Kevin Spacey – creeping back into public view



Kevin Spacey will be on show for the first time since allegations of his sexual misbehaviour got him fired from House of Cards and replaced in Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World. The Billionaire Boys Club shot mainly in 2016 will go on limited release, presumably to recoup some cash with the Indie distributor Vertical Entertainment claiming the rest of the cast and crew shouldn’t be penalised because of Stacey. They are the company behind Travolta’s Gotti which recently scored a dire 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so not their year.

The Billionaire Boys Club is about a group of wealthy Los Angeles boys in 1980s and their get-rich-quick Ponzi scheme. Spacey’s character, an investor and con-man, ends up murdered, so at least he won’t be cast as the hero.

Principal photography started on December 7 2015 with a nervy, downbeat Sun Saturn conjunction square Neptune which isn’t encouraging. Worse is an explosive and blocked, frustrating, crisis-attracting Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto so progress was never going to be a straight line.

There’s doubt about whether Spacey was born on 26th July 1959 or early on the 27th. When the allegations first surfaced last October Uranus was at 26 Aries which might suggest he has a late Aries Moon (from a birth time of circa 8.05pm on the 26th)  with a tr Uranus conjunct Moon describing the  emotional shock of his plummet from grace; and on that time a Solar Arc MC catching the tr Pluto conjunction, which again is often disgrace and a fall from status. But these are guesstimates.

What is certain is that he has Mars Pluto in Virgo in a harsh trine to Saturn trine his Moon, formed into a Kite by Moon opposition Neptune. He evidently had a brutal childhood and all that negative energy has been focussed onto filmic Neptune which would be his saviour. Though it clearly didn’t sort out his predatory behaviour. This birth time would also put lucky, respected Jupiter (which he was for his talent) on his midheaven.

He looks fraught through this year with tr Uranus trine his Pluto and next year his Mars; with an all-systems-change, extremely nervy tr Uranus square his Leo Sun and opposition his Neptune also in 2019. But he also has a confident and successful tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter from early 2019 through 2020 which could suggest a partial recovery though its difficult to see how and I’m not sure if court cases are pending.

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