Tory leadership dog fight – messy and uncertain

Like ferrets fighting in a sack, the warring contenders for the Tory throne and their supporters are proclaiming their virtues while smearing the rest with allegations of financial, sexual and other moral improprieties. Eleven have thrown their hats into the compound to date with a hope from the organisers that this will be whittled down to two by July 21st. Then it goes out to the Tory membership so it will be early September before there is a decision.

   Rishi Sunak is ahead on the betting with 33 MPs backing him; with Penny Mordaunt next, followed by Liz Truss and then Tom Tugendhat.

 Below is a speedy run round their charts, with no birth times, so information is missing.

Rishi Sunak, 12 May 1980, is a Sun Mercury in Taurus in a steady trine to Saturn in practical, hard-working Virgo and opposition an innovative Uranus; with an energetic/enthusiastic Jupiter Mars in Virgo. His midpoints are lacklustre veering towards disastrous now and worsening in August. So unless he has a magical missing ingredient it doesn’t look likely.

Penny Mordaunt, 4 March 1973, a New Moon in Pisces  with a confident Pluto trine Jupiter. Again she has lacklustre midpoints and an exceptionally jangled 1 August. She’ll have the odd lucky break in 2023 but her moment will come in 2024/25 with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter.

Tom Tugendhat, 27 June 1973, a Sun Cancer square an ultra-determined Pluto opposition Mars. Tr Neptune square his Saturn now and into August looks very uncertain.

Jeremy Hunt, 1 November 1966, a Sun Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo, has an unfulfilled-hopes tr Pluto trine his Jupiter/Neptune now till early August and a disappointed tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Node in August. He’ll shine after 2025.

Liz Truss, 26 July 1975, a Sun Leo sextile Pluto; with a hyper-active Uranus opposition Jupiter square Saturn Mercury in Cancer. She looks panicked now till early August with tr Neptune square her Sun/Mars midpoint and blocked with tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Pluto – but after a high-tension August 1st, she moves onto a luckier run from the 5th right through till late year with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint– which would cover the time, if she got through, when the vote goes out to the membership.

Nadhim Zahawi, 2 June 1967, a Sun Gemini trine Mars and sextile Saturn in Aries; with a sociable Venus Jupiter. Dashed hopes now into August as his tax situation is called into question – with better prospects in 2024/25 though mixed in with a few disasters then as well.

  Kemi Badenoch, 2 January 1980, a Sun Capricorn trine an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in Virgo. She’s having a tough slog now into early August with diminishing returns.

Suella Braverman, 3 April 1980, a Sun Aries opposition Pluto with Mars in Leo square Venus in Taurus – she’s slipping, sliding and slithering through a Neptunian swamp between now and the year end and beyond.

Sajid Javid, 5 December 1969,  a Sun Sagittarius with an upbeat Mars in Aquarius trine Jupiter and a publicity-attracting square to Neptune.  He was on a confident roll earlier this year and will be again but not until next January with undermining Neptune transits to a key midpoint until early August.

Grant Shapps, 14 September 1968, a Sun, Jupiter, Pluto in Virgo with Uranus in Virgo as well; and Mars in flamboyant Leo. Neptune is being less than helpful to his elevated ambitions this year and into 2023.

Rehman Chishti, 4 October 1979, whom no one has ever heard of but is presumably hoping for a spot of name recognition, is a Sun Pluto in Libra with a stellium in Scorpio. Nope.

  Liz Truss is the only one with Jupiterian uplift (and Ben Wallace oddly enough) and next year Sajid Javid – but birth times can make all the difference.

Two standers-on-the-sidelines exercising their lungs in exhortation and condemnation are:

Dominic Cummings, 25 November 1971, a paranoid Sun Neptune in Sagittarius opposition Saturn square a chaotic, troublemaker Mars (Moon) in Pisces. He’s on a high until early August pleased to be back in the spotlight again no doubt but sinking into mild disappointment thereafter.

David Frost, 21 February 1965, has BJ’s Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune which is being hit amidships by the August 1st Uranus, Mars, North Node conjunction. If only Jupiter was involved it could be lucky, but more likely coming down to earth with a bump – and then some. And that will continue right through 2023. More damagingly he has tr Neptune opposition his Mars in Virgo through this month until early August which brings a sense of panicky failure – one can only imagine he is less than enchanted at the short list.

  Whichever of the three Conservative Party charts is used there is a massive shake-up coming now and in 2023/2024 with tr Uranus hard aspects upending old certainties.

  My guess would be that this replacement will be a short term tenant of No 10 and moving on fairly rapidly.

65 thoughts on “Tory leadership dog fight – messy and uncertain

  1. Sunak’s chart is interesting.

    He was a backbencher in 2016 when he decided to support Brexit, and Cameron and others told him it was career suicide.

    On referendum day, transiting Uranus was exactly conjunct his Moon. Brexit is the event that propelled him from a backbencher to chancellor.

    When he became Chancellor in Feb 2020, transiting Uranus was trine his Jupiter & Mars.

    When his wife’s non-dom stuff was hitting the headlines in April, transiting Uranus was conjunct his Chiron.

    The final leadership results will be announced on 5th Sept. Transiting Uranus will be conjunct his Sun & Mercury, opposite his Uranus and trine his Saturn.

    For someone who seems so steady, Uranus plays a big role in his life.

  2. This may not be what some of you want to hear, but when we looked at this last time, a couple of years ago, Penny Mordaunt did come up on my radar.

    I noted that among other things, she has a mercury station point that aligns with Boris Johnson’s Venus Rx, and I wondered if she would take over from him at some point. Venus Rx suggested he would be succeeded by a woman anyway, plus his own station points in Pisces aligning with Mordaunt’s chart. Though at the time I had no idea if that was plausible.

    This pattern has emerged before where one takes over from another. We shall see

    • She is definitely emerging as a new Tory star among membership. However, I think it would be Truss because Tory MPs wouldn’t risk putting someone with lesser experience for PM role, especially at a time of economic crisis.
      I think there would be some manipulation of MP votes and Penny’s would go to Truss.

      They would want to play safe at this time so it could be Sunak vs Truss, with Truss winning the membership votes.

      It’s dreadful but looks highly likely.

      • Thank you, I must admit I know little about the psyche of the average Tory membership, and not sure I rate any of the contenders. But this is an interesting contest to me purely for more experimental astro techniques, because there is plenty there

        PM’s Mercury station not only aspects BJ’s Venus Rx, but RS’s out of bounds Venus too. Suggests to me she may be picking up a poisoned chalice from both of them.

        Liz Truss stands out by not slotting into this pattern, although she does have a stationary Uranus at 28 Libra.It could be that the other 3 bring each other down. That doesn’t fit what I’ve observed before, but doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

    • That’s interesting Tara. I wonder if they will risk it – Penny Mordaunt has a low profile with the public, but maybe that’s a good thing. Her natal Jupiter at 1 Aquarius opposes the UK Jupiter in Leo, and Liz Truss’ natal Leo Sun. Her natal nodes at 15 Capricorn/Cancer square UK nodes at 13 Aries/Libra. UK Uranus at 1 Libra aligns with her Pluto at 3 Libra. There’s clearly more to come from her, as Marjorie notes for 2024/5. Saturn crossing her Pisces stellium suggests responsibility, even burdens in the next few years.

      Her background is interesting, and there are some clear Piscean themes – she was a carer for her younger brother, following the death of their mother when she was 15. She’s a Navy reservist. She was a magician’s assistant. And she has a twin brother – the two fishes duality symbolised? Ironically, she is distantly related to George Lansbury, radical Liberal and then Labour politician, and father of actor Angela Lansbury.

      • Add On – Gordon Brown (20 February 1951) was PM without an election. He has a Pisces stellium – Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the Nodes. The subsequent 2010 election, as we know, resulted in a coalition government. Brown’s Sun is close to both the UK Plutos in Pisces.

        • Thanks Jane that’s an interesting comparator – the piscean Gordon Brown. His ascendant is conjunct Blair’s near stationary Venus.

          John Major’s Jupiter was also conjunct Thatcher’s stationary Pluto at 15 Cancer, but it was Tony Blair’s stationary Venus that was square it – so weirdly, almost another takeover and more enduring. Boris Johnson’s Venus Rx was in hard aspect to Theresa May’s stationary Mercury – but (worryingly) so is Penny Mordaunt’s stationary Mercury, and stationary planets seem to be more enduring/powerful.

          It’s weird how neither May or Johnson’s premierships have been as long as Thatcher or Blair – they just seemed like it! Those sticky stations

          • This is such a fascinating technique Tara. And this contest is probably a good moment to test it out. You mention Thatcher’s stationary Pluto at 15 Cancer – that’s where Penny Mordaunt’s South Node is. Also, this is close to the very bright star Sirius, 13 Cancer, which has layers of meaning, but signifies great energy and a love of power. According to Bernadette Brady it formed the basis of the Egyptian calendar, and was known as The Shining One or The Scorcher, rising with the Sun on July 19 and 20 (JC) – the start of the Egyptian year.

            Yes, it seems as if Johnson has been there for ever. Partly, I suppose, because of Covid and it’s strange time-bending effects on our lives. May’s premiership seems like another age to me! It’s all been rather unstable since Cameron’s coalition with it’s Mercury Rx.

    • It appears the gloves are off and sources have branded Penny as “untested” and ‘unable to master detail’ which might sit with her multiple Pisces planets and Saturn in Gemini (which exactly squares her Pisces sun).

    • Regrettably no. L is short for Londinium as I am based in Greater London and Bear is a nickname given to me due to my profound frame (Earth sign Ascendant!).

  3. People in Sri Lanka are rioting in the streets and the Presidnt has fled
    Perhaps we should do the same. It seems the only way we are going to rid ourselves of this most sleazy corrupt and mendacious administration
    Boris would hang on forever if he could .

    • Best to think of the longer term than the short. The nastier the next PM, the more likely he/she is to lose the next election. It doesn’t look like Starmer has the stuff of victory, but his opponents all have a collectively peerless ability to hoist themselves by their own petard! Keep calm and trust in Pluto; he is often slow and methodical, but leaves no stone unturned (and no turn unstoned!).

  4. Unfortunately Mordant is head of the Tory polls. She has also been caught in a repeated lie on self id. She has lied on LBC three times and denied saying what she said in parliment. So in effect she is behaving like Trump and Johnson.

    When are MPs ever going to register that we need to be able to trust them.

  5. If it hasn’t already been noted, Penny Mordaunt might well looked ‘jangled’ in early August – this will be the time when Conservative Party members will be voting for a new leader. If she’s in the final two, this would be a very stressful time. And her very positive Pluto in 2024/25, would be bang on a General Election.

  6. How quickly, and how far to the right the Tory candidates are leaning now that there is no meaningful threat from the left in Westminster politics. Plenty of nonsensical chat about a return to austerity economics, tax cuts, more crackdowns on benefit claimants – perhaps a final reminder (as if it was needed) of the reactionary nature of Pluto in Capricorn. Of course this is the kind of rhetoric that excites the Tory membership. Yet this leadership election feels like a frothy, reality-tv style, distraction from the genuine issues that are on the horizon; average energy bills are facing increases of more than £3000 later this year. Martin Lewis seems to be on a one-man crusade to highlight what he calls the looming ‘catastrophic energy bills crisis’. The only glimmer of opposition to the cost of living crisis seems to be coming from certain union leaders such Sharon Graham who has been quite vocal in her criticism of the current Labour leadership’s refusal to support workers striking for better pay and conditions. If Pluto in Capricorn does finally upend the somewhat dysfunctional political establishment it will be interesting to see if there will be a growth in collective, grassroots action as Pluto moves into Aquarius.

    • Martin Lewis is fighting hard to bring awareness of this huge crisis. He has mentioned the possibility of massive civil unrest many times, and so far nobody in government seems to be paying much focused attention. I include the wibbly opposition in this. Some/many won’t pay those bills, either in protest or because they simply can’t find the money. Then what?

      His astrology is thought-provoking too, and it seems he’s tuning into the Uranus Mars Nodes zeitgeist. His birthday is 9th May, 1972 (no time) – Sun at 18 Taurus. The Moon’s Nodes at 29 Capricorn, trine Pluto in Virgo (descriptive of his attention to financial details) are already being nudged by tr Pluto too.

      The Poll Tax Riots, 31 March, 1990, had Mars in Aquarius (14) conjunct the Moon’s Nodes – angry citizens. Pluto was 17 Scorpio, conjunct BML, and that UK 1801 Neptune.

      • That’s interesting Jane about Martin Lewis with his 18 degree Taurus Sun – another one to watch.

        The Tories/government are making such a hotch of an admittedly difficult situation.

        It does remind me of the PM James Callaghan comment before the 1970s economic cataclysm – “We used to think you could spend your way out of a recession and increase employment by cutting taxes and boosting government spending. I tell you in all candour, that option no longer exists.” What followed a humiliating IMF loan was a reduction in government spending, tax increases and rises in interest rates. The economy did recover and it was paid back within three years.

        • Yes, that’s exactly what’s required, and I suspect most of us know that just from how we manage our own money. The frothing fantasies on offer are simply ridiculous. Martin Lewis’ Sun is really spot-on isn’t it?! A spokesman for the astrology in a way. I’ve been quite impressed with him lately.

      • “I find this mini election very frustrating. None of the candidates are good. Nor is Starmer.”

        I abosolutely agree with this. The Tories are insistent on going as far to the right as they can without being dubbed as Nazis. It seems to be a game with them which will in time backfire. Whatever Starmer’s good points may be (and I believe he has some), he cannot seem to generate a coherent message or get it across – this gives the Tories space they don’t deserve.

      • I agree, all so second/third rate and everyone seems to lack vision and enthusiasm. Plus, all the sniping within the Tory Party, and from their opponents, is like being back at school! The world is in a very tense place right now, and few seem able to see beyond their own reflections in that mirror, mirror on the wall….

        And Kerstin, I hope you won’t mind my saying this, but I loved your Supper Club book! Really joyful.

      • It’s the Peter Principle at work: “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”

        In other words, anyone who works in an organization with a top-down management structure and is good at his/her job will likely be promoted until they reach one rung above their level of competence. The question is therefore which candidates have already reached one rung above their level of competence, which are at their maximum level of competence and which have the ability, experience (and charisma) to move further up the ladder.

        It’s anyone’s guess at the moment.

  7. Update: Eight candidates are now on the shortlist.

    Kemi Badenoch, Suella Braverman, Jeremy Hunt, Penny Mordaunt, Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, Tom Tugendhat and Nadhim Zahawi

    So that means Sajid Javid, Grant Shapps and Rehman Chishti are out of the running.

  8. “Boris Johnson not ruling out a comeback”, in The Times today. He has decided to stay as MP till next elections and try from outside to make a comeback. Claims that a third of MPs still support him. He also intends to take some Foreign affairs role in Truss’s cabinet in return for his backing of her leadership bid.

    What do you think Marjorie? Are we ever going to see the back of him? He is like the evil in those horror movies that never leaves you!

    • Haha! I saw that, and my heart sank. Yes, just like Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street – all powerful as long as he can live on in your dreams….

      • Even funnier is that the Labour Party has tabled a vote of no confidence in Johnson to be held tomorrow. Of course it won’t be passed by the two thirds majority they want – the Tories won’t want a general election whilst Johnson is still in post.

        It’s funny because the members of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) passed a motion of no confidence in Corbyn as leader of the LP by an majority of almost 80% to 20% and the man refused to go. It seems a vote of no confidence has no meaning whatsoever…….so why bother?

        • The Fixed-term Parliament Act 2011 has been repealed. A Vote of No Confidence (VONC) no longer requires a 2/3 majority, just a simple majority.
          Labour put down a motion for a VONC in the government AND the Prime Minister yesterday.
          But it is the government that controls the time of the Commons and refused to find time for the motion.
          They have instead put down a motion for a Vote of Confidence in the government (so not mentioning the Prime Minister at all) for next Monday. That will almost certainly get passed as the Conservative MPs will vote in favour of the (Conservative) government, even if they disapprove of the Prime Minister.

          • Thank you for the correction. I understand a Prime Minster can now call for a general election – would this be Johnsons’ scorched earth exit (to copy Marjorie’s phrase)?

      • Truss is perfectly capable of accepting his support in exchange for Office, then going back on the agreement should she win and cutting him adrift. Johnson is a deeply soiled brand and all the candidates know it; including him in any future cabinet carries huge risk of unpopularity with floating voters.

    • The cruncher for him will be tr Pluto square his Moon from late March 2023 to late 2024 – his Moon is an exceptionally sensitive trigger point for him. And assuming his birth time is accurate he still has his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his MC to come which will be a career-roadblock. Plus tr Saturn in Pisces dampening his ardour in 2023 followed by tr Neptune square his Sun Venus into 2025. Unlikely. But it is the typical narcissist response – cannot face reality and accept he’s a loser.

      • This is encouraging. Thank you.

        Also in The Times that Johnson is desperately trying appoint his man as head of National Crime Agency (NIA) before he goes.

        Wonder what he is hiding?

  9. Majorie, I wonder if you think Michael Gove has got any traction as a short-term interim candidate? He not only got some sympathy after his sacking but I often see him described as competent and someone who can get things done. It’s just the ‘trust’ thing perhaps though in fact he has been right about Boris all along – it’s just that he was a minister in his cabinet after knowing what he was like.?

    • Hmmm- If I remember rightly, Gove backed Boris in his earlier leadership bid, stabbed him in the back and withdrew support saying he didn’t think Boris had leadership qualities after all. Gove then ran himself and lost. As recently as a couple of weeks ago he was reminded of his early opinion in a tv interview and said he had been wrong then and Boris did have leadership qualities. He was right in the very beginning, although a nasty betrayal, so he can’t have it all ways.

      • I believe he gave solid backing to Kemi Badenoch who is through to the first round. Must admit I did wonder what he was up to.

        • I think Gove is positioning, giving his support to a diverse candidate (to give himself kudos) who will most likely be eliminated in the first round. This leaves him free to give his support to whomsoever he considers will do him the greatest favour should they win. I think it’s quite a clever, low-risk strategy.

  10. Interestingly, we are in the midst of a federal Tory leadership race here in Canada right now and the winning candidate will be announced on September 10th. I will be looking for any parallels!

  11. One of the reasons that Hunt might not make any headway, is that his wife is a Chinese national whose family has very close connections to high ranking members of government. It would never do to have a prime minister that could be a puppet of China. Yes it didn’t stop him from being foreign secretary. But presumably at some point wisdom has prevailed. If only he would get the message. It is not as though China isn’t known for pushing its citizens to influence government ministers down paths they shouldn’t take.

  12. Ben Wallace family didn’t want him to be the PM ,can’t blame them and can’t understand anyone who would
    want that job, and that counts for the Labour party and all the rest too

    • Maybe he already has his dream job as Defence Minister, one of the few in cabinet who appear to have mastered their brief?
      He was trying to evacuate Afghans whilst Raab stayed on his sun lounger and has been busy helping to train and arm Ukrainian soldiers for which Johnson likes to take the credit. No change there. Who would want the poisoned chalice after Johnson’s short tenure in number 10? At least 10 apparently as the tax cut arms race continues!

      • A rumour on Twitter was that Wallace is looking at the Secretary-General role of NATO, which comes up for election next year.
        He is reasonably good at his job, keeps his mouth shut most of the time and is apparently popular with the military.
        Marjorie, how is Wallace looking over 2023?

  13. Many thanks for this, Marjorie – interesting!

    I was thinking that, if her birth time was, say, a minute after midnight, Penny Mordaunt’s moon just might squeak back into Aquarius, but I’ve just checked and I see that it’s going to be Pisces regardless.

    (Speaking as someone with a Pisces moon myself!) surely anyone with Pisces sun + Pisces moon is going to be way too deluded/confused/messianic to run a chip shop, let alone a country …? Though perhaps that’s the nub of it!

  14. Too many candidates at the moment so it might be worth waiting to see how the actual poll among MPs turns out before analysing the charts too closely. Many of those running are not expecting to win but are hoping to garner enough votes to have a say in the final result and to secure a future seat in the Cabinet.

    Sunak has a head start but hard as it is for some to believe many of the Tory membership still like Boris and probably won’t forgive the Chancellor for knifing him in the back. Sunak’s chart makes lots of hits on the U.K. 1801 and England 1066 charts with his Mars lying opposite the national Pluto in both. His Sun/Mercury opposition Uranus also triggers the EU Maastricht chart and his Pluto is exactly conjunct the Maastricht Venus. His Sun/Mercury is also conjunct Nicola Sturgeons Saturn. Sunak will be feeling the Uranus/Mars/North Node conjunction and Uranus is going to be rattling his chart as it moves into the last Decan of Taurus next year.

    • In case its of use to anyone, Christopher Hope at The Telegraph tweeted a summary of the vote times/dates this week, starting tomorrow Tues 12th July.
      Tory leadership Timetable:
      Tues: Nominations open, close at 6pm. Each candidate needs 20 MPs.
      Weds: MPs vote 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Result at 5pm. Candidates with fewer than 30 MPs must withdraw.
      Thurs: Voting 11.30am to 1.30pm. Result at 3pm.
      More votes on Mon, Tues and Weds

      • Adds: “Two huge 1922 hustings meetings for every Conservative MP are now planned for all candidates at 5pm on Wednesday and Monday afternoon before voting”.
        These will decide the contest for waverers.

        Candidates can spend £300,000 on their campaigns. The clock on the spending starts from tomorrow morning.”

      • Full Moon is at 21 Capricorn on 13th July 2013. It is falling very close to the 2019 Pluto and Saturn conjunction. Venus was conjunct Pluto at that degree when Boris Johnson became PM on 13th December 2019. This seems a sensitive point on the chart since that Pluto Saturn synod as it was also heavily activated by Mars and Venus when Putin’s Russia invaded the Ukraine.

  15. Very interesting thankyou, however is there any sign, given Johnsons admission at the Liason Ctte last week of his unofficial meetings with Russians, that he will be made accountable or be sanctioned now he will no longer have the same status ?

  16. I really can’t understand why any of the younger faces are standing now? Common sense and the stars seem to imply that Labour will win the next election and that whoever wins this contest will have to resign at the next election! This fight is turning nasty and hopefully they will find somebody with the nuance to unite the Tories and get rid of the remainer v Brexiter label. Personally I would like Hunt but I suspect he doesn’t have a monkies…

  17. Thanks Marjorie. Helpful to have a run down. Excruciating to think how long all of this will take, and how much endless argy-bargy will be involved. Whoever wins is facing a terrible winter ahead, big financial problems, and so on. Liz Truss being the only one with ‘Jupiterian uplift’ is worrying! I think L.Bear could be right, a hasty general election leads to losses and possibly some kind of coalition again. Pluto will be in Aquarius fairly soon, maybe that favours a group? Just not this group!

    Otherwise, fascinating to see Rishi Sunak’s Sun/Mercury so close to the Conservative Party’s Sun/Saturn conjunction in Taurus. In April, 2024, transiting Jupiter in Taurus is conjunct Uranus at 21 Taurus. Change, and perhaps lucky breaks, all round.

  18. I tend to agree that all of the current lot are a short term solution. Perhaps whoever wins will gamble on a general election and get the timing wrong perhaps not losing outright, but losing the majority like Mrs May did. That might be the time for Ben Wallace to step in; I was surprised he didn’t run – perhaps he was pressured not to.

      • My money was on Ben Wallace – silly me he didn’t stand. But I think you are right, he weighed up the odds and decided he didn’t want to get involved in a slanging match. Now I agree he may be playing a long game.

        2023 doesn’t seem the right time – a year before the next GE is due. I can’t see the Tories abandoning whoever they now choose before a GE.

    • I think it’s got to do with this story in Bylines times published a week ago about him accepting £10000 donation from firm trying to overturn sanctions on russia.
      “Defence Secretary Ben Wallace Received Funding for Private Party from Law Firm Lobbying for Putin’s Sanctioned Gazprombank”

  19. Worried by the prospect of Penny Mordaunt as shes’s a full-on trans-rights activist. Can only hope there are other electoral alternatives by 2024/5.

      • A recent poll of Tory party members had both Penny and Kemi leading the pack with both very close to 20%. This seems to be a very interesting development.

        Kemi Badenoch has a very different take on that issue.

        Is it possible to add Kemi to the above?

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