Tony Blair – the Second Coming (sigh)



Tony Blair, having divested himself of his questionable commercial wheelings and dealings with some of the world’s most dubious political leaders is staging what was described as ‘a sort-of comeback tour of newspaper pages and broadcaster’s studios.’ He says he has no current plans to return to frontline politics or become an MP, but hopes to throw his weight behind the anti-Brexit lobby and turn it into a political movement.

He does have tr Saturn on an upward trajectory in his chart aiming for his midheaven and the second peak of his career/ambitions from 2020 onwards until 2024. And he does have tr Uranus square his MC within days for the first time, which does suggest a change of direction, running into 2018. However however, he has a fair minefield ahead as well. His Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Saturn, exact in 3 months, which is slow to no progress. Tr Saturn squares his Sun/Moon midpoint late in 2017 which is unpopularity for a politician as well as a marital chill. 2018 looks sagging and inhibited. He’ll buck up marginally in 2019/2020 with tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter so he might make a push then.

In 2020 he’s got the tr Saturn Pluto conjunction on his MC. That’s tricky to interpret since tr Saturn into the 10th can be consolidation of career but is also a time chickens come home to roost and did for Richard Nixon. Similarly tr Pluto across the MC can destroy a reputation totally, or can begin a mighty push for control. And tr Jupiter then trails along behind into his 10th which is usually successful. So mixter maxter. What is clear is in the aftermath nothing much is going right. Tr Pluto trines his frustrating Sun/Mars in 2020/21; and worse his Solar Arc Sun squares his Neptune in 2022 and then Saturn in 2023, which looks like bad news.

By 2020 his Solar Arc Sun is conjunct the UK 10th house Cancer Moon, which might suggest a more prominent position; with his Solar Arc Moon conjunct the UK North Node. So there are hints at least of a try.

His relationship chart with the UK is under disappointing Neptunian influences till late 2019; thoroughly jangled in 2018/19 by tr Uranus; and highly aggravated and discouraging in 2019/2020. It’s difficult to see how he could recover any good feelings on either side of the political divide, given what a series of catastrophes his reign wreaked upon the kingdom and not just Iraq.

2 thoughts on “Tony Blair – the Second Coming (sigh)

  1. Strange how Blair can apologise for Britain’s involvement in the slave trade which ended over two centuries ago but not his own role in facilitating a conflict that killed tens of thousand Iraqis. This a man whose moral compass is completely askew. If he wants redemption he should first acknowledge his own sin as Robert Macnamara did over the Vietnam war.

  2. He’s seriously got some brass neck, does this idiot with a messiah complex! No doubt he needs to save us all from ourselves and our stupid decision that threatens to distabilize the establishment. When that backfires, I won’t hold my breath for the long overdue apologies to come out of that rictus grin of his. Whatever happened to the Chilcot enquiry that should have found him guilty? It was all over the news last summer for a few days and then….nothing. Makes one wonder how that was settled? Money, power, connections; they really can cover up serious corruption.

    Honestly, Trump, Blair, and the rest of their nefarious ilk. Why won’t they just flush away back from whence they came? It really is a sign of the old Plutonic establishment hell bent on keeping things as they were. And I think many are waking up to the corrupt string pulling that they hid so well once upon a time ago. Fortunately (and hopefully), merry Pluto likes to tear everything down (usually for the better) as is being witnessed globally in politics, finance and traditional businesses. We shall just have to like and lump this lot for some time to come.

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