Brexit – a lose-lose scenario

Who to believe? Juncker breaching diplomatic protocol and leaking a private dinner conversation to trash Theresa May; or May doing her usual schoolmarmy barking orders at the EU as if they were her civil servants. Does Juncker’s snarl indicate supreme confidence or underlying panic and fear? Is May’s steely disdain a cover for a devilishly clever plan or is she relying on luck to pull a rabbit out of the hat? The poor voters are left none the wiser – and at the end of it all could be raining a plague of curses on all their heads. As in the US and French elections – the mainstream don’t much like either choice.

Maybe it is part of Pluto in Capricorn’s slow and inexorable grinding down of the old politics and forms of government.

None of the main players look happy moving ahead and it’s not a zero-sum game where one side wins and the other loses. Both could/will suffer considerable losses.

Michel Barnier, 9 Jan 1951, 4.40pm La Tronche, France, EU Chief Negotiator, looks mighty confused in 2017/18 with tr Pluto square his Neptune, conjunct his Capricorn Sun and trine his Mars/Pluto; with a catastrophe opening up under his feet this October to Jan 2018; and highly agitated and insecure through 2018.

Martin Selmayr, 5 Dec 1970, Juncker’s Head of Cabinet, has his up moments this year, but is fending off brush-fires in 2018/19, feeling devastated – with tr Uranus opposition his Mars, tr Pluto square his Mars/Uranus and his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Neptune.

Oliver Robbins, 20 Apr 1975, the UK civil servant known as Mr Brexit, will be a key player. He’s bullish through 2017 and 2018; but into 2018 has his Solar Arc Sun opposition his Neptune which will produce a nasty sinking feeling; and an edgy tr Uranus conjunct his Sun.

David Davis, the UK Cabinet Minister who is Brexit Secretary, is walking into tr Pluto conjunct his Mars in 2018/19 which is cornered, enfuriated and impotent.

[From a March 24 Post]. Davis’s relationship chart with Barnier, is showing signs of strain, discouragement, devastation and some mighty outbursts in 2017/18; with worse in 2019. Davis’s relationship with Theresa May isn’t easy at best with a composite Mars opposition Pluto square Sun Mercury, and is ploughing through heavy, depressed and disruptive waves in 2017/18.

Although Theresa May will have no direct negotiations with Barnier, she’s clearly setting the agenda, and her relationship with him will be highly-strung, and stressed this year; and in a complete upheaval in 2018/19 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus and tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn.

Her relationship with Juncker is most at odds in 2018.

Neither Juncker or Barnier are exactly fans of UK Inc. The relationship between Juncker/UK has an impatient, hostile composite Saturn opposition Mars square Venus; with a fight-for-control composite Sun quincunx Pluto; and Pluto being on the focal point of a T square to Uranus opposition Node, which doubles up on the intransigence between the two sides. Late 2017 will be especially frosty as tr Saturn is conjunct the Sun; with irritability and dislike growing in 2018/19 with tr Saturn conjunct Venus, square Saturn and Mars.

Barnier is also instinctively drawn to seeing the UK as a pushy entity that needs put down, with a composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction in a disruptive square to Uranus. There’ll be a good deal of jockeying for position in 2017/18 with tr Pluto trine the composite Jupiter; suspicion and paranoia from tr Neptune opposition Saturn in 2017; bad temper over the New Year as tr Saturn squares the composite Mars; and separated initially in 2018 by tr Uranus conjunct the composite Moon, and more so in 2019 when tr Uranus opposes Neptune.

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  1. Juncker is the channel for the EU’s 3rd house Mars in Sagittarius square 12th house Pluto – and that’s going to remain, whether or not Juncker self destructs/exits, taking Selmayr with him. There is an opinion that the EU unelected civil servants were going to be taking a harder line than the elected EU leaders, since EU countries’ exports to the UK depend on a civilised deal being struck. But that’s not true at the moment in the case of Merkel/Germany or, in the event of her defeat, of her likely successor – and won’t be of a Macron’s France, which we’ll know by next Monday.
    It’s a horlicks of a mess with the EU ever more desperate to plug the financial hole left by the UK’s exit and deter any copycats. Part of Macron’s campaigning has been that the EU needs to be reformed – and good luck with that. Indeed good luck with his avowed aim of reforming France. No business which has any experience of France would be sanguine about moving from the City of London into the stifling and sclerotic bureaucracy of Paris. And if Le Pen slides in courtesy of voter disgust with both candidates and a low turnout, then all bets are off – in several directions.

    • So, basically, you are saying we got no hope, and The UK and The EU are messed up anyway. You also seem to take a very grim view on Libra on Pluto generation, I’ve never really seen a positive review on anyone with Pluto in Libra succeeding in anything, because of the Pluto and Uranus square transits. I happen to disagree here, because I think these transits, though hard, are going to bring lot of people in this generation to real power. I’m of this generation, and not without plugins in Bruxessels. There’s so much going on right now behind the scenes! Juncker was really, and I mean really, tried by the latest round of Greece negotiations. He completely dropped the ball and left it to Uranus in Libra and Pluto in Libra. And now, they are really taking over Bruxessels with their ideas. Macron isn’t the only Pluto in Libra Generation politician working in renewing The EU. There’s this whole new class of people in their 30’s and early 40’s, “Erasmus Generation”, whose network is European rather than National. The difference between this generation and the past ones is that they/we do not think in terms of Berlin and Paris fighting for The Continental Hegemony. They/we see it’s us against The US and China. And they/we know single, 5 to 85 million people economies and financial markets simply can’t compete. There for, some sort of a common market isn’t about to go anywhere. Not even with Le Pens victory in France. And if anything, there will be real a Federalist push in case Macron wins.

      I’m not saying EU is without problem or won’t go through hard times. It obviously will! But the showdown will be between Globalized Centers and European “Rustbelt” rather than countries. This is happening in France, this will eventually happen in Germany.

      Oh, and one more thing: When you mentioned Paris not taking over London as The Financial Capital of The World, I agree that in all probability nobody will. This is the one, big consequence of Saturn in Sadgittarius opposing Gemini this time around. Last time, it was the whole yuppie culture, brought to you by not only Reagan, but financial legislation changes in many main markets, included The UK, overheating, and crashing. Now, it’ll be “The End of The Financial Center.” The whole idea of Financial Centers was based on stock exchange happening on one floor. Even with the advent of internet, there initially was delay in registring offers from a server in, let’s say China to ones in New York or London. But now, you can trade with a delay measured in nanoseconds from anywhere in The World. In fact, the delay is making human intervention in the process a hindrance. Banks will be able to choose the site of their headquarters largely based on who offers them the best terms. And it’s not The UK, right now. Switzerland, with their long trade treaty history with The EU is as luring a destination as ever. But The Netherlands is also an option.And obviously, the focus will be in Far East more than ever.

      So, I think there’s this whole paradigm change going on. Putin is pushing 70, Trump has crossed the line. Merkel may be the last of “the old guard” to stand. But without any doubt, we’ll see a lot more people in their 40’s taking over in Europe, soon.

  2. Marjorie, I would not put too much weight on synastries and transits of The EU “side” of the Brexit negociation. Knowing The EU, these people are not likely to last through negociations. Jean-Claude Juncker will leave in 2019, the latest, and has been rumored to being close to resigning for months. Selmayr would go with him. There is a big chance Barnier’s political support will fade, too, in this home country, making his position dicy. I’m fully expecting an EPP (Conservative group in European Parliament) realignment after The German Elections. These are not positions given to who ever has the largest backing, if they were, Juncker would not be The President of European Commission. The names seen here are a result of complex negociation.

  3. From an astrological point of view Marjorie, is Theresa May tough like Margaret Thatcher please? Or is this just a cosmetic exercise?

    A lot of people, maybe like me, might make comparisons just because they are women and both Prime Ministers. I’m just curious, that’s all.

    Thanks Marjorie.

    • The Libran public figure can sometimes project that way. Remember about 10 years ago there were several Librans, usually dressed in black, in hit TV formats where they play the “I’m tough and no nonsense, but charming enough to get away with it *Anne Robinson wink*”, think also Davina McCall in Big Brother and Simon Cowell on those Pop Idol type shows. Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May go into that category somewhat, I think. Maybe it’s a curiously British thing.

  4. The EU and Barnier, Juncker et al are acting like a spurned lover. Vindictive, avaricious and bullying. I was agnostic as far as Brexit was concerned but after hearing about their shenanigans and their endless spiteful bullying I am glad we are leaving. We need to be shot of them. And make our own luck for good or bad. All they have ever wanted from the UK was our money. We are not meant to live under the German yoke. Merkel wanted to play hard ball now they will have to increase their contribution to the EU. They are a deeply unpleasant lot – Hell hath no fury etc etc – let’s GTF out of there!

    We are a free people. I like the fact that Theresa May is keeping her powder dry despite the provocation. At some point she will stick it to them. I shall look forward to hearing the EU pigs squeal.

    • Well, there’s just a chance many people feel just the same about “your lot” here in Europe. 😉 Remember, The EU is not some sort of a monolyth. There are 27 member states in The Union even after The UK, or parts of it, bow out. France has Legislative Elections coming. So does Germany. These may “sway” the way these negotiations are dealt with. Next European Parliament elections will be held in 2019. Although Conservatives are likely to win those, Jean-Claude Juncker has previously stated this will be his last term as The President of European Commission. There are rumors he has considered resigning already. Who ever follows him could be a very different negociator.

    • Also, I have no personal symphathy for Juncker. That said, even if a more tactful negociator would express certain things in a more pleasant way, the unpleasant truth remains the same. You really have to negociate your trade deal with The EU again. It won’t be as advantagous as remaining in The EU would have been to you, no matter how the membership fees were. I heard The UK was looking for a Norwegian solution, but you know what, they are paying much more for the access to common market they woud, as a memberstate.They can afford it, since their GDP per capita is almost twice (!) of The UK’s GDP. Even if The EU was to dismantle, The UK would have been in that table deciding how to do that.

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