Tony Blair – romancing US Presidents

The bromance between Bill Clinton and Tony Blair has been revealed in declassified transcripts (heavily redacted) of conversations they had when they were both premiers. They refer to each other as ‘bud’ and ‘mate’. Blair always said Clinton was his soul-mate, but then along came Dubya, who once confessed to Condoleeza Rice that Blair was the only person he could talk to.

Certainly Clinton’s Taurus Moon being conjunct Blair’s Sun Jupiter would bring a shared resonance. And Blair’s Aquarius Moon was in GWB’s 7th, conjunct his Descendant, so there would be a nurturing, supportive friendship there.   Though GWB’s Cancer Sun was conjunct TB’s focal point Uranus – so he would be the catalyst for a major change in TB’s life, and not for the better.

The relationship chart between TB and both US Presidents have warm-hearted composite Sun Venus conjunctions; and composite Jupiter Pluto conjunctions which would make them together supremely confident, pushing each other onto possibly over-optimistic actions.

Though in the case of TB and GWB there is also a composite Sun Uranus conjunction which again reflects the potential for causing major change – both in joint ventures and in each other’s lives.

What is also interesting is that both Clinton and GWB have their Saturn Pluto Mercury falling in TB’s 4th house which also contains his own heavily aspected Pluto. I always thought TB’s ruinous love affair with GWB was motivated by his need to side with the superpower ‘father’ to whom he was in thrall.

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