Anthony Joshua – a Libran charmer with a deadly punch


Anthony Joshua, the British professional boxer, rated the world’s best heavyweight, beat Wladimir Klitschko this week in London, winning himself £15 million.  He has a 100% knockout-to-win ratio; and is the second boxer, after Joe Frazier, to win a world heavyweight title whilst still reigning as Olympic champion (Gold Medal from 2012) at the top weight. He hopes to become the first boxer billionaire.

Born 15 October 1989 in Watford, England, he spent some of his childhood in Nigeria and took up boxing after he returned when he was 18.

He is a Sun Mars in Libra with the triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn opposition Jupiter in Cancer; with Jupiter in a confident trine to Pluto and an Aries/Taurus Moon. His Mercury in Libra is sextile Venus in Sagittarius. He’ll be scattered with three outer planets in Capricorn, but boxers usually have Capricorn or Taurus strongly in their charts; and is also a good communicator with all that Libra.

His get-it-together 5th Harmonic has an Earth Grand Trine; his obsessively determined 11H has an Air Grand Trine and Kite onto a disciplined, can-withstand-harsh-treatment Saturn opposition Mars; and an emphasised Jupiter. His 16H, usually found where extreme endurance is demanded, is also strong with an inspirational Fire Grand Trine, and Kite, and a Grand Cross.

He’s been through a tricky time in recent years with the tr Pluto square tr Uranus bouncing off his triple conjunction, though it doesn’t seem to have held him back. Tr Pluto this year (as last) is square his Mars and his Sun/Mars midpoint, which is normally highly pressured and frustrating; and then moves onto square his Sun in 2019/2020. Around now he has his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Pluto which is normally not good news, very deadlocked and risky. Maybe he needs extreme influences to pull out the best in him, but it does look very challenging.

2 thoughts on “Anthony Joshua – a Libran charmer with a deadly punch

  1. Solaia, its well known that many generals, top army brass are sun Libra’s. Not only is that an urge to restore balance (as they see it) but probably many of them have Mercury and/or Venus in Scorpio since those two are always close to the Sun. In my experience they do really love their cashmere coats and their fine wines but you can’t get so far without a bit of pit and push, which is quite well disguised until necessary…’s also why academically law is an attractive option because it’s a way of using aggression in a civilised fashion. But yes! there are a goodly amount of interior designers, of course…..

  2. Here’s another example of the type of Libra Sun men I’ve observed over the years in my surroundings – a fighter rather than an interior designer some traditional sources would describe them as.

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