’t have any gangs like MS13, the Cripts or the Bloods. And since we are a nation that doesn’t have any murders or rape or petty crimes for that matter…
        I believe the laws should be changed. However, in the meantime we are a nation of laws. If I don’t follow the current laws, I pay the price. Why should someone from another country be given a free ride at the expense of tax payers?

    • won;t ever happen. Sessions is a boot licker. A coarse description…but true. How else could he remain “in power”?

  7. This vile, vulgar, cruel man-child is very sick. He is an extremely cruel hedonist that cares for nothing other than his own immediate needs and desires. Unfortunately, now the world is at the mercy of this sick, cruel man which was installed as President of the United States therefore becoming the most powerful man in the world. He is profoundly unstable and extremely cruel and may God help us all. . .

    • Disagree that the world is at his mercy. Times past, there have been worse so-called leaders: Stalin, Mao, Hitler.

      The world can and will respond and react – in a way history will only record but never erase. We learn from history only to repeat the dance.

    • Those tax cuts given to the rich could have funded all sorts of programs and services for average people. It’s not the fault of immigrants.
      The “illegals” I’ve worked with (jk, I’ve never asked anyone their immigration status) all are working people. I never knew any who were abusing the system.

      What a shame so many of us in affluent countries are so unaware of how difficult it is for so many of our human family to survive. All parents want a good life for their kids.

      It’s tribalism, racism, selfishness, small-thinking. We’ll grow beyond it—we are more connected world-wide than ever before. We live on the same planet.

  8. I think Trump is backing down because he knows this policy is going to hamper his “rising” poll numbers. A new CNN poll was released today showing Trump’s approval had dropped back down to 39%.

    Donald Trump is such a disgusting person – I really hope there’s a special place in hell for him. He’s a full-fledged sociopath who cares only about himself. I can’t imagine any world leader of a Western, industrialized nation separating children from their families and forcing them to live in internment camps.

    There is even an internment camp operating here in Florida – most of the children there are from Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, Colombia, and Venezuela.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • On this topic, I cannot disagree with you.

      Shades of “communist” internment camps here in Oregon and Washington. Why would barbed wire-topped chain linked fences have the barbed wire at the top…facing & leaning inwards?

  9. Huffpost and other news outlets have today reported that allegations contained in a lawsuit against the government reveal that migrant children are being forcibly drugged at a so-called Treatment Centre in Manvel, Texas with psychotropics without parental consent, as if this horror can’t get any more disturbing. There’s not much lower this repellent man can sink, though I’m sure he will manage to prove me wrong.

  10. No one likes a racist and I read this Miller guy is, has real issues with Latino’s. Maybe Trump does to. Whatever the children have been damaged psychologically and the whole world watched/

  11. It’s a ploy. “The actual aim seems to be to pick a fight with the courts and allow separations to continue while blaming judges… The problem is that that violates a 1997 consent decree saying that you can’t detain/imprison children for more than 20 days… So what will almost inevitably happen is that a court will step in, say you can’t do that and then Trump will announce that the judge is forcing him to keep separating families.”

    I’ve also seen that he’s requiring the charges to be changed from civil violation (illegal entry) to criminal violation, which will require taking children from criminal parent.

    • I think you’re quite right to focus on the angle of attack on the judiciary. T Rump signaled this very early on, shortly after the Muslim travel ban, when a federal judge put the ban on hold. On 5 Feb. 2017 at 12:39 p.m., he tweeted: “Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!”
      Check out the chart for that moment, in relation to T Rump and the Declaration of Independence.

    • It should be changed to criminal. The children should be kept with the parents, processed swiftly and deported together for illegally entering the country.

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